December 2014

Funds Raised for I.C.C. Breaks School Record

Mrs. Edith Walker
Middle Campus Principal

On November 28, the Middle campus students came together to celebrate how much money we were able to raise to support International China Concern.  What an exciting morning it was, when Camille Wong from I.C.C.  announced that we had raised over $45,400!

Last year the middle campus students raised $39,000, and we had set our goal for $40,000 this year.  Each class has been given a sponsor child from I.C.C who they have learned about and have prayed for since September.  What a privilege it has been to be able to partner with International China Concern and be able to be instrumental in bringing love, hope and opportunity to these children who most often have been abandoned by their parents for a variety of reasons.

When Mr. Grose and I  were given the opportunity to go to China to visit two of the three I.C.C. orphanages there, we were able to see first-hand where our money is going and what a difference it is making in the lives of these precious children.  After returning, I was able to share with all the students that I had visited their sponsor children and I challenged them to raise even more for such a worthy cause.  When I left for China on October 25, the students were involved in Walk the Wall and we had raised about $30,000 at that point.  Little did I know that another $15,000 would be raised within the next 2 weeks!  Praise be to God!

PHOTOS: (Right Top to Bottom):  The grand total is revealed – $45,461.20! / Top Fundraisers hold cheque being presented to Camille Wong of International China Concern. / Camille and Mrs. Walker with Ashley C. who had the most donors. / Mr. Man’s Grade 8 class was presented with trophy for top funds raised at $8,754.05.  (Below): Students out on the Walk the Wall Run in October at Garry Point. / Superintendent Mr. Grose helps choose the winner of the ipad.

Volleyball, Basketball and More!

Mrs. Kay Harbridge
Athletic Director

​Volleyball has come to an end in PE and with our many student teams.  The great news is that our Middle Campus did very well on all levels!  The Grade 6 Girls and Grade 6 Boys each went to a tournament and improved greatly during their season of practicing.  The Grade 7 Boys once again finished 1st at the Christian Schools tournament and our Gr. 7 Girls improved from 6th last year to 3rd this year.  See trophies in the office window!

As for the Grade 8 Girls, they finished the season with only one loss, and went into the play-offs as the #1 team in the district.  We held that title after play-offs and for the first time in the Middle School’s history, a Girls team has earned a banner!  We also made it to the Vancouver & Districts Championship; however, we were were unable to continue our great run of success.  Celebrations are planned before Christmas with a party and the banner hung in its own new row!  Thank you to Mrs. Burton and all the dedicated students and their parents for getting them to practices, games and tournaments.  You are all very much appreciated.

Both the Grade 8 Boys and Grade 8 Girls have held Basketball try-outs, are now practicing and each had their first regular season game this week. The girls will travel to Cambie Secondary and the Boys will play Cambie at home.  Full practise and game schedule is listed online at the school’s website here:  Middle Athletic Calendar.

The Grade 6 and 7 students will have basketball team informational meetings prior to Christmas break, while practices will start in January.

Dance in PE classes has wrapped up for yet another year.  The Grade 6 students endured hand-holding while learning Folk Dances, the Grade 7’s got into the groove of Line Dancing and the Grade 8’s tried hard to keep up the pace with our Hip Hop instructor, Franz.  It’s great to do different types of movement to stay fit and be challenged!
PHOTOS (Top to Bottom):  Grade 7 Boys Volleyball Team with Coach Eric Man, Grade 7 Teacher / Grade 7 Girls Volleyball Team with Coach Jennifer Burkholder, Educational Assistant. / Grade 8 Girls Volleyball Team win first place finish in their district! With Athletic Director Kay Harbridge (left) and Coach Bonnie Burton, Grade 7 Teacher (right).  (Below):  Mrs. Burton enjoying the moment of victory!

Fall Music Fair

On October 30, the Middle and Secondary campus came together to celebrate the music program at both campuses. From the Middle campus, the Grade 6 and 7 Choirs performed, under the direction of Teachers Gatlin Saip and Darrell Reimer.  All Band classes also performed.  The secondary choir and bands also joined us to round out the evening.

As usual, the parents came out in droves and were delighted with what they heard from our students.  We are so blessed with our Music Program at Richmond Christian School!



Camp Experience Changes Lives

Chris Finch, Grade 8 Teacher

Every year, a major highlight of the Middle Campus is our trip to Camp Stillwood.  From September 17 to 19, students, staff, and parents enjoyed a tremendous time of fun, building relationships, and learning more about our role in the Story of God.

Every year at Stillwood is unique!  Besides engaging in classic camp activities such as canoeing, hiking, and arts and crafts, there were some notable special events at camp this year.  On the first night, students played a Lego Legends night game in which they went on a epic quest for the Kragle, the ultimate Lego super weapon (which looked mysteriously like a lightsaber).  As the game progressed, the night sky was filled with a barrage of glow sticks as students battled for their team!

Thursday night featured another new event:  Movie in a Minute!  Mr. Man and Ms. Ma organized an amazing evening of skits as cabin groups re-enacted one-minute scenes from their assigned movie.  Students had a great time performing and trying to guess the movie that their peers were bringing to life.  It was a memorable night to say the least!

Our chapel times at Stillwood were focused on celebrating God’s Rescue.  Through powerful times of singing (lead by Mr. Cheung and the staff worship team), we were able to praise God for His work in our lives.  In our chapel teaching times, we explored the Three Big Stories: God’s Story (led by Mr. Finch), My Story (led by Ms. Ma), and Your Story (led by Ms. Jenden).  These messages helped introduce our students to the great Biblical story that we are exploring in our Friday chapels this year.  By recognizing that the Big Story is ultimately about God, we find our true place as people called to join in the work that He is already doing in the world.

Although there was more rain than we would have hoped, everyone displayed a positive attitude and an ability to be flexible as the weather conditions led to some tweaks in the schedule.  Whatever the weather, the community that the Holy Spirit builds in us always shines through at Stillwood.

This year we greatly missed the presence of our beloved administrators, Ms. Walker and Ms. Burton!  Thankfully an exceptional team of staff and parents contributed many hard hours of work both before and during our camp trip.  We are so blessed to have such an engaged parent community!

The week after camp our Friday chapel focused on celebrating God’s work at Stillwood.  Several students shared powerful testimonies about how the Spirit helped them to be more vulnerable with their friends and to begin renewed relationships with Jesus.  This chapel really affirmed the tremendous value of our time at camp.

We give God thanks for all He did at Camp Stillwood, and we look forward to new adventures in September 2015!

Whatever the weather, the community that the Holy Spirit builds in us always shines through at Stillwood.

“Travel Through My Eyes” Winners

The World Duty Free Group who has held an essay contest for Grade 6 and 7 students for the last two years. The theme of the essay is “Travel through my Eyes.”  Students are challenged to write about a travel experience that they have had or one that they would like to have.

Seven schools were invited to participate and each school submitted 3 essays from grade 6 and 3 essays from grade 7 as finalists for the contest. Emily S. was chosen as the 2nd  place finisher for grade 6 and was awarded $200 and a plaque. Stephanie C. won first place for grade 7 and was awarded $300 and a first place plaque.

Both girls wrote excellent essays and represented Richmond Christian School well!  Congratulations!

PHOTO:  Freda Cheung of World Duty Free Group presents to RCS winners, Stephanie C. and Emily S.