The goal of After School Clubs at Richmond Christian Elementary Campus is to provide a different way for our teachers to give back to our school community and interact with our students in a non-traditional classroom setting. Our goal is to provide the opportunity for every child in Grades 1 to 5 the opportunity to have 1 club.

Club Terms for 2016-2017
Term 1: October 3rd – November 18th
Term 2: January 16th – March 3rd
Term 3: April 10th – May 26th

Club Format:
 All students will have the opportunity to participate in 1 club this school year in only 1 school term.
Example: Johnny has drama club every Monday after school from 2:45pm – 3:15pm during Term 2. Johnny will not have a club in Term 1 or Term 3.
 The school will be using Sign-Up Genius for the club sign up process. You may sign up your child for their top 3 club choices. They can only sign up for clubs offered their grade. There is unlimited space to sign up for a club, but teachers will keep their club sizes to between 10-20 students. The sign up will be open for a full week. Sign-up will open Saturday, Sept. 17th at 10:00 am and close on Friday, September 23rd at 3:00 pm.
 A computer program will randomly select your child’s club and the term he/she will attend club. All clubs for all three terms will be selected in September.
 You will receive an email with the club, day, time and the term that has been selected for your child.
 Your child may not switch clubs or terms with other students.
 Your child may not join a second club – even if you think they have space.
 Your child may drop out of his/her club if he/she doesn’t want to attend that club or if it conflicts with outside of school activities. Please let the teacher know he/she is dropping out.
 Grade 5 students randomly selected for Handbell Club (as of September 16th) may not be signed up for any other clubs. Parents will be emailed to inform them if their child is in Handbell Club.

Thank you,
Mrs. Cathie Schneck