South Delta Baptist Church 1988 56 Street, Delta, BC

What do students wear?
Kindergarten and Grade 1 – Sunday/Christmas clothes – it is warm on stage – please do not dress with sweaters or many layers.

Grade 2 to 5 – Red RCS T-shirt; black bottoms and dark shoes/socks

When do students arrive?
6:30 to 6:45pm

Where do students go?
Kindergarten and Grade 1 go to the Chapel.
Grade 2 to Grade 5 students go to the Gym. (They can enter through the gym doors.)

What do parents do?
Please take your child’s coat and then go and find a seat.

How long will the program be?
Approximately 1 hour. It should all be finished shortly after 8pm.

Is there a collection?
Yes, there will be a collection for the Crisis Pregnancy Centre.