May 2015

It’s Carnival Time!

Please join us this Saturday from 10am – 2pm at our Secondary Campus for our 2nd Annual Carnival.


Hamburger/cheeseburger lunch
Dunk Tank
Carnival Games
Bouncy Castles
Cotton Candy
Sno Cones
Candy Bags

and MORE!


The Grad Legacy team has worked tirelessly to provide support and leadership to this event where proceeds are going to support our RCS Benevolent Fund, supporting families that have suffered loss or tragedy in their lives.

Cash only please for purchasing food and games tickets. Thank you.

PARKING will be along No. 5 Road as well as in the Bethel Church Parking Lot.

See you there!

Shrek Gratitude

If you had the joy and pleasure of watching Shrek the musical this year, I know you were overwhelmed with the quality and hard work that went into such a great performance. What an amazing time for our students, staff, family and friends of RCS to experience this transformational learning opportunity. It was simply a fantastic production that displayed our school’s excellence in acting, singing, set design, choreography, orchestra playing and stage crew. As a Principal, I could not be more proud of the way our students and staff conducted themselves in the quality of their attitude through different setbacks, and the integrity of their intentions as the cast and crew and orchestra pit gave it their all as they served others. I honestly feel sad for those in our community who did not get the privilege and joy of participating with the RCS community in working together as one mind on Shrek the Musical.

With such a great production, there are individuals who have put in countless hours sacrificing for our students to have this lifetime transformational learning opportunity. Ms. Sharon Johnsey, you are without a doubt one of the most amazing, talented and gifted teachers I know. Your ability to oversee and direct students to reach for their potential is unique. Your vision is contagious and inspires those around you to be a part of something bigger than themselves. Without you none of these amazing experiences and memories would be possible. I will have a fifty-year contract for you to sign later this afternoon. Thank you for your time, your dedication, your sacrifice, and using your talents to give students the deep understanding that God, at His heart, is a Creator whose imagination has been breathed into us to glorify Him and His Truth.

The right-hand woman for Ms. Johnsey was her Second Director, Ms. Jamie Osborne. Ms. Osborne, you went above and beyond our expectations in sacrificing your time, energy and talents. Your theatrical insight and ability to encourage our students allowed the production to reach its high quality. As stage manager, your calm presence and incredible attention to detail was a true gift that was done with grace and excellence. Thank you for providing the Shrek production a confidence with your great abilities, sacrifice and leadership, which RCS will never be able to repay. Don’t worry, we know the falling tree wasn’t your fault but your dancing skills were impressive.


A musical is not a musical with out musicians and those who lead them. Mr. Shingo Kawamura stepped up to the plate and his orchestra knocked it out of the park. Mr. Kawamura, your ability to have students play such vibrant and alive music is a testament to the dedication and devotion the students have for you. Your willingness to lead the band so well can only happen with the thousands of hours of rehearsal and practice time. As a school we are so blessed to have a Music teacher willing to attempt such ambitious endeavours to give RCS this rich experience. Thank you, Mr. Kawamura for your time, dedication, and patience as you expertly led our students through the swamp and back. Don’t worry, I am getting the theatre to fix the low overhang into the orchestra pit for you.

With such numerous staff on all three campuses helping out with the production, I cannot thank everyone for their part in Shrek the Musical. Please know that those who helped are cherished and adored, for without the many hands of help Shrek could not have been the success it was.

Above is a video to remember or become a believer in the amazing life-changing experience that occurred with Shrek the Musical.

Mr. Jason Paul

ICC and #rcsmakeschange

This year the Social Justice 12 and Economics 12 class have combined their efforts to help RCS raise money and support for the International China Concern [ICC]. ICC has on ongoing relationship with RCS at all three campuses as we help them bring hope, life and care to abandoned children with disabilities in China. These RCS courses are using the ICC opportunity to create hands-on real world application to their content in a meaningful manner.

The Social Justice 12 class has planned, organized and implemented a multi-step approach by interviewing the founder David Gotts in weekly released videos, a grade competition coin drive, an entire campus art project, and an ongoing food fair at lunch to raise awareness and support for this great cause. The Economics 12 class organized and implemented an ICC Volleyball tournament that successfully raised over $2000 on its own.

We are excited to see students interact and promote such important causes to their peers in an effective manner. These learning opportunities at RCS reinforce the desire for students to align their hearts to break for what breaks God’s heart. These classes truly are living out the Lord’s prayer as RCS seeks to have God’s Kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven. We are grateful that as RCS partners with ICC, the students’ learning goes beyond the classroom and into eternity.


Congratulations to the Jr. and Sr. Badminton teams this season! Well done to all the individuals for playing competitively and with great sportsmanship at both the BCCSSA (Apr. 25th) and Cambie (May 5-7th) Tournaments! Well done to all the Sr. Badminton team members for taking part in the Richmond League.

Congratulations to the following individuals for placing in the top 4 in their individual events at the Cambie Badminton Tournament:

Sam K. for coming 2nd in Jr. Boys Singles
Megan L. for coming 2nd in Sr. Girls Singles
Edmond N. for coming 4th in Sr. Boys Singles

Congratulations to the following individuals for placing in the top 5 in their individual events at the Christian School’s Badminton Tournament:

Sr. Boys Singles:
1st – Jeffrey N. (Richmond)

Sr. Girls Singles
1st – Megan L. (Richmond)
4th – Tiffany X. (Richmond)

Sr. Boys Doubles
1st – Jeffrey N. & Ronny C. (Richmond)
3rd – Terrance T. & Joshua C. (Richmond)

Sr. Girls Doubles
2nd – Ailena T. & Tiffany X. (Richmond)
3rd – Edyrsse S. & Vicki C. (Richmond)

Sr. Mixed Doubles
1st – Megan L. & Edmond N. (Richmond)
3rd – Ronny C. & Hannah C. (Richmond)

Jr. Boys Doubles:
1st – Cyrus L, & Sam K. (Richmond)
5th – Charlie C. & Nathan C. (Richmond)

Jr. Girls Singles
4th – Nicole C. (Richmond)
5th – Andrea C. (Richmond)

Jr. Boys Singles
1st – Justin N. (Richmond)
2nd – Cyrus L. (Richmond)

Jr. Girls Doubles
1st – Hannah D. & Joyce L. (Richmond)

Please click on the above image for a Badminton Photo Gallery.

Secondary Campus Awards Day

On the afternoon of Friday June 5th from 1:20pm to 2:45pm, students at RCS from Grades 9 to 11 will be receiving year-end awards. This year we are changing our format and process for student recognition. For each grade, RCS has nominated and worked through the very difficult task of awarding students with two types of awards.

Students may receive an Outstanding Achievement Award in a specific category such as Subject Learning, Extracurricular Activities, or area of Character. The other award that students may be recognized for will be an Award for Excellence. An Award for Excellence will be given to students who potentially display in more than one category or area an excellence in their leadership qualities, contributions to extra curricular activities, display of deep character and a dedication to learning in our RCS community.

Honour Roll Certificates will be handed out with Report Cards to properly recognize the full year process that will include the final exams and term 3 marks. Parents are encouraged to come and celebrate as a community during the Awards Ceremony, and parents will be informed if a student will be an award recipient prior to the ceremony.