Our Biblical Studies Department has added yet another exciting course- Worship & Spiritual Leadership 11 this year, with Worship & Spiritual Leadership 12 to follow next year. This course (taught by Mr. Kawamura and Mr. Harbridge) affords students the opportunity to grow in their knowledge and experience of leadership through a variety of contexts but always embedded in a life of worship. Through a dual approach (orthodoxy- correct teaching, orthopraxy- correct practice) this course seeks to nurture students in an understanding and engagement of worship and spiritual leadership.

Something unique about this new course is the focus on all fine arts, not just music. Our hope is to highlight the amazing artistic and creative capabilities of students through drama, graphic arts, music, etc. As well, chapel gatherings will incorporate more of the spiritual disciplines as a campus community we hunger to engage with God in ancient and future practices. The class of capable students will be divided into 2 teams (“Asaph” and “Selah”) with rotating combinations throughout the year.

The current teams are:

Asaph (1)


Selah EDIT


Each week we transform the space (multi-purpose room) where we eat, study, laugh, dance, act, hangout, learn, into holy ground and a sacred space. It’s a joy to honor, serve, respect and give Jesus the highest compliment. Christian worship is participatory and not a spectator sport. Christian worship is a balance between the two ancient doxologies: ‘Glory to the Father, through the Son, in the Holy Spirit’ and ‘Glory to the Father with the Son, together with the Holy Spirit.’

The collective group of students in the Worship & Spiritual Leadership course are passionately pursuing God and helping others to do the same as joyful servant leaders!

Dr. Phil Harbridge