Our purpose is to provide a quality and holistic Christ-centered education that is faithforming, relational and enduring.

Welcome to the Secondary Campus Off-site Learning Hub

Here you will find information to help answer your questions and concerns during this time away from campus. Click on the links below to learn more about what we have planned at the Secondary.

Secondary Campus Learning Plan

Welcome Letter – Grade 9

Welcome Letter – Grade 10

Welcome Letter – Grade 11

Welcome Letter – Grade 12

Post Secondary Transition Update

Spiritual Care Plan


Family Support

1. How can we stay informed?

We will be implementing a weekly newsletter every Monday that can be accessed on our website (; in the same format you have seen before. It will be K-12 Newsletter with messages from each campus and the Superintendent. It will also include both general and campus specific announcements.

Grade level Teacher Leaders have been assigned to centralize communication between the home and the school. Please contact the Teacher Leaders if you have general questions regarding the Grade level. Any specific questions regarding a course, like assignments, for example, should be directed to the teacher directly.

Teachers will be posting all assignments through Edmodo/MS Teams. Students should communicate to their teachers directly through one of these platforms on course specific questions.

Students and parents can email Administration on general questions. You can direct your emails to Ms. Contant if it relates to Teaching and Learning and Mr. Visscher for all other matters. Mr. Visscher made his phone number available for urgent or emergencies. 

Any questions related to tuition assistance can be directed to Mrs. Anita Chiu in the business office. In addition, follow us on Instagram and Facebook for updates.

2. How will teacher “Office Hours” work?

We have scheduled time during the week for teachers to meet on MS Teams for students to use the Chat feature to ask questions and for teachers to give feedback to student learning.

3. Are counselling services still available?

Yes. Students can access counselling services through the Cedar Springs intake form on our website. If the COVID-19 pandemic is causing additional anxiety and stress which is impacting the mental wellness of students, we encourage them to complete an intake form. The school will continue to cover the cost of the first three sessions. 

4. What happens if I/my child is sick with a non-COVID illness?

Since student’s learning is happening off-site and students are given a week to complete learning targets, most students with minor illnesses will be able to keep up with learning.  In a more serious case, where a child is falling behind please notify your child’s teacher leader (See question #1) so the school can look for ways to support your child.

5. What happens if I/my child becomes sick with COVID-19?

Please notify Mr. Kevin Visscher ( immediately so the school can look to support the family.

6. How will my student learn how to use MS Teams before Monday?

Teachers will assist students in using MS Teams. Here is a helpful site with Quick Start Guides and tutorials.

7. I forgot my office 365 password and cannot login.  What do I do?

Email Mrs. Johnson at with the subject (need help with office 365 login).  She will reset your password and give you instructions. 

8. What is the school doing to support students with learning resources?

Teachers will be giving students resources to support their learning. Mrs. Memmott (, the Secondary Librarian, will also be available to provide resources for students and staff. In addition to the resources available through the school, the Ministry of Education has created a website with learning resources to help parents support their children while in-class instruction is suspended.

9. What Online Resources are available to support student learning?

Students have access to various academic databases through the BC Digital Classroom, a core collection of digital resources for information. These are available on the Library.

Homepage at  

Username: richmondcs Password: eagles

Password for EBSCO resources: eagles$1 

Students can access LightBox Interactive eBooks

For helpful research tips, visit the RCSS Online Resource Library

Teaching and Learning

10. Are schools closed for the rest of the year?

NO, we are not closed. We are still fully operating, but our on-campus instruction is temporarily suspended. We are blessed with significant numbers of our staff who have expertise, courage, faith, technological creativity, and the leadership necessary to transform an entire delivery model in a short time under extraordinary circumstances. Beginning April 6, we will be providing instruction to all Grade 9-12 students. In the week of April 6, we will also share our Campus Learning Plan with parents and caregivers which will provide goals and guidance about how we will support learning in alternative environments. There are some advantages and challenges to this model of delivery. More time spent planning and connecting versus physically teaching and managing a classroom, affords us some innovative and creative advantages that we will take advantage of during this season of change. The skills we build as teachers in the process will only help us ensure that our practices are even better when your child returns to the physical school. The challenges exist for staff and parents trying to balance working from home with supervising their own child’s learning, as well as the anxiety of uncertain times.

