December 2016

International China Concern

On December 2, the Middle Campus presented a cheque for $49,159 to International China Concern! The students worked very hard to raise this amount of money to support the children in China who have been abandoned with little hope or opportunity. Each class has been prayerfully supporting a child at the orphanage as well.

Many students who raised more than $300 were awarded prizes and Mr. Penner’s class again raised the most money and received an extra field trip as their prize. When Mr. Finch’s class more than met their class goal, he dressed as a ballerina for the day. Mrs. Walker promised to dye her hair purple if students surpassed their last year’s total, which was a little over $47,000. All for a great cause!!

Students were involved in a Coin Drive for the last week of school in hopes of reaching that amazing goal of $50,000.  We are happy to announce that the coin drive pushed us over our goal FOR A GRAND TOTAL OF $50,101 RAISED!  Thank you to each student, staff member, parent, relative and friend who helped us reach our goal!

Mrs. Walker

Remembrance Day Chapel

Students, Staff, and family members paused to remember those who lost their lives in the service of our country. Original student poems reflecting on Remembrance Day were written and read out by Maia D., Jenna Z., Annika H., Sophia X., Marjorie C. and Naomi C. This was followed by the playing of the song ‘The Last Post’ by Jason G. and Madeline F., and then a minute of silence. Fion L. sang a wonderful song that tied into Mr Finch’s message, which reminded us all of Christ’s ultimate sacrifice that gives us our hope of salvation.

Mr. Reimer
Grade 7 Teacher

Grade 7 Richmond History

As part of our Social Studies unit on history, the grade 7 students embarked on a small project investigating the history of Richmond. The grade 7 students choose an aspect of Richmond’s history to research and present to their classmates. The unit culminated in a journey through Richmond to visit the Steveston Village and Cannery, Finn Slough, and the Richmond Museum and Chapel at Minoru park. Our hope was that students would understand that their city of Richmond has a complex history and was shaped by a myriad of factors. We hoped that they would understand and appreciate the contributions of the many different people groups who immigrated to Canada and helped make Richmond what it is today!

Mrs. Burton
Gr. 7 Teacher

Athletics Update

We had a busy November with Grade 6 and 7 Tripleball tournaments and Grade 8 Volleyball play-offsl! The younger grades went to all day tournaments at different Christian schools in the valley and had success as individual teams. Thank you to Ms. Burkholder for taking on both the Grade 6 and 7 girls’ teams, and to Mr. Man for coaching the grade 6 boys. Thank you also to Mr. Cheung, who coached the grade 7 boys; both male teachers had help from former students, now in grade 9: Jeuel V., Jacob L., Julian H., and Cameron B.

Our Grade 8 Girls Volleyball team headed into the playoffs in 4th place and ended up finishing 4th in the season as well. We had to play the number one team in Richmond, McMath, and although we lost the match, we came back in set 2 and gave them a good scare. Thank you, Mr. Man, for coaching and teaching the girls this season.

The next sport season is basketball, with the Grade 8’s already practicing regularly and the Grade 7’s holding a practice or two before Christmas break. Check the website for the most up to date information regarding practices, games, tournaments, etc.

Ms. Kay Harbridge
Athletic Director

(The photo gallery are pictures from the Grade 6 Tournament)

Pastor’s Luncheon

On November 22, about 50 pastors from our area attended a special luncheon at the Middle Campus. After receiving tours of both the Middle and Secondary Campus, they enjoyed a lunch together where Mr. Grose explained to them how much we cherish their role in assisting us with discipling our students. Our grade 6 choir had the opportunity to sing for them, and surrounded them at the end of lunch to pray for them in their roles as Pastors in our community.

Teacher of the Week

In November, we received word from the Christian Radio Station, Praise 106.5, that one of our teachers had been nominated by a student to be a Gold Star Teacher! We are happy to announce that Stephanie Jenden, a beloved Grade 8 teacher was nominated and won this award! We are all so proud of her!

What does it mean to be a great teacher? Of course, we think of credentials, knowledge, critical thinking, and intelligence. But what really lies at the heart of a great teacher is also kindness, compassion, empathy, and an attitude of inspiration. A great teacher bridges gaps and knows the importance of building relationships.

It is our pleasure to celebrate Ms. Jenden as one of our Gold Star teachers!  Congratulations from the whole Middle Campus Staff and students!

Mrs. Walker

Travel Through My Eyes Essay Winners

This year, some of our grade 6 and 7 students participated in an essay contest sponsored by World Duty Free. This contest is open to local schools in Richmond and students were asked to write an essay on travel; reflection of either a real travel experience or a trip the student would like to take. In each grade, a total of 6 essays would be selected as first, second, third, and three honorable mentions. Out of the 12 possible awards that were presented this year, three students from grade 6 and three students from grade 7 were selected as winners in the competition. Congratulations to the following students for sharing their amazing essays and writing skills.

Mr. Man
Gr. 7 Teacher
(Pictured are winners from Mr. Man’s Class)

Grade 6: Evanie M. from 6Sc (1st place, $300), Sandra C. from 6L & Lindsay L. from 6S (Honorable Mentions, $50)
Grade 7: Fiona G. from 7M (2nd place, $200), Tiana L. & Jewel C. from 7M (Honorable Mentions, $50)


Grade 8 Trailers

On Thursday November 24, the Grade 8s attended a prestigious and exclusive event: the Short Story Trailer Red Carpet Award Show! Students had been working in groups to produce a movie trailer for their assigned short story. Their goal was to capture the mode and atmosphere of their story, represent its plot and conflict (without giving away the ending), and hook their audience with intriguing and engaging creative touches. The stories represented included Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Tell-Tale Heart”, Graham Greene’s “The End of the Party”, and “The Name Changer”, a story written by RCS Grade 9 student Rachel Z.

At the awards show, students enjoyed popcorn while they viewed each other’s trailers. The event was hosted by the renowned film critic, Christoph Suavé (who suspiciously resembles Mr. Finch). Unfortunately, Suavé was given to fits of melodrama and was sometimes quite critical of his audience. Still, the students were excited to receive awards in such categories as Cinematography, Visual Effects, Soundtrack, Actor and Actress, and a People’s Choice Award. The teacher judges gave the Best Film award to the “The Tell-Tale Heart” group from 8T. However, there were many wonderful trailers shown. We were grateful for the opportunity to showcase our students’ work in such a fun event!

Mr. Chris Finch
Gