May 2016

2016 Awards Ceremony

At RCS we have so many amazing students who help in numerous ways inside and outside the classroom. The Award Ceremony for the Secondary Campus will occur this year on Tuesday June 7th at 1:15pm in the Gymnasium. The Award Ceremony is designed to acknowledge some of our students in specific areas for students in Grade 9, 10 and 11. All Grade 12 Awards are conducted at Convocation on Friday, June 10th at 6:30pm, Bethany Baptist Church.

For each of these grades RCS has nominated and worked through the very difficult task of awarding students with two types of awards. Students may receive an Outstanding Achievement Award in a specific category like Academics, Extracurricular Activities, or area of Character. The other award that students may be recognized for will be an Award for Excellence. An Award for Excellence will be given to students who have excelled at RCS in more than one category that demonstrates the student’s abilities to go above and beyond expectations inside and outside the classroom.

In addition please be aware that Honour Roll Certificates will be handed out with Report Cards to properly recognize the full year process that will include the final exams and term 3 marks. Parents are encouraged to come and celebrate as a community during the Awards Ceremony, and parents will be informed if a student will be an award recipient prior to the ceremony.

Mr. Jason Paul

2016 Cantando Sun Peaks Music Festival

The Secondary Campus recently sent 26 members of the Senior Choir and Senior Concert Band to the Sun Peaks Music Festival, from April 22 to 24, 2016. These representative music teams are great ambassadors for the school and participate in this festival every other year (during years when the school is not putting on a musical). The festival takes place at the scenic Sun Peaks Ski Resort near Kamloops, BC, and is one of the highlights of the secondary music program, where students can demonstrate the results of their hard work and be assessed by top musicians.

As well as performing, students receive scored adjudication and a workshop experience from professionals. They participate in sectional rehearsals where they receive specific instruction relating to their instruments. They take part in a mass performance where students rehearse and play together with students from other schools. They get to be audience members for their peers from other places as well as take in concerts performed by seasoned veterans. It is a highly educational, enjoyable, and memorable event for our music students.

Both groups had excellent performances. The Concert Band was put into a scored category and achieved a gold mark.

Mr. Shingo Kawamura
Band & Choir Teacher


The RCS Badminton team had another busy season this year, participating in the Richmond League, Christian School’s Tournament, and the RSSAA Individual Tournament. After a hard fought season in the Richmond League, both junior and senior teams had a strong showing at the Christian School Tournament, with the senior team winning the championship again this year due to great individual performances:

Nicole C. – 4th Place in Junior Girls Singles
Wesley C. & Max K. – 3rd Place in Junior Boys Doubles
Janica T. & Michelle C. – 2nd Place in Junior Girls Doubles
Nicole C. & Keira C. – 4th Place in Junior Girls Doubles

Justin N. & Hannah D. – 1st Place in Senior Mixed Doubles
Justin N. – 1st Place in Senior Boys Singles
Edmond N. – 2nd Place in Senior Boys Singles
Hannah D. – 2nd Place in Senior Girls Singles
Tiffany X. & Joy L. – 2nd Place in Senior Girls Doubles
Sanmi S. & Caris T. – 3rd Place in Senior Girls Doubles
Edmond N. & Chris N. – 1st Place in Senior Boys Doubles

In the RSSAA Tournament at Cambie, Richmond Christian players performed very well in what is a difficult tournament, achieving three top four finishes:

Samuel K. – 1st Place in Junior Boys Singles
Justin N. – 4th Place in Senior Boys Singles
Justin N. & Edmond N. – 2nd Place in Senior Boys Doubles

Special thanks go out to Terrance T., Ronny C., and Jeffrey N., graduates from last year who came back to help out the teams in practices and support them through games, Mrs. Lai for her assistance and enthusiasm during practices, and Jeffrey Y. for his time and expertise in helping the team! Coaches Ms. Tam & Mr. Kinniston extend their congratulations and thanks to all of their players for their sportsmanship, hard work, positive attitude, and dedication – we look forward to another great season next year!

Congratulations Grade 9 Boys Volleyball

The RCS Grade 9 boys played a great game against Cambie Secondary that went to five sets with the RCS Eagles winning the Richmond League Championship. With the win the Grade 9 boys are now off to the Vancouver Districts on Wednesday May 25th at Burnaby South. Good luck Eagles as you continue to soar to new heights!  