11. What should a learning space look like at home?

Creating an effective learning space for your family doesn’t need to be complex, however we realize we all have many different challenges when it comes to sharing our space with multiple people, ages and needs in the home. An effective learning space might have the following:

  • Visual schedule or checklist of tasks, routines, chores
  • Calendar to show when things should be completed
  • Timer or clock to break up the time into chunks –use your stove timer, if necessary
  • Bright enough; natural light if possible
  • Free of clutter and distractions
    • Quiet and calm; soothing music
  • Comfortable; different options of seating
  • Writing and drawing materials; scrap paper

12. What is the expectation for student attendance?

The Ministry has an expectation for teachers and students to have regular student contact.  At the SC, this means that students are expected to login into their teacher’s learning platforms on the day they have class (Career ED and Connect Groups on Monday) (Day 2 Classes on Tuesday) (Day 1 Classes on Wednesday).  Teachers will post learning targets and assignments for the week and some classes will have students engage in online discussion as part of their learning.

13. Will there be chapels?

Yes. Mrs. Osborne, Mr. Kawamura and Mr. Merrell will be co-planning for a weekly online Chapel. More details to come.

14. What is “Connect Groups”?

We created “Connect Groups” to create a space where small groups of students can meet online for support, building care, communication and community. It will be opportunity to check-in, share and support one another so students do not fall through the cracks. It will also be an opportunity to disciple one another through devotions.

15. Will there be Camp Jubilee for the Grade 10s?

No. All field trips, including Camp Jubilee, are cancelled this year. However, since Camp Jubilee is such a significant trip for the Grade 10s, the staff is exploring an alternate trip in the fall for the same class when they are in Grade 11. Details to come later.

16. What happens if I can’t connect online during the time of my class?

If teachers decide to show synchronous videos during their scheduled class time online, these videos will be recorded for asynchronous viewing.

17. What if my family has to share devices and my parents need the computer for work? 

The school has gone to ‘off-site’ learning, rather than ‘online’ learning.  While students will need to be able to connect online to access their learning, not all work needs to be done on the computer.  All assignments and learning resources will be able accessible to students online if they are unable to attend ‘live’ sessions.  Creating a family schedule to share devices may be a helpful plan.

18. How much work should I expect my student to be completing?

The Government of BC has acknowledged the challenge of off-site learning and therefore expects schools to reduce the amount of learning students will be doing in the next few months.  RCS teachers have worked to look at the essential learning targets and big ideas for each course and have adjusted their teaching and assignments to reflect these new expectations of learning in BC.

 Each week students will be connecting with their teachers to receive learning targets for the week.  The average student will spend 30-45 minutes on Career Life and 1-1.5 hours each of their other courses during the week.  Assignments will be due at 9:30am Tuesday (For Day 2 classes) and 9:30am Wednesday (For Day 1 classes).  A teacher may ask for a draft for Thursday or Friday to provide opportunity for feedback on the work prior to it being due for assessment.

19. I’m a Teacher’s Assistant, is this course still running?

Yes, TAs should check in with the teacher they are TAing for to see how expectations for them have changed in off-site learning.

20. Is the 4th Quarter Grade Nine Elective Switch happening?

For the 4th Quarter, Grade Nines will have the opportunity to seek out a learning area of their interest that they would like to invest approximately 10 hours in.  This could be in an area such as graphic design, visual arts techniques, baking, science and engineering, music, building projects, photography editing, programming etc. Students will create a learning log and complete reflections on their learning.  They will be supported by a specific ADST teacher who will be their contact and can give them guidance.  Grade Nines will be given specific information on this in the upcoming weeks.

21. What will assessment look like? Will it differ for each class?

Yes, assessment will look different in various classes.  However, a universal expectation is that students will know how they are being assessed on their work when it is assigned.  Some platforms for assessment may include learning logs, reflections on learning, paragraphs, presentations, participation in discussion or artifacts.

