October 2016


This year the Secondary Campus has introduced RCS Assemblies one time per month to foster an environment of unity, celebration and information. With the theme of “Beyond” this year students are being recognized for going beyond inside and outside the classroom. Teachers who recognize students going beyond enter these students into a raffle where these nominations are randomly chosen and celebrated as the winners receive a $10 gift card. Past beyond winners have been recognized for setting up chairs by themselves, sweeping the gym floor before practices, volunteering on the weekend to participate in ICC Walk the Wall or cleaning up other students mess after an activity.

In addition, the Secondary Assemblies have highlighted, through a video, past school events like the Grad rafting trip. It’s a chance to remember, reflect and look forward to what events are coming in the future at RCS. As we unite and celebrate as a school student have been and will continue to be recognized for their academic, athletic, or extra-curricular activities. The future looks bright at RCS as we have much to celebrate as a community.

Mr. Jason Paul

Annual Gr. 11 Victoria Trip

A highlight for students in Grade 11 is spending a day in Victoria as part of the Social Studies program.

“Victoria was probably one of the best field trips I’ve ever had. Being a big fan of old architecture and of 19th century decor, I loved visiting the parliament building and marveling at all the pieces of art that were so intricately put together in the late 19th century. I loved walking past the big churches and cathedrals in downtown Victoria, as well as going to the museum and revisiting everything I learned in my previous social studies courses. Exploring Victoria is definitely on my To Do List next year, from what I’ve seen in the short amount of time I was there.”  Serena C., Gr. 11 Student

“Victoria is a beautiful city full of history, culture, and gorgeous scenery. The Royal British Columbia Museum offered us an eye-opening opportunity to view large exhibits on the Aboriginal peoples, natural history, and various international displays. Given the privilege to visit our provincial Parliament Buildings, I was blown away by the phenomenal architecture and immense professionalism. My friends and I relished our journey with card games, Italian cuisine, and a tremendous amount of photos. Waking up at 5:00 a.m. for this trip was definitely worth it!”  Sherry S., Gr. 11 Student


Fall Concert

The Grade 9 Band, the Senior Concert Band, and the Senior Concert Choir performed at the RCS Fall Music Concert on October 26th.

It was the first time that the different music classes performed pieces together this early in the year. Mr. Kawamura was happy that all three groups showed “an amazing level of musicality, commitment and growth over this relatively short time.” The Grade 9 Band and Choir brought a terrific level of fun and energy to the evening, while the Senior Band was able to achieve a smooth, rich and mature timbre in the final number. These music classes will now switch gears and begin work towards the Christmas Concert.

Discipleship Journey of a Lifetime

In just 4 and a half months a group of 50 people (34 students, 11 parents/relatives, 5 staff) will embark on the journey of a lifetime! This transforming encounter with God is an amazing blend of learning and serving. The Team will five-sense the Holy Land, hike up Mt. Sinai, walk the wonders of Petra, the shores of the lake of Galilee, experience baptisms in the Jordan river and remember the sacrifice of Jesus with communion at the garden tomb. So much awaits this diverse and blending team.

Here is one student’s expectations and prayer:

“My main expectation for the Israel Discipleship Journey is to be able to visualize the Bible and from this experience, take God’s Word more seriously. During this trip, I look forward to becoming fully exposed to the beauty of God’s works in the land of His people and within the people of His land. To be able to see these places in real life is truly a blessing for me, as I have been learning about these people and places while growing up. Though growing up in a Christian community helped me set my fundamental beliefs, over the years I began to disregard the Bible and its value. From this, I began to fall short of God’s full glory by only perceiving Him as a mere concept rather than a being of love who has done so much in my life.

I believe that God has called me to this journey as a way of bringing me back to His word so that I can truly deny myself to pursue an identity within Him. With the countless places we will be able to go to and learn about, being constantly overwhelmed with information is something I am very much looking forward to. Because I am passionate about learning history, I feel that God also called me to this trip in order to speak to me through my passions. One specific destination I am looking forward to is going to Petra. I hope to learn about the place not only for where it stands, but also for what it stands for.

In this trip, our team will walk through places in the Bible that depict God’s boundless pursuit of His people as well as places in which His followers ultimately surrendered their lives for the pursuit of Him. I hope that as we experience God in the full beauty of these locations, we as a team will be spiritually transformed and with open hearts, commit to pursuing the God that constantly pursues us in our lives.”

Dr. Phil Harbridge

Jr. Girls Volleyball

This season has been one of growth for all members of the junior girls volleyball team. We’ve been working on developing our skills during practices and trusting our teammates to follow-through on the court. The girls recently competed in a local tournament at McRoberts Secondary and finished in third place overall. We are looking forward to what the rest of the season has in store as we move into play-offs!

Mrs. Angela Wilson

Junior Boys Volleyball Team

The Junior Boys Volleyball team is comprised of 13 players and 3 red-shirted players. They are Elijah K. (captain), Martin P. (vice-captain #1), Jackson C. (vice-captain #2), Anthony D., Jason Z., Patrick C., Eli K., Isaac F., Isaac C., Joel K., Dru J., Andrew C., Caleb J.. Red-shirted players are Alvin K., Romaine T. and Enoch C.

The team has competed in 2 tournaments so far, finishing 3rd in the Trinity Western Tournament and 3rd at the BCCSSA tournament (Christian Schools). They also compete in the RSSA league in which they are currently undefeated. The boys have set themselves the goal of putting the team first before self, and are working hard in practice to develop their individual skills so that they may better serve the team. They are hoping to qualify for the Junior Boys Provincial Tournament taking place at the end of November in Kelowna.

Mrs. Karen Prinsloo

Senior Girls Volleyball

The Senior Girls Volleyball team has come a long way since the beginning of the year. From struggling in the first tournament to competing and winning gold in the consolation draw at the Christian School Tournament, the girls have worked hard and it shows. Losing our setter halfway through the season has proven difficult but the team has risen to the occasion. Our two grade twelve athletes have been great examples and encouragers to the rest of the team. This leadership is seen with Madison F. (bottom row left) earning an All Star Award for our last tournament. We are looking forward to working hard and competing for a chance to play in the Provincial tournament in December in Kelowna.

Social Studies 10

On October 14, Social Studies 10 students went on a field trip to the Museum of Anthropology to learn about First Nations culture and communities. This field trip opened our studies in the classroom on Canadian history and provided a crucial framework and perspectives for how Canadian history could be viewed. A very special highlight was the Unceded Territories exhibit by First Nations artist, Paul Lawrence Yuxweluptun, who dealt with issues of sovereignty over land, cultural stereotyping, environmental stewardship, and residential schools. The field trip was very eye-opening for all and provided much food for thought for this year’s Social Studies course. The questions that students formed through their inquiry will inspire their learning through the rest of this year!

Photo credit: Joshua H.