At RCS our Libraries strive to fulfill our Philosophy and Purpose by making them an integral part of the educational program and an extension of the classroom. To enrich our students understanding of God’s creation, resources are provided to foster an appreciation of literature and learning in different formats and at varying levels.

The Elementary Library is a hive of activity both before and after school. When you arrive at 7:50am, you will find students checking out books, reading independently or with a parent, or completing homework! After school the activity continues until 3:30pm with students finding their favourite place to read, either in a nook between bookcases or at the multi-colored tables. With over 15,000 titles available, students have access to both fiction and non-fiction books and magazines at any reading level. Each classroom visits the library for a 30 minute block weekly to listen to a story, exchange books or just to read. The library works in conjunction with teachers to provide material suitable for both individual and classroom reading, and books to complement teaching themes.

The Accelerated Reading Program (AR) is a reading program which has been incorporated into the school curriculum to help motivate children to read. It is located in the library. The AR room is open before school at 7:50 am every day except for Tuesday (staff devotions). Grade 1, 2, and 3 students come for AR classes during the school day where they have the opportunity to read books and take AR quizzes. Many of our library books are labelled as “AR” material to provide students with material suitable for the Accelerated Reading tests.