April 2018

Guatemala 2018

RCS is proud to partner with Impact Ministries to provide a Missions Trip Opportunity for RCS students this coming summer in July of 2018. Our team of 15 students and 5 chaperones will travel to Tactic, Guatemala to serve as the hands and feet of Jesus. Our goal is to:

  • develop a mission consciousness in each team member so that they would have the heart of Christ for the lost and the compassion of Christ for those in need.
  • give opportunity for the Lord Jesus to work:
    • in each team member‘s heart.
    • through each team member.
    • in the hearts of those ministered to.
  • experience the culture of a developing nation and increase in understanding the role of the body of Christ in that society.
  • develop an understanding of God’s calling to missions in personal career and ministry planning.

Some areas in which we will serve:

  • Work projects, construction, etc
  • Children’s ministry
  • Evangelism and home visits
  • Hospital visits

submitted by Mrs. Melissa Flores

We need your help in collecting supplies. Please contribute by donating any of the items from this list. Donations will be accepted at each campus from May 1st until May31st.

Team Members

Chaperones: Shingo Kawamura, Megan Johnson, Miriam Severson, Sandra Wilkinson, Roger Grose. Grade 10: Alyssa Baiza, Cameron Brawn, En Fong, Michaela Nicolas, Kyra Penner, Brianne Rennie, Sam Wilkinson, Myah Wong-Moon. Grade 11: Joey Cordukes, Sanmi Sakamoto. Grade 12: Veronica Ford, Bryan Huang, Fyonna Laddaran, Nathan Louie, Britney Li

Greater Vancouver Science Fair

Congratulations to the eight students who competed in the Greater Vancouver Regional Science Fair Apr. 12-14th at UBC.  There were two junior (Gr. 9-10) student teams and three senior (Gr. 11) teams who showcased their experiments and innovations during intensive rounds of judging, school tours and general public viewing.

Congratulations to Ernest Lam for achieving the Al Appleton Worksafe Award with his project on the “ABC Bandage”.  The Al Appleton Worksafe Award is awarded to the best project demonstrating the principles of occupational hygiene while showing creativity, innovation and enthusiasm!

submitted by Mrs. Janice Chan

Elfin Lakes Trip

The Treacherous Hike Up:

The day began like any usual winter day. We arrived at the parking lot with a gleaming anticipation of the glorious days ahead despite our fatigue. We prepared to hike up an extra kilometre to the trailhead, when a stranger in a huge pickup truck passed by and witnessed our dismay. He offered to bring our heavy packs up to the trailhead, saving us from a painful start to the day. It was a miracle and a good omen for the trip ahead. When we reached the trailhead, Ms. Contant revealed we’d actually hiked up three kilometres, and not one. We trekked up the mountain, gulping down liters of water and stuffing our faces with Cliff Bars. We tackled the steepest part of our hike, Paul’s Ridge, and were rewarded by a beautiful clearing overlooking a valley. After a few more hours of climbing, we saw the most stunning sunset of our lives. The sunlight christened the snow planes and provided warmth over our motley crew of sweaty high-schoolers. Fourteen kilometres after originally departing, we arrived at a warm hut, where we prepared food and enjoyed the relatively clean outhouses. It was an excellent night, with a meal of burrito bowls and an amazing time of bonding and worship. We were blessed with a great slumber, energizing us for the day ahead.

The Day of Digging:

We woke up the next day, feeling warm and toasty in our heated cabin. Waking up to the smell of a huge delicious breakfast of fried rice, ham and eggs, we rose with high spirits, looking forward to what the rest of the day had to offer. We looked outside. Relentless snowfall. As we put on our damp gear, the sound of buzzing chatter filled the room due to our nervous, yet excited anticipation towards digging the snow caves. Digging the snow caves was one of the most challenging experiences most of us have felt in our entire lives. Digging six feet down and four feet into the hill, we meticulously chipped and carved blocks of snow out of our soon-to-be shelter. Thanks to the help from the beastly beast Zach and Mr. Roosma, who helped dig almost all of the snow caves, we were able to finish creating our new homes in just under six hours! While we dug, time flew and before we knew it, it was dark outside. Just as we finished and went inside the cabin to eat dinner, the freezing temperatures set in and chilled us to the bone. We left our snow-soaked gloves and socks to dry out in another hut before dinner, and when we came back to collect them, they were frozen solid due to the cold that felt like -20 degrees Celsius.