Rock Climbing

The RCS Grade 9 students went rock climbing at Cliffhanger Climbing in Vancouver as a part of their Physical Education course. They had a great time exploring new skills and challenging themselves in new ways. The RCS Mission Statement says that we are to equip all students and we were happy to see this come true with all of our grade 9 students, specifically with one of our students named Josh who has Cerebral Palsy and moves through our school in a wheelchair.  Josh was able to participate and climb with his friends. It’s a great day when all students have the chance to experience new challenges.


Everyone is invited to Richmond Christian School’s Convocation Ceremonies on Friday, June 10, 6:30pm at Bethany Baptist Church in Richmond.  This is such a great evening of ceremony and celebration.  Please join us.  (The invitation below is a joint effort from some of our graduates, including the subject, photography and design.)

Camp Jubilee Reflections

The trip to Camp Jubilee as a leader far surpassed our expectations.  We felt a lot of positivity from the kids, very little complaining and everyone was participating and enjoying themselves.  It was cool to see the kids overcome their fears and grow spiritually together as a grade.  Their openness towards each other as a group really surprised us and was awesome to see.   We felt encouraged and blessed by our experience leading at camp and wish every week could be spent like our week at camp Jubilee.  The impact made on us and the grade 10s will, to us, last beyond just camp. – Outdoor Ed Leaders

Through our experience at Jubilee we discovered that leadership is not always about being upfront and telling people what to do, but it is really about simply encouraging people towards a goal.  We learned that even if you don’t feel confident in you leadership abilities, sometime you just gotta dive into it and see possibilities.  Through this we had the privilege of getting to know a range of students that we may not have previously known.   One of the joys and blessing of the week was hearing the grade 10s stories and getting to know them personally.  We were pushed out of our comfort zones and this taught us a lot about ourselves too! – Outdoor Ed Leaders

The campfire worship sessions were really great because they brought us all together in a way I didn’t know was possible – especially the last night when so many of my friends where sharing struggles and milestones and the atmosphere was so warm and supportive.  – Grade 10 Student

Something God taught me is that is is okay to not always have to be ‘perfect’ or meet other’s standards.  God wants us to live for Him and not follow the world’s views.  Overall this experience helped me let go of my worries and doubts but instead reminded me to focus on God. – Grade 10 Student

I was always afraid to step out of my comfort zone and I never gave myself a chance to experience or explore new hobbies or activities.  After this camp, I found out so many things about myself and that I wasn’t afraid to try new things.  I really want to keep pushing myself and learn and experience new things. – Grade 10 student


The outdoors is a lot less scary than it seams.  Even when their is bad weather there is still so much to be appreciated – like the fog shrouding the tops of the mountains, which disappears with the first rays of sunlight.  I’ve never seen how beautiful BC could be in the drizzling rain, and it makes me wonder why I don’t get out more often.  – Grade 10 student

It was REALLY fun hanging out with friends and people I don’t really hang out with.  We really bonded and to be honest it was fun suffering together in the cold, being dirty and looking bad together. – Grade 10 student

My highlight was the campfire because that was where I actually felt God’s presence and valued it in others.  Normally, when I go to camp I expect some kind of ‘spiritual awakening’ to happen within me.  However, I’ve always found myself back in the same position of self-centerness and conformity to our society today.  The camp fire was set apart from my other camp experiences because during  camp I myself hadn’t been seeking God and most times I found myself forgetting about Him.  But seeing God actively working in other people’s lives gave me an unforgettable experience that showed me the value of my own relationship with God. – Grade 10 student

Wednesday, May 25th is Open Studio Night at the Secondary Campus, 6:30 – 7:45pm.

An exciting peek into the Arts at the Secondary Campus!  Enjoy the musical stylings of Choir 9 and entertaining performances and rehearsals-in-process from Drama 9-12. Experience Art 10-12 students working with their media and view new works. Watch Senior woodworkers buzzing the saws for projects underway or peek in on Senior Culinary students whirring away.
Come dialogue with artists at work– and even try your hand at some of the artistic activities. Bring your curiosity, questions, and sense of humour!

Carnival is Next Saturday!

Join us for this fun event for the whole family next Saturday at the Secondary Campus, from 10-2pm.  Any questions?  Please contact Ann-Michele Ewert, our Development Director, at