November 2017

Discipleship Journey 2020


Information Meeting
Thursday, November 30 at 6:30pm
Secondary Campus, Multi-Purpose Room

RCS is starting to plan for the next great adventure to the Holy Land. It is a time where a person gets to experience the Scriptures with all five senses that allows the words of Scripture to come alive and transform people in a new way. If you are thinking about this opportunity, I would encourage and highly recommend that the sacrifice and time you make is worth every ounce of for this amazing investment. Our next Journey is beginning as we seek to discover who God is inspiring to go. On Thursday November 30th 2017 at 6:30pm in the Secondary Multi-Purpose room will be our 2020 Discipleship Journey Information Meeting. This meeting has no obligation, as it is a time to discover what an adventure like this could mean for you. I encourage you to attend and pray if this is the experience God has in store for you. The Discipleship Journey, that goes to Israel, Jordan, and Mt. Sinai, is not just an investment to see a beautiful place in the world but an amazing investment into your faith, life and relationship with Jesus.

Grad Legacy 2018

This year the graduating class of 2018 has gladly picked up the torch that is GradLegacy. Collectively, we have chosen to support Covenant House, an organization active in Vancouver that seeks to provide love and hope for homeless youth ages 18-24, and Ratanak International, a Christian organization that empowers exploited peoples in Cambodia. We plan to be active throughout the 2017-2018 school year hosting events, such as the sleepover, the spring benefit concert and helping out with the RCS Carnival, as well as selling hot lunches on Wednesdays and Bubble Tea once a month! We hope you are as excited as we are for what is to come. Be sure to stay tuned to our social medias to get the latest updates.

Edwin Hung, Grad Legacy President

Eat! Sleep? Play.

A Grad Legacy Sleepover

Sleepover was an enormous success thanks to everyone who came, those who spent hours planning, and our teacher supervisors. We raised over $2500, a record-breaking amount for our causes Ratanak International and Covenant House. The most popular rooms were Karaoke and the Gym, which were open the entire night. Another success was the pilot of Stardust, a student-produced film series paired with a scavenger hunt. Once again, we would like to thank you for all the support you have given.

Amos & Andrea

Makers at RCS

Libraries have traditionally existed to provide patrons access to information. With the information age upon us, libraries are now evolving from places where people merely consume information to places where people generate ideas. Best practice libraries today have Maker Spaces that provide patrons with access to new technologies that foster a creation mindset. Maker Spaces in school libraries have an immense potential to support the school curriculum in both the area of content and competency development.

The secondary campus library launched a Maker Space last year. Its purpose has been to encourage hands-on learning, critical thinking and problem-solving skills as students interact with different tools for making ranging from low tech tools such as sewing kits to high tech tools such as our new 3D printer. The makers at RCS have been busy applying Design Thinking and creating phenomenal projects that reflect the mandate of our school.

Last year Miss Leong’s AP Biology class participated in a project-based learning opportunity that had students making prosthetic hands on the 3D printer. Work experience student Vienna Cheung worked with Mrs. Memmott, the Teacher Librarian, to organize the building of four prosthetic hands to be donated via Enabling the Future- a global network of passionate volunteers using 3D printing to give the world a “helping hand”. In groups, using plans provided by the organization, students 3D printed all the pieces for a hand in a color scheme of their choice. They then used ordered assembly kits to construct the hands. The class mailed off a total of three prosthetic hands that will go to children in need around the world!

This year, in compliance with new BC Ministry standards to offer coding to all students in grades K-9, RCS implemented a new Applied Designs, Skills and Technology course, ICT9 or Information and Communcations Technology 9. The course focusses on developing students’ digital literacy skills while challenging them to consider how we can use technology to make the world a better place. Term 1 students recently participated in a project-based learning opportunity that allowed them to apply what they learned to better the world. Projects included websites that promote creation care, platforms to publish original student creative writing, original 3D designed innovations, electronic music created to elicit positive moods in peers, video edits that spread God’s love, and even a hand-made technology free tipi that gives students at RCS a place to unplug from what often seems like an overly connected world. Learn more here.

Maker Spaces support changing modes of learning, encouraging a culture which supports knowledge creation rather than knowledge consumption. Maker Spaces facilitate cross-disciplinary and social learning through collaboration. Maker Spaces encourage skills increasingly required in the 21st century workplace such as creativity and innovation. Stay tuned to see what other amazing creations our students come up with at the RCS Maker Space!

Esther Memmott

Outdoor Education Reflection

Hearts Filled, Hands Wide Open

We began with 30 to 40 pounds on our backs, loudly chattering, and armed with granola bars. Our voices rang throughout the forest, and Josh blasted premature Christmas music from his speaker. Most of us complained when Michael Bublé came on, but secretly, we all loved it.

