October 6, 2016

Camp RCS

Although schools often begin focused solely on their ability to deliver an academic program that challenges students, inspires learners, and paves the way to post-secondary work and studies, RCS is about much more, a fact reflected in a new school year founded on an equally challenging and hopefully equally inspirational Camp RCS experience in the first week of school.

Embracing the theme of “going beyond” in both meaningful and less profound (but entertaining) ways, Camp RCS gave students opportunities to go beyond approaching chapel as a ‘gathering’ to an opportunity to enhance and reflect on their relationship with God, to go beyond merely walking through the hallways to racing through them on peddled go-karts (as fun and as safe as it sounds), to go beyond merely attending classes together to truly connecting through grade activities, to go beyond their peer groups to connect to other grades in various areas of interest, to go beyond lunch as “dinner reheated” and enjoy a BBQ, and to go beyond themselves to serve both the school community and other groups outside our school.

If our students are to truly be equipped to serve Christ in all aspects of life, they need to learn to communicate through English, compute through Mathematics, reason through Social Studies, and run through PE, but they also need to be part of a community that reflects Christ’s love, to serve, to worship, to reflect, and to go beyond themselves – this is the reason for camp at RCS, and as they have begun classes and found the midterm fast approaching, we hope and pray that they have taken and will take with them a time where they had fun, loved and were loved by each other, and made God the focus for this year, going beyond not just as “students” but as “children of God.”

Mr. Brian Kinniston
Curriculum Coordinator/Teacher
Secondary Campus

Meet the Teacher Night

Meet the teacher night, held on September 19th, was an evening gathering of parents and staff to not only become informed about the year to come, but hopefully to also become excited and begin to anticipate the great things that God will do in our community this year. Parents were given information about new late assignment policies, graduation requirements, schedules, learning opportunities, trips, RCS @ Night, school rankings and exam results, course changes, My School Management, grad activities, and parking etiquette and speed limits (which included a threat to call grandparents if parents don’t follow the rules).

As the name implies, parents also had the opportunity to meet teachers, discuss courses and expectations, see the school, and begin healthy working relationships with staff so that their students can be best served through home, church, and school communities working together. It is our hope that Meet the Teacher Night is not an isolated conversation, or a box for parents to check on their long to-do lists, but that it is helpful in developing parent confidence and comfort, and a first point of contact that will be followed by many other conversations to help students make the most of another year at RCS.

Thanks, and come back to us soon!

Mr. Kinniston

We are Learning to Soar…

We have over 100 students and teachers involved in fall athletics at RCS who are learning that their is more to being part of a team than just showing up and developing individual skills. At RCS, our aim of athletics is to use a Biblical frame of reference in order to reclaim sports for the service of Christ and the edification of others. We have built our athletic program on the values of Community, Excellence, Balance and Character.

The Volleyball teams are especially understanding the importance of community as they are learning to play with new teammates and develop team chemistry. All of our teams have shown growth since their first game at their season opening tournament at TWU in September and are excited for continued growth. It has been great to have several new teachers and alumni coach volleyball teams! Giving back to the Volleyball program at RCS this year are: Connor Ewert, Rebakah Prasad, and Sam Roosma.

The Cross-Country and Swim teams have demonstrated a surge in committed participants this year. The Cross-Country team has competed in RSSAA meets and notable results include grade 10 Joshua W. (1st place overall) and Grade 12 Brandon J. (3rd Place overall). The team is looking to continue to put in strong performances and improve their team and individual performances.

Ms. Michelle Contant
Athletic Director
Secondary Campus