December 2015

Prayer Buddies

The small gym at the elementary campus had an electric buzz with stories being read, inquisitive questions being fired at a rapid rate, and laughter bubbling out from the detail self-portraits being produced.

This was the first face-to-face meeting of the Grade 1’s and Grade 12’s Prayer Buddies experience. A wonderful tradition is growing at Richmond Christian School where two grades, one grade just starting and the other finishing a journey, come together for a year to share their experiences and pray for each other.

The prayer buddy experience builds up to RCS Convocation ceremony where the Grade 1’s pray with the graduates before the ceremony and then begin the evening by singing a prayer to the Graduation class as they disperse across the globe to start the next adventure of their lives outside of RCS walls.

There is something beautiful and supernatural when the innocence of our Grade 1’s faithfully intercede for our graduates. This year, may these relationships go beyond the surface and become an opportunity for the Spirit to work in each of the students’ lives.


Academic Excellence

Here at the Secondary Campus we are proud of all of our students for their ability to persevere and their willingness to rise to the different academic challenges they face. With the first term complete and report cards handed out we wanted to reflect and congratulate all those students who achieved the two levels of honour rolls at RCS. We have a great school made up fantastic families who help support and give opportunities for students to achieve at such a high level of excellence.

The list provided highlights those students that have demonstrated a high level of academic excellence and this accomplishment should be celebrated. Congratulations and well done!

Mr. Paul

Please click on the links below for High Honour Roll and Honour Roll lists for each grade.

Grade 12 High Honour Roll Term 1

Grade 12 Honour Roll Term 1

Grade 11 High Honour Roll Term 1

Grade 11 Honour Roll Term 1

Grade 10 High Honour Roll Term 1

Grade 10 Honour Roll Term 1

Grade 9 High Honour Roll Term 1

Grade 9 Honour Roll Term 1

RCS Senior Girls Make History at the BC Provincial A Volleyball Championship!

IMG_3319This past week, the senior girls volleyball team participated in a highly competitive tournament that recognized the top 16 “A” division teams in the province. With the goal of participating in the provincial tournament, the team excelled at the lower mainland zone playoff tournament in November to capture the championship title, earning them third place overall as they entered the provincial draw.

During day one of pool play, the Eagles faced Immaculata Regional High School (ranked 1st), Cedars Christian School (ranked 2nd), and White Rock Christian School (ranked 4th). Defeating Cedars Christian School and White Rock Christian School, the team was in a good position to be successful into the playoff rounds.

During the first round of playoffs, the team members pulled together to defeat Fernie Academy in a straight set win, 3-0. In the quarter finals, RCS faced a determined Kelowna Christian School team who won the first two sets with strong offence. However, RCS went back to their game plan, re-focused and came back to win three straight sets to progress the team to the semi-final round. In the semi-finals, RCS faced White Rock Christian School and were sure that WRC would be hungry for a win. After alternating set wins, the teams entered the fifth and final set to determine a winner. RCS started off with strong serving and passing, setting up their offence to win the match. The Eagles were now on their way to the gold medal round, something that had never been accomplished before by the RCS Senior Girls Volleyball division. The Eagles were proud to have made history at RCS.

In the gold medal match, RCS met Immaculata once again. Both teams were determined to win. Immaculata won the first set, and RCS fought back to win the second set. In the third set, both teams were neck-in-neck with earning points, and Immaculata edged out RCS by 2 points in the third set to give them the lead and eventually the win in the fourth set.

At the end of the match, multiple teams continued to cheer on RCS and ran down to the court to congratulate them on their success. The Eagles had captured silver! In addition, three members of the team were selected by a committee as all-star players: Kaitlynn L. and Jaylen Y. were named first team all-stars and Juliette S. was named to the second all-star team (see pictures). The amount of support and encouragement felt by the team from the RCS community, parents, staff, friends, and tournament teams, was incredible and a true testament to the living God shining through His children. The team is grateful and blessed to have had this opportunity to share their fruits of the spirit with others this season.