22. Will my student receive report cards?

Yes, the BC Ministry of education has stated that “Teachers across the province are empowered to determine a final grade for children based on work completed to-date and the assessment of participation in learning opportunities that will occur over the coming months. Teachers are expected to prepare report cards for their students.”

23. Will there be final exams?

There will be NO final exams this year. Teachers will have course assessments through the off-site learning platform.

24. Will there be AP Exams?

Yes. AP exams will be completed online from home. More information will come out from the AP teachers.

25. What will happen with graduation and student assessments this year?

For grades 10 and 11 students, graduation assessments will be postponed. Every student eligible to graduate from Grade 12 this year will graduate. The only graduation assessment required for current Grade 12 students is the Grade 10 numeracy assessment, which all of our students have completed.

The Ministry of Education will ensure Grade 12 students who have not yet completed the Grade 10 numeracy assessment and who are otherwise on track to graduate are able to meet this graduation requirement.

The school will support all students as part of the continuity of learning and help those students who may need additional supports to meet graduation requirements.

The Ministry of Education is also working with post-secondary institutions to ensure graduating students will transition successfully.

26. What about students with an Individualized Education Plan (IEP)?

We will continue to provide services and support of our diverse learners. Students whose learning is informed by an IEP can expect to maintain their relationship with a Resource Coordinator and educational services team. We are making our families with students with challenging learning needs a priority to contact this week.

27. Is the dress code still in effect?

When students are on video chats, they are part of a class learning environment.  It is expected that students will be dressed appropriately as they would be, if they were in class.

28. Who is monitoring online chats/video messaging? Can students post without teacher’s knowing it?

Our IT administrator is working to disable features of MS Teams so students will not have access for private chats with each other.


29. What will happen with clubs?

All clubs have been suspended. However, a club could be creative in building community, care, and fulfilling our mission in “joyfully serving Christ in all aspects of life” online. We do ask students to connect with their club teacher leader(s) before making any plans. Any online ideas will need Administration approval.

30. What will happen with the Guatemala Missions Trip?

Further information is coming out. A meeting is scheduled for Thursday, April 9 at 7:00 pm via Zoom. You can join the online meeting at that time by clicking the following link:

31. What happens to Athletics?

BC School Sports has also suspended all school athletics indefinitely. Teams will not be practicing or competing in spring sports like badminton or track and field. We encourage students to find new rhythms to promote healthy living and wellness.

32. I was selected for an RCS Spring sports team and paid my season fee, what happens to that?

 Students who submitted their season fees prior to spring break will be contacted and fees will be returned. Mrs. Burkholder will be at school on Thursday April 9, 2020 during the locker clean-up.  Questions regarding athletics can be directed to Ms. Burkholder at 

33. How will I get my yearbook?

Yearbooks will be handed out in September.  Grads will have them for their Graduation events.

Grade 12s

34. Will there be Graduation events in June?

Unfortunately, all the grad festivities are postponed this year. The school is working at finding an alternate date. More information to come.

35. What will happen with post-secondary transition?

The Ministry of Education is also working with post-secondary institutions to ensure graduating students will transition successfully. Our Student Services Team has provided more information that can be accessed here.

36. Will there still be a Capstone project expected for our Grade 12 students?

Yes. The Capstone project will remain a graduation requirement. RCS Grade 12 students will need to complete this requirement. Mrs. Lewis will be following up with the grads on completing this requirement. 

37. Do grade 12s have to complete their courses or did the Ministry say they automatically graduate?

Grade 12s who “are on track to graduate” will be required to complete their courses and meet regular graduation requirements. Students must demonstrate that “sufficient learning” required for graduation or course completion is demonstrated and it will be a combination of pre and post-Covid19 assessments. Teachers are free to determine what work students will need to complete in order to successfully finish their courses and receive credits. Learning goals will be clearly articulated to students in 10-12 so that they have clear expectations about the work that needs to be complete in order to graduate. We will be developing a personalized approach to meeting the expectations of Career Life Connections, including Capstone. The 30 hours of work experience or career-life experience can now include life at home (ie. Yard maintenance, food prep, household accounting, household cleaning, etc.)