The Secondary Campus is hosting a Course Selection Night at the Secondary Campus over two nights for either grades 9/10 on Tuesday, Feb 20th or grades 11/12 on Wednesday, Feb 21st. Please be aware the grades represent the 2018-2019 year not their current year.

This night is to properly inform you and your student of all the implications, changes and opportunities that will exist for the 2018-2019 school year at Richmond Christian Secondary Campus. The night will be separated into an Information Session followed by an Open House for parents and students to find out more detail and information in regards to specific courses and options at RCS. The information Session will go over the changes in regards to the new Ministry Graduation requirements that is being implemented with the BC Ed Plan.  In connection with the BC Ed Plan, parents and students will also be informed of the changes this plan will have as they choose their courses for the next school year.

Also RCS will be updating the community on the big changes that Post Secondary Education have revealed in the past few months in regards to their entrance requirements and criteria.  These changes should affect students decision in the courses they choose as they plan for their future.

Please come and be informed and explore all of the different opportunities that the 2018-2019 school year will offer as RCS families prepare for their bright futures ahead.