Richmond Christian School is controlled and operated by the Richmond Christian School Association. This Association is made up by parents and guardians of children attending the school who provide input in the decision making process that defines school’s policies, direction and future plans through membership.

The association’s members elect a board of trustees. The board exists as a corporate body and therefore individual trustees have no power. Board trustees provide vision, direction, determine school policies, hiring of teachers and staff and establish a sound financial plan for operating the school. Some board members will also act as chairs of committees who oversee various aspects of the school’s operation. These committees elicit help from staff, parents and guardians who become our “eyes and ears.”

Members of the Richmond Christian School Society are eligible to serve on Committees and the Board. We are individuals with various backgrounds and cultures but with the same heart and mind: serving our school community for the glory of our Lord Jesus!

Currently, there are eight trustees who serve at the board level to ensure the vision and mission of Richmond Christian School are expressed. They are:

Board of Directors



Chair: Carolyn Rhee-Thompson

Vice-Chair: Michael Chiang

Treasurer: Fonny Fong

Secretary: Keith Cheung

Director: Bob Hart

Director: Eric Chu

Director: Derek Ma

Director: Richard Macdonald

Director Sarah Marcinowsky

Director: Brenda Wagner

Students are challenged. RCS exists to educate. We need to explore other forms of education. Great academic marks cannot be the only measurement tool for an RCS education. How will or should education change so that our students are better equipped to serve our God in whatever vocation he calls them too? How will the availability of online education affect our students? What is a well-rounded education? Before we can dictate how to better utilize or expand our facilities we need to better understand this.

Staff are valued. I always tell RCS parents that our best assets go home to sleep at night. It is not our facilities or other monetary assets. How do we value our staff? How do we become an employer of choice? The reality of competing with a government operated public education system in terms of shear monetary remuneration and benefit program is difficult if not impossible. But that doesn’t mean we can compete with in terms of other benefits. This year we are auditing our human resource activities and it begins with a long hard look at our current pension program and the exploration of other alternatives.

Christ-centred. Our community represents about 100 different churches and many different denominations. We need to focus on what makes us the same rather than what makes us different. All denominations believe that salvation is free, free because of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. But calling Jesus our Lord requires work, submission to the doing of His work that He has planned for us. How do we further develop our Bible program into one that not only engages the mind, but the heart as well? One that transforms our students and our community into one of action rather than just knowledge? Being Christian is the key factor to what makes us different from public schools and many independent schools.  Our mandate is to weave our faith into all aspects of our school.

Space. The final frontier? Or the lack of it in our existing facilities. As God continues to bless us with students and a waitlist we need to continue to consider the undertaking of another capital project. It could be as obvious as the building of phase two in our secondary campus or it can be a one-campus facility. Last year we ran into a problem in our one campus feasibility study. We were unable to obtain a dollar figure for the location that made the most sense for us, the old Steveston Secondary building. School District #38 (Richmond School Board) views us as strictly competition and made it known that they would not want to see the property purchased by us. Further to that, our initial discussion with the City of Richmond to further utilize our ALR land on No. 5 Road was met with a lot of “No’s.” As the fire to see our vision of being a one campus school was being extinguished, this year God has provided a rekindling. Linda Reid a Richmond MLA, presented an award last year at our convocation and Mr. Grose asked her to visit our school. We were able to spend some time her with her and she gave us some ideas and promised her support to help us in our expansion endeavors. We will definitely be consulting with her more this year.

The Board and its committees have a lot of work to do this year, and we would appreciate your continued support. Whether in time, finance, and prayer or in anything else, we value your contribution to our community. We now that ordinary people can accomplish the extra-ordinary through the power of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Redeemer.


RCS Board of Trustees