November 2017

We’re Back

This edition of The View is the first publication of the 2017 school year newsletters. With the hiring of a new Executive Admin and Communications Assistant, we are able to resume our roster of newsletters. You can look forward to the weekly rotation of The View, The Eagles Eye, The Buzz and Wings. These newsletters provide detailed insight and pictures of the news and activities at each campus and will provide you with advance notice of our scheduled events.

What are You Doing This Evening?

Informed and interested parents will be attending the RCS Annual General Meeting at 7:30 pm at the Secondary Campus on Tuesday evening. The 2016-2017 Audited Financial Report will be presented and updates on the ALR proposals will be offered.

This is also the first year that the April 2017 adopted Constitution and By-laws come into effect in accordance with the new BC Societies Act. Our new By-laws state that every qualifying parent is eligible to become a Society member of the Richmond Christian School Association. A qualifying parent is one who has been in the school for at least one year and has attended the orientation sessions known as RCS 101.

A. New Society members must meet three requirements:

  1. Affirm in writing that they agree with the constitution of RCS as well as our Community Standards
  2. Pay their membership dues
  3. Meet with a board member

B. Parents who were previously members of the Society are required to sign that they are in agreement with the RCS Constitution and our Community Standards and pay their membership dues. An interview is not required of parents who were society members in the 2016-2017 school year.

In previous years each family was a member of the Society and each family had the privilege of one vote. That vote could be exercised by only one parent. As of April 2017, the new By-laws allow for individual membership with 1 vote per member – in other words, each parent has a vote.

Be sure to come early on Tuesday evening in order to allow for an orderly and efficient sign-up process.

Social Media Awareness and Parenting the Digital World

On Tuesday, November 21, RCS is co-sponsoring this parent information evening on SOCIAL MEDIA AWARENESS. This workshop, presented by Safer Schools Together, is geared for parents of school-aged children and will be held at the Choice School in Richmond. Although advance registration is required, there is no charge for this workshop.

Choice School 20451 Westminster Hwy N.
Tuesday, November 21: 6:30 – 8:30pm
Advance Registration: Email or call 604.273.2418

The parent presentation will focus on all things digital.
Your child has now entered into their digital media lives, where cell phone ownership doubles, video game use explodes and they dive into the world of social media and hyper-texting.

Your child is rapidly developing their personal identity with cell phone in hand and you need to be prepared.
Family rules, parental controls and developing a family tech plan will be outlined as well as recommendations for monitoring your teen’s digital life.

As a parent, you must lead the charge as a digital role model and help your child develop a strong digital citizenship foundation while reminding them that their digital footprint is a reflection of their real and online selves.
At this age, they will encounter situations that will challenge their independence, including cyberbullying (and more commonly – cyberexclusion), the dangers of anonymity, privacy, sharing intimate images, and inappropriate websites, and you need to be there to provide support and guidance during this critical period.

Finally, to better equip you for your digital parenting strategy, a snapshot of the current trends and concerning apps will be provided.
With society heading in a direction of being constantly connected to technology, what do we need to know as parents to protect our kids and teach them responsible and appropriate use of technology? The parameters of rules and expectations that you put in place at home will undoubtedly guide their behaviour in the years to come.

I hope to see you at this very informative event which is being sponsored by the Independent Schools along No.5 Road in Richmond. Plan now to attend and register as early as possible.

A New Venue for our Christmas Concert

This year we are looking forward to our Christmas Concert and 60th Anniversary Celebration at:

Chan Centre for the Performing Arts at UBC on
Monday, December 4, 2017

This is a new venue for us as we have outgrown the facilities at the South Delta Baptist Church in Tsawwassen. It will be exciting for our students to perform on such a world class stage. Our program will feature our bands and choirs from Kindergarten through grade twelve.

Because we are in a controlled and closely monitored public venue, it will be necessary to have our families book tickets for this celebration. Tickets are $5 apiece and all proceeds will be donated to the Crisis Pregnancy Centre. All guests must have a ticket to enter the auditorium. This is a requirement of the Chan Centre and will ensure the availability of seats for all of our guests. The Chan Centre is able to accommodate 1100 guests in the main auditorium for the program.

Ticket Information: Stay tuned for ticket sale dates and further information. Although tickets are required, the seats are not individually reserved. Open seating will allow families to sit together in the auditorium.

The students will be provided with “Performers Tickets” and will be accommodated in the various theatres and waiting rooms adjoining the main auditorium.

RCS Hires an Executive Administrator & Communications Coordinator

I am so pleased to welcome Ms. Dixie Daggett to the Richmond Christian School community as our new Executive Administrator and Communications Coordinator. This position has been vacant for the past year and it is both exciting and timely to have this position filled.

In the area of communications, Dixie will be producing our weekly newsletters and taking on the management of our school website. Her background in graphic design and previous work experience will be of great benefit to RCS. Dixie also has the tremendous task of organizing the superintendent and keeping the Board of Directors and FARM committee effectively resourced with minutes and reports. Another task is that Dixie will provide support to the Director of Development in the planning and execution of the various events and activities of RCS. It’s a big job and we all look forward to Dixie’s contributions to RCS.

Mr. Roger Grose

What an honour to be part of this family in an “official” capacity!  RCS holds a special place in my heart, as I have seen first-hand how this community supports and cares for one another.  And it’s because Jesus makes all the difference. In many ways, it feels like coming home. How did I end up here? After many years of administrative work, I made a career change to the field of graphic design. I returned to school, acquired new skills, and have been designing visual communication materials since then. 

My first goal is to master everyone’s name, then all the acronyms and finally Office 365. I will be juggling administration and communications, although I see them as very similar. Mostly though, it’s about the people. I am glad to be here and hope to serve you well. If you see me feel free to say “hi!” (and I like chocolate, FYI!)

Dixie Daggett
Executive Administrator and Communications Coordinator