We thought the first few kilometres were difficult, but then we arrived at the switchbacks. Four kilometres of steady uphill accompanied with a stream of groans. Still, our voices didn’t cease, though our breathing was significantly more laboured. There were moments where we stopped, breaths taken away – not because of the altitude, or the lack of oxygen, but because of the view. Little did we know – the view would only get better.

We arrived at the Barrier viewpoint exhausted, but excited. We didn’t hesitate to drop our packs and sit on the rocks, staring out into the fog. Before long, the fog began to roll away, bit by bit, and with each passing minute, our eyes grew wider and wider at the sight revealed before us. The mountains stood tall in front of us, with snow-kissed tips, the horizon in the distance. We could see down the valley, a river cutting through it. We sat there in awe, taking a longer break than we probably should have.

When we arrived at camp, we unpacked quickly and got started on dinner. Although we expected mediocre food, it ended up being a three-course meal, complete with salad, pasta, and dessert. The next day, we made the grueling hike up to Panorama Ridge. Though our packs were lighter, the snowshoes were heavy on our feet, and the incline dangerously steep at times, especially at the end. We talked loudly and often.

By the time we got up, it was past three. We stood at the top of the ridge, and took endless amounts of photos.  Each of us drank in the beauty of the creation around us in different ways – admiring how perfect everything looked and understanding our creator, God in a deeper way.  Singing loudly, we declared “I will climb this mountain / With my hands wide open.”

The third day was a break day, filled with team bonding, learning about the environment, and quiet reflection time. Josh, though he thought he was far away from the group, sang and prayed at the top of his lungs, which was one of the highlights for many of our group members that had the privilege of witnessing it.

At night, several of us lay on the dock, though our backs were cold against the icy wood, staring up into the night sky. We could see the Milky Way, several different constellations. Everything looked so distant, and close, all at the same time. We sang at the top of our lungs, our voices echoing off the mountains.

We left Garibaldi with bittersweet feelings, excited to be returning to the comfort of our homes, but sad to be leaving our experiences behind as memories. We returned to Richmond hearts filled with the Holy Spirit, and minds with the revelation of God.

Kailey Tam

Victoria Field Trip

At the beginning of November, the Social Studies 11 students travelled to Vancouver Island for a field trip. Our first stop of the day was the Royal British Columbia Museum in downtown Victoria, where we were able to view large, interactive exhibits on natural history, Aboriginal peoples and the history of Canada. During our lunch break, students walked around and explored Victoria, our beautiful provincial capital and a city that is full of history and culture. Our second stop of the day was the provincial legislature, where we were able to not only see the incredible architecture of the buildings but also experience the inner workings of the Canadian government first hand. Overall, the trip was a success and definitely worth waking up at 5:00am!

Deanna Smith


Kumsheen Rafting Trip

The RCS Graduating Class of 2018 spent two fabulous sun-soaked days at Kumsheen Rafting Resort back in September.  The Kumsheen experience is often highlighted by past graduates of RCS as the biggest and most anticipated grad event of the year; a chance to bond as a class as well as plan for the upcoming grad year.  From becoming vulnerable as a grad class to sharing how to leave a positive and impactful legacy, this experience enriches our school curriculum and provides a unique opportunity for RCS grads to develop their spiritual, intellectual, social, and physical capabilities.

RCS is proud to partner with Impact Ministries to provide a Missions Trip Oportunity for RCS students this coming summer in July of 2018. Our team of 15 students and 5 chaperones will travel to Tactic, Guatemala to serve as the hands and feet of Jesus.

Our goal is to:

  • develop a mission consciousness in each team member so that they would have the heart of Christ for the lost and the compassion of Christ for those in need.
  • give opportunity for the Lord Jesus to work:
    • in each team member ‘s heart.
    • through each team member.
    • in the hearts of those ministered to.
  • experience the culture of a developing nation and increase in understanding the role of the body of Christ in that society.
  • develop an understanding of God’s calling to missions in personal career and ministry planning.

Some areas in which we will serve:

  • Work projects, construction, etc
  • Children’s ministry
  • Evangelism and home visits
  • Hospital visits

Team Members: Alyssa Baiza, Cameron Brawn, En Fong, Michaela Nicolas, Kyra Penner, Brianne Rennie, Sam Wilkinson, Myah Wong-Moon, Joey Cordukes, Sanmi Sakamoto, Veronica Ford, Bryan Huang, Fyonna Laddaran, Nathan Louie, Britney Li

Chaperones: Shingo Kawamura, Megan Johnson, Miriam Severson, Sandra Wilkinson, Roger Grose

Ways you can support us:

Thank you so much for your prayers and support!

RCS Grads 2017. Where are they now?