The Climb Down:

We woke up in our snow caves expecting snow, but to our surprise we climbed out to a beautiful and crisp sunrise.  What an amazing blessing and gift from God!  We quickly packed up and ate a delicious, quick oatmeal breakfast. We took a group picture and got ready to begin the long journey down the mountain. On the hike down, we couldn’t stop looking around, turning our eyes to the huge, majestic mountains that surrounded us. It was a time of great bonding and conversations that will not soon leave our memories.  We experienced what perseverance and teamwork truly is.  We returned home as not simply family, but as bros.

Submitted by Bryan Huang

Hats Off to Mr. Mawby!

We were excited to celebrate Hugh Mawby’s 60 years of being an educator this year!  Hugh continues to share his passion for inspiring young minds through leading the gardening project and providing support in bible, science and woodworking classes at the secondary campus.  On top of that he keeps himself busy with the honey bees at the RCS apiary!  Thank you for all your dedication and steadfast enthusiasm for education Hugh!!

submitted by Mrs. Janice Chan

Senior Boys Basketball

The Senior Boys Basketball Team went into this season with clear eyes and full hearts ready to compete in the competitive Richmond League. This team’s identity was based on hard work and solid effort each and every shift. Led by the captains Terrence Moy , Dru Jao, and Patrick Creighton, this year’s Senior Boys Basketball team stayed very competitive when every team member showed up.

Along with Coach Kawamura it was an honour to have coached these young men this year. In closing, I want to encourage them to continue to develop their skills and passion for basketball. Also, I want to encourage them to give back, when possible, to the younger players who love this sport. You never know when the next Malcolm Brogdon enters the gym and is looking to play some basketball.

submitted by Coach Buller-Taylor

Senior Girls Basketball

The senior girl’s basketball team has had one fantastic season. We started in November, and throughout the first couple of months, we played teams from public schools around Richmond. With each win and loss, we steadily grew as a team and individual players. Our first big tournament was in Chilliwack; we stayed overnight, and it was fun to bond as a team and play other Christian school teams that challenged our team. After that trip, we looked ahead to the rest of our season and saw that it was coming to a close pretty fast. All of us agreed that we wanted to make the most out of our season and we had one goal in mind; make it to Provincials. We knew it wasn’t going to be easy; the senior girl’s basketball hadn’t been to Provincials in eight years.  But first, we had to focus on making it through the Zones tournament which would determine whether we would go to Provincials. Our first game was pivotal if we lost we were automatically out. We rose to the challenge and won by a landslide. Our second and third game were both very close, and although our team never gave up and fought to the end, we lost both of them.  One last match remained; win, and we go to Provincials, lose, and it is the end of the road. The team we were playing was from Hope.  It was an aggressive game; both of us wanted it very badly and fought for each rebound and shot.  In the last quarter, we were up by one point and throughout the rest of the period managed to gain ground by scoring a bit more. The time ran out, and the immense pressure lifted off our shoulders, replaced by overjoyed grins and excited cheering.  We had accomplished our goal, taken our season to the furthest it could go, and achieved something that hadn’t been done in eight years. We had made it to provincials!
Though our season isn’t over quite yet, it is still impressive to think about how far we have come. I don’t think any of us could have imagined our season going this far and being this exciting.  It has been an honor to play on the girl’s basketball team at Richmond Christan School.  There are many, many great things in store for this team.
Special thanks to Emma Schellenberg and Casey Lee for being there to help us out. Most of all, many thanks to Ms. Contant for being a fabulous coach.

submitted by Aimee Buhr

Junior Boys Basketball

This year’s junior boy’s basketball team was a young, eager group of boys who loved to play the sport. They showed a lot of heart and grit, and persevered throughout the season. It was a challenge to play in the Richmond league as most of the other teams were older than us, but the team enjoyed being able to compete in the Christian’s school tournament in January. Being so young, the boys learned a lot throughout the year and developed both their individual skills, as well as offensive, and defensive team play. A big thanks to Mr. Paul and Mr. Roosma for giving up their time to build this team.

submitted by Michelle Contant, Secondary Campus Athletic Director


Junior Girls Basketball

The Junior Girls basketball team’s highlights included participating in the BCCSSAA tournament in Duncan and the St. John’s tournament in Vancouver.  During both these tournaments the girls developed their skills and game play. They showed perseverance and were able to adjust to their opponents and won several games.  We are appreciative to Tin-Yan Poon who volunteered her time to coach the Junior girls basketball team. Tin-Yan writes, “It’s been a great pleasure coaching the RCS Jr. Girls Basketball team; they’re an amazing group of girls with lots of drive, dedication and passion for the sport. They were very patient and encouraging as I learned my way around the new team; their graciousness both on and off the court, is a perfect reflection of what RCS stands for.”

submitted by Michelle Contant, Secondary Campus Athletic Director