It took the RCS senior girls volleyball team a dream to get started, a desire to keep going and determination to finish. To God be the glory!

Follow this link to see Richmond News article:  Eagles 2nd at Provincials


Grad Legacy Leaving a Legacy for Others…

Grad Legacy is a student-run group of Grade 12s that is formed each year to contribute to community-building in Richmond Christian School and positive change in their local community and the world by fundraising for causes that they are passionate about. Grad Legacy is NOT fundraising for the graduates but graduates sacrificing their time and energy to support and raise money for other important ministries. This year’s Grad Legacy has fifty-five members and consists of several committees that work together to host large events and other fundraising endeavours.

It is the mission of Grad Legacy, in view of God’s holy and infallible calling, to bless the needy in life and in spirit through fundraising, volunteering and other selfless endeavors as a holy, Christ-led community in perpetual integrity, accountability, honesty and transparency.

This year Grad Legacy is raising money for Youth Unlimited and Water Step. Youth Unlimited is a local organization in Metro Vancouver that helps young people through their dedicated staff and relevant programming that offer connection and transformation well-being among young people in our community. Youth Unlimited missions to, “help young people discover their potential. From prevention to helping kids on the margins, our dedicated staff and relevant programming offer connection and transformation fostering mental, physical, social, spiritual and emotional well-being among young people in our community.”

Water Step is an organization based in Louisville, Kentucky and they train people in developing countries in how to use safe water solutions so that their communities can be empowered. Water Step mission is to, “train people in developing countries how to use safe water solutions like water purification, health education, and well repair, empowering communities to take care of their own water needs for years.”Grad Legacy will be focusing on fundraising for Water Step’s Kabowa Village project in Uganda.

For more information on these great ministries please go to their website at:


A Look Back at Cross Country

Running is one of the purest sports- just you and your ability to propel yourself through a challenging course. This
Cross Country season (September – November) was truly special both for team success and personal goals met. The 18 students who participated in the 4 Richmond (public) school Meets and 1 Christian school meet had both personal best times and team goals met.

RCS fielded our biggest group to date in the Richmond Finals at Garry Point, and Zone Qualifiers held at Central Park in Burnaby. They all are amazing runners and very coachable athletes. It has been incredibly inspiring to see their determination (e.g. setting time goals and surpassing them) and joyful servanthood (e.g. active help and encouragement of other runners).

Following our success at the Burnaby Zones, we participated in the Provincial Meet at Jericho Park on November 7. This is the second year in a row we have had runners qualify for Provincials and compete extremely well. It was another fantastic season and so great to have Ms. Pershin helping this year as co-coach.

Mr. Harbridge

Mini-Med School Participation

The Secondary Campus is excited to share that Eimen L., a grade 11 student, was selected to attend the Mini-Med School series hosted by the Child and Family Research Institute from Oct. 14th – Nov. 25th. The 2015 Mini Med School series provides insight into the innovative research and progress that is improving health in low and middle income countries. She was able to learn how new tools, technologies and programs promote health and well-being across the life course: in adolescence, women, pregnancy, infancy and childhood. Congratulations Eimen on this enriching experience and opportunity.

“Through the Mini-Med School series, I gained a deeper understanding and clearer view of some of the leading health issues in developing countries. The presenters, who are medical professionals and researchers, provided me valuable insight into biomedical research, the technology and diagnoses invented to help the cause. It is certainly exciting and inspiring to learn that the ongoing research and projects have been saving lives and improving health in these countries. This has been a unique and remarkable experience overall! ” – Eimen L.


Senior Boys Volleyball 5th in Province

After a successful season of volleyball in the Richmond league and another outstanding showing in the Lower Mainland Zones tournament, the senior boys volleyball team headed to Abbotsford to participate in the Single A Provincials tournament at the end of November. The first day of pool play put the boys at second place in their pool next to Credo Christian. The Eagles headed into playoffs and after a tough loss to Kelowna Christian, the boys succeeded in defeating Revelstoke and Fernie to earn fifth place in the province.

Since the beginning of the season the boys have grown together as a team in their communication on the court, being intentional with their serves and hitting plays, as well as building each other up when facing tough competition. The team appreciated all the fans that came to support and cheer for them at each game: parents, siblings, teachers, friends, and alumni.

Click on the image for a photo gallery.


The Chemistry 11 students had the privilege of visiting TRIUMF (Tri-University Meson Facility) on Thursday November 26th to take part in a mini lecture by a nuclear and particle physics researcher and tour the facility that houses Canada’s largest cyclotron. RCS students learned a host of new hands on scientific applications as this unique experience furthered RCS students wonder and truth found in God’s creation.

Here are some insight gathered by our RCS students:

“I learned that there is a pipe that connects TRIUMF to the UBC Hospital to transport radioactive isotopes, containing elements that will decay quickly.” – Chem 11 student

“I learned that the cyclotron is “buried” underground but we can still feel it’s magnetic force. It was cool that the coins and paperclips would levitate in your hand!” – Chem 11 student

“I learned that the cyclotron can accelerate a particle to 75% the speed of light!” – Chem 11 student

Grad Legacy Sleepover

Grad Legacy’s first large event was the All-Nighter took place on November 13.  Through the students attending the All-Nighter, Grad Legacy was able to raise over their goal of $1000.  As well as contributing a need in their community and in the world, the students bonded outside of their grade groups while spending time together, eating meals, and playing games.  This event was a great success and Grad Legacy will be hosting more events in the school year in support of Youth Unlimited and Water Step.  Stay tuned!

Jr. Boys Volleyball Capture Silver at the Provincial Championships

After capturing both the Richmond and Vancouver & Districts championship titles earlier in November, the junior boys volleyball team from Richmond Christian School capped off their successful season by winning silver at the Junior Invitational Provincial Championships recently held in West Kelowna.

Competing against BC’s top twenty-four teams over three days, sixth-ranked Eagles impressed the crowd with their tenacity and did not drop a set to reach the finals including an upset win over the second-ranked Duchess Park from Prince George in the semi-finals. Although they finally succumbed to the province’s top ranked Langley Christian School in the gold medal match, the Eagles made RCS history with the best-ever finish for their junior boys volleyball program.


Junior Girls Volleyball Has Successful Season

The Junior Girls Volleyball Team had a successful season, growing in their skill and understanding of the game.  Throughout the year they bonded as a team and supported one another, celebrating each others accomplishments.  The team achieved commendable results in both tournament and league play.

One of the many highlights was their final game against MacNeill where they played their best team game of the season, taking the favoured MacNeill to 5 close sets.  We could not have had the season we did without the faithful, positive support of our fans.  We are very proud of the girls!


Save Around Coupon Books for Sale

Save-Around-Cover-ThumbThe Guatemala Missions Team at the secondary campus is selling “Save Around” coupon books in an effort to raise funds for their journey to Guatemala and the activities they hope to conduct there. The coupons are for local vendors such as Booster Juice, Burger King, A&W, Subway, Quiznos, Pita Pit, Castle Fun Park and many more! The books are available at each campuse at $25 each and the coupons expire in December 2016. Cheques can be made out to RCS or cash is accepted as well.

Childcare Available on December 18

Do you need some time off to relax without kids? Do you need to run out for last minute Christmas shopping? Is there an event you would like to attend? Drop your kids off from 1;30 – 5:30pm on Dec 18th and enjoy an afternoon kid free!

Babysitting Fundraiser in support of Guatemala Missions

Saturday, December 18 from 1:30 – 5:30 pm

Richmond Christian Secondary School,  10260 No. 5 Road (Drop off & check in at High School entrance)

Cost: $25 per family (for up to 4 hours of babysitting)

Follow this link for sign up: Event Brite Childcare Sign Up