April 2016

Grade 6 Students Full of Sparks

The Grade 6 students are finishing up their Electricity Unit in Science this term.  Students have enjoyed learning and experimenting with static electricity.  They participated in Static Electricity Olympics, and competed against their classmates to see who could create the wackiest hair, pick up the most pieces of paper, and have their balloon cling to the wall for the longest amount of time.  As well, students have enjoyed building series and parallel circuits, and seeing first-hand the positives and negatives of each type of circuit. Please click on the image for more photos.

Spring Skating!

Our second exploratory this year was spring skating! It was a nice break from our desks, and a fun time to hang out with friends from other classes. As a first time experience for some, getting used to the slick surface of the ice was quite a challenge. However, it became a great opportunity for students to support each other and share their skills with those who were beginners.

Others, like the hockey players and figure skaters, glided around the ice effortlessly and were able to let out all their energy by racing around the rink. The teachers had a great time too! Hanging out with our students without the walls of the school was nice change, and a great way to get to know them better.  Please click on the image for more photos.


Grade Six/Seven Ball Hockey Tournament 2016

Who would have known finishing 5th out of six teams would feel so great!  Our Ball Hockey team finished tournament play with an outstanding shoot-out victory.  The boys celebrated the win like Stanley Cup Champions!  Clutch goaltending from Cole Liggat and a shootout goal by Liam Rowley led the the team to our only victory.  Many thanks to all the Grade Six boys who contributed so diligently to our practice roster. We look forward to more hockey next year!

Grade 7 Students Grow Spuds

The Gr 7 students are busy observing their potato plants, which are almost at the half-way point of their growth cycle.  Students are recording which soils are producing the quickest growing plants by analyzing stem and leaf structures, as well as overall plant size and health.  All plants have now been moved outside to enjoy the warm temperatures and strong sunshine! Harvest time should be near the end of May, and all student will then enjoy a potato ‘feast-o-rama’:)

Wow Waffles!

In this week’s Francais 8 lessons, Grade 8 students get a taste of Belgium during our unit about the French-speaking world.


Sports Update!

Badminton fever has come and gone for the Grade 7’s at our middle school.  Through try-outs, after school practices and a school day tournament our athletes continued to improve in their skills.  Last week we hosted the annual Christian elementary schools badminton tournament in our high school gym and we were very successful in our finishes.  Twenty four students competed in singles, double or co-ed doubles matches, some playing back to back in championships.  Special thanks for Mr. Agon for coaching this year and helping with stroke correction as well as strategy.  We won several medals, placing in the top 4 in all 5 categories. Our girls doubles team of Naomi L. and Krsity L. went undefeated all day and we had a huge finish for Liam R. and Fion L. in the co-ed doubles where they had to play the same team twice in a row  to win first place overall.  Excellent effort by all!

Badminton continues for the Grade 8’s with a Christian schools tournament next week on Friday, April 29, where our team of 24 will travel to Surrey Christian for the day to play in matches.  These students have also had to endure try-outs, had several after school practices and we anticipate a great finish for them, too.  They have a second tournament in Richmond the first week of May and will get the opportunity to play against the public school badminton teams for the first time.

Track and Field has started up in PE classes and will continue for the rest of the month and into May, with 2 meets coming up on May 26 and 30.  The grade 6’s are excited to get to throw heavy objects like the shot put and discus and the grade 8’s compete in Richmond next week for their first meet of the season.  Mr. Penner, Mrs. Lim and I have been holding after school practices in order for the grade 8 track team to improve in their running, jumping and throwing abilities.  Looking forward to some fantastic results.

Ultimate team practices have begun for the Grade 6’s and Mrs. Wong is looking forward to teaching them the basics during their first year of competition.  The grade 7 team will begin practicing with Mr. Reimer the first week of May.

Lastly, but very importantly, Mr Man is once again coaching the Grade 8 boys volleyball team this Spring and they are undefeated thus far.  The boys really love this sport and it shows in their dedication both on and off the court. RCS has won the Richmond league championship banner 2 years in a row and we are hopeful for this year’s team that they can continue this trend-go Eagles!

Mrs. Harbridge
Athletic Director


Grade 6 Science Showcase

The Grade Six teachers and students would like to invite you to an evening of ‘Alternative Energy Solutions’ on Tuesday May 17 from 4:30 to 6:00 pm.  Our classrooms have been studying various forms of energy and the increasing demands for new sources of power. We want to model, display and communicate some of the forward-thinking alternative/renewable sources that allow us to demonstrate stewardship of God’s creation.  Come and join us for this time of sharing and inspiration!

Human Impacts on Ecosystems: What is ‘Creation Care’?

The Gr 7’s will be showcasing their research and analysis of how numerous human development projects have adversely impacted various ecosystems, and how steps are being taken to rehabilitate and restore these back to a healthy state by putting into action God’s stewardship call for ‘Creation Care’.  Join us on June 9 from 4:30 -6pm.

Grade 8 Science Fair

“For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature—have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that people are without excuse”. Paul, Romans 1:20

An exciting event is just around the corner at the Middle Campus! In the past Grade 8s have created fascinating exhibitions of their learning in the subjects of Social Studies and Language Arts. This year it is Science’s turn to shine. We are pleased to invite you to the Grade 8 Science Showcase! The Showcase will be held on Thursday from June 2 from 4:30-6:00pm at the Middle Campus.

Creation reveals God to us. One of the best ways to understand Creation better is by using an awesome tool that God has given us: science! To ignore science is to ignore an important opportunity to understand God better. Even if students are not passionate about science, if they open themselves up to the Spirit’s work they can enter an even more meaningful relationship with God through understanding his art as seen in Creation. The Showcase will celebrate this truth.

Come to see the results of our the Grade 8 students’ explorations in the fields of Optics (as they help correct the vision of Jendians, an alien race new to Earth) and Fluids and Dynamics (as they design a more effective water bottle rocket). We will conclude the evening with a live launch of the most successful rockets. We hope you can join us!

It’s Exploratories Time Again… Can You Help?

It’s that time of year again when we are looking forward to running our “Skill-based” Exploratory (or mini courses) for all of our Middle School students.  This special opportunity can only be successful if we can count on your participation to assist us.

Please consider leading an Exploratory this year.  You won’t be disappointed!  The students are so eager to learn a skill that is usually outside of the required curriculum.

Please click here to see the full Exploratory Information.