Our Mission

It is the mission of the Richmond Christian School, in obedience to the infallible Word of God and led by His Spirit, to provide a quality, Christ-centred education, equipping all students to joyfully serve Christ in all aspects of life.

Our Vision

It is the vision of Richmond Christian School to be an expanding, well-resourced and progressive school that meets and exceeds the needs of the 21st century learner while maintaining our core values in the fulfillment of our mission.

Core Values

Families are Connected – Students are Challenged – Staff are Valued – Lives are Changed

Our Purpose

It is the goal of the Richmond Christian School to continue to grow as a highly dynamic Christian school, to be a blessing to all participants, and also to the wider community. Together we envision a hive of activities that engage young men and women in the truths of God, a community that is trusting, faithful, joyful and full of hope for the future. It is our desire to be salt and light to Richmond, the Metro Vancouver area and beyond; a beacon of faith in Jesus to shape young lives into people of exceptional character, where the stories of our graduates’ circle back to us and ultimately give all glory to God.


Every RCS student receives superb instruction and programs of study from Preschool to Grade 12 that is thoroughly reflective of and consistent with the mission of the school.



• Develop and implement a plan that will ensure that the faculty employs assessment practices consistent with current best practice.



• Ensure that the faculty is skilled in current pedagogy and weave the Christian perspective within the concepts that allow students to develop as individuals.


•  Regularly review instruction to ensure that it is age appropriate, sufficiently challenging for each student, and reflect our desire that students be active followers of Christ. Incorporate RCS Elements of Discipleship into all subject areas.


Employ and equip staff that are highly skilled, thoroughly knowledgeable in their subject areas and are eager to profess and model Christian behaviours as RCS continues to strive to be an employer of choice.


Working Culture

• Review and create a report on the RCS working culture to ensure that staff feel appropriately valued and supported both individually and collectively.

• Develop and implement an ethical process for staff to express concerns regarding their employment.

• Create a holistic approach in the compensation of our staff, which includes salary together with health and pension benefits.


Professional Development

• Enhance staff professional development program for intentional learning surrounding pedagogy that inspires and challenges staff to excel in their profession.

Equipping our Staff

• Provide our staff with the adequate tools to empower them to perform the duties that they are called to do.


RCS governance model be one that empowers the administrators to manage the daily and yearly affairs of the school while the Board of Trustees focuses on protecting the mission and pursuing the vision.


Board Membership

• Review and create a report that examines Board of Trustees membership such as the number of members and the eligibility of potential members with no children currently enrolled at RCS.

Advisory Board

• Create a report that examines the value of the creation of an Advisory Board.

Succession Plan

• Develop and implement a structured succession plan for Board leadership to provide RCS with seamless leadership.


• Develop and implement an efficient structured Board meeting using a standardized topical and schedule oriented agenda to avoid repetitious discussions.


• Develop and create quality, standardized, strategically appropriate reports from the administration and committees.



• Review and report on the purpose and functions of our Standing Committees.


Our vision is that the financial business management of RCS reflects best practices, be transparent to the members and provide a satisfactory experience for our school community.


Capital Improvement Fee

• Review and consider other options such as Donation Expectations or other methods that could potentially increase the revenue while providing a tax receipt.

Debt Servicing Plan

• Create a debt-servicing plan to decrease the amount of our existing mortgage.

Tuition Assistance / Benevolent Fund

• Consistent with our desire to bless parents of lesser economic means, we need to develop and execute a plan to increase the accessibility of economic support.

Financial Leadership

• As RCS continues to grow we need to consider the necessity of appointing a Chief Financial Officer (CFO).


Board Financial Snapshot

• Fine-tune our existing financial summary to allow board members a clear snapshot of our schools financial health.

Society Financial Reports

• Ensure that the financial reports presented to our society are understandable to the layperson.


With God’s continued blessing our development focus is in building and fostering relationships, and securing other forms of funding to generate donations for capital campaigns, annual appeals and other projects.


Income Streams

• Explore new income streams through endowment funding, alumni contributions, business partnerships and rental opportunities. Create a recommendation or plan.

• Review and document the RCS brand so that our brand voice can be professional and consistent in portraying our school.


Develop Relationships

• Build and maintain relationships with our community such as but not limited to: the RCS community, alumni, community groups and government.

20/20 VISION

It is our vision that the RCS becomes a four-track school located on one property by the year 2020.


Single Campus

  • Research and create a plan to transform RCS into a single campus school by the year 2020.
  • Develop a document that summarizes the rationale and opportunities afforded by a single campus school.
  • Business Plan.
    Prepare a detailed business plan for both the capital and operating budgets anticipated in becoming a single campus school.
  • Research Budget.
    Upon the presentation of a sound rationale and business plan, entrust the 2020 Work Group with an adequate budget to spend for preparatory data gathering and master plan formation.
  • Obtain two independent appraisals on the value of our current land and building assets.
  • Development Plan.
    Hire a consulting firm to develop a comprehensive site plan showing the facilities required for a 1300 students (4 track), for 1700 students (5 track) and for 2100 students (6 track).
  • Multiuse Design.
    Ensure that the design requirements incorporate multiuse facilities that are available to the community 24/7 and consider the latest environmental and energy-saving technologies.
  • Should RCS expand to accommodate more students, a study should be initiated to target and serve adjacent communities such as Delta and Vancouver South.