September 2015

Meet the Teacher is This Wednesday

We look forward to connecting with our RCS community to inform, meet and share vision for this upcoming year at the secondary campus. Each grade level will have their own independent information session in order to give specific details about the year pertaining to those students grade level. In addition, there is an “All Campus” information session that will give insight into the school year and what to expect as we move forward to June. Lastly, there is an Open House where you can have specific questions answered by teachers about the upcoming year and meet the different teachers your student may have.

A handout will be provided for the different courses that will answer course content and course expectations for the upcoming year. Come to the meet the teacher night to be informed, be connected and be involved in the educational adventures at the Secondary Campus.

ISTE 2015
Using Technology to Glorify God

Whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God. 1Corinthians 10:31

This past June, I had the great privilege of attending the ISTE (International Society for Technology in Education) Conference in Philadelphia with Mr. Martens, Secondary Vice Principal, and Grade 8 Teacher, Mr. Penner.

We joined over 17,000 educators from around the globe to explore, learn and share innovative ways that technology is impacting education. We were challenged by great speakers such as comedian Jack Gallagher to consider how we use technology to differentiate for our students who don’t learn well inside the box.

One of the creators of GPS (yes, I mean Global Positioning System), Sylvia Martinez, explained how users of technology are becoming more than simply consumers but creators contributing to a global voice. Soledad O’Brien from CNN challenged us to consider how we leverage the power of technology to develop critical thinking and have our students change the world. The through line of all these speakers for me was how technology can be used to glorify God.

As parents and educators, when we think of technology often the first thing we consider is the perils of the internet. We make it a priority to help teach our kids how to be safe on the internet, act as ethically online as they would offline, and develop a digital reputation they can feel free proud of for years to come. The ISTE conference pushed me beyond this to consider how we can encourage students to not only be responsible users of technology but become creators who use technology to impact God’s world.

I was humbled by the many examples I saw from schools around the globe using technology to promote social justice and allow students of all ages to make a difference globally. Two examples especially stood out to me. Students in an impoverished school in the US inspired by Kinected World’s Wonderment Initiative (learn more at the wonderment) converted a bus into a roving Library to donate to a partner school in Guatemala who planned to drive it and share it with schools they considered less fortunate in their area. The bus will service at least five different schools and reach roughly 2,500 children.

A committee of students at another school decided they wanted to use their 3D printer to help children so they partnered with eNABLE: A Global Network Of Passionate Volunteers Using 3D Printing To Give The World A “Helping Hand” (learn more at enabling the, to print and assemble prosthetic hands for children missing limbs. These implementations of technology challenged me to consider how, if at all, I leverage the power of technology to glorify God. How do our students at RCS?

Attending the ISTE conference inspired me to work with my colleagues and students to explore how to move further towards being a community that uses technology intentionally to impact God’s world in ways that spread the love of the gospel message, so that whether we use Apple or PC, Tweet or Snap chat, or whatever we use that we do it all for the glory of God.

Esther Memmott
Secondary Campus


Top to Bottom:
Prosthetic hand created from a computer and 3D printer.
Sylvia Martinez speaks to conference attendees.
Roving library bus in Guatemala.
Students enjoying the bus.

Mr. Penner, Mrs. Memmott and Mr. Martens enjoying the conference.

Grad 2015 Profile

We are blessed to have such amazing students and families as we partner together to achieve academic excellence. As seen in the info graph provided, our Graduation Class of 2015 have transitioned to life outside of RCS and are continuing to seek after their goals, dreams and aspirations in a variety of ways. Congratulations RCS Graduation Class of 2015. May your future be in the light of God’s Kingdom as you continue to equip yourselves to serve others for the glory of God.

Provincial Results

In addition to the graduation information, we have provided our provincial exam school results. This is to help our community understand how RCS students, on average, are performing on the standardized provincial exams. This information is helpful in comparing the year end RCS mark and the provincial exam administered by the Ministry of BC. The goal is to have a small gap between a student’s RCS mark and the provincial exam results.  These results demonstrate that as a school, RCS is preparing students to get into university, but more importantly equipping them to succeed in their post secondary education.



The gym has been filled with the sounds of cheering, bouncing balls, and students enjoying volleyball as we gear up for the new season. Richmond (RSSAA) League play begins the week of September 27th and the game and practice schedule will be posted on the Secondary Campus Athletics Calendar. Additionally, a group of athletes who have joined our cross-country team have been running the trails in Richmond. Their first meet is this Wednesday at Southarm park.

Thank you to the parents who showed support for the Athletic program and joined us for our Parent Athlete Information Meeting this past Tuesday evening. If you were unable to attend and would like to know more about the philosophy of athletics at RCS, come and talk with me at the Meet the Teacher evening on Wednesday, September 23rd. We are excited about the year ahead and invite you to come along to encourage and cheer on our athletes.

Michelle Contant, Athletic Director, Secondary Campus

Rockridge Canyon:
Connect, Worship and Live Abundantly 

What a fantastic time the Secondary Campus had this September at Rockridge Canyon. Opportunities were around every corner for students to meaningfully connect with peers and staff through unique designed activities to bring depth within their own grade and cross campus.  Whether it was a grade event that had the entire group playing slip and slide kickball, racing in Barbie infused dingy boats or cross campus challenges that included life jacket diaper run, the Alpha-getti spell and eat challenge, and the pool noodle hockey game.

Even with all of this fun, at the centre of the Rockridge experience was the desire to connect and give opportunities for the students to reflect on their relationship with Jesus. The students were surprised with an outdoor concert on the first night from the talented Seattle Christian band, King’s Kaleidoscope. The multiple chapels with its worship and talks were focused on our choices as we partner with the Divine. This year’s theme was centered on 2 Corinthians 3:18, “And we all, with unveiled face, beholding the glory of the Lord, are being transformed into the same image from one degree of glory to another. For this comes from the Lord who is the Spirit.

It truly was an amazing time to start the year, building relationships with students, staff and the God of the universe to embrace the opportunity for us to be changed into His image.

Mr. Jason Paul
Principal, Secondary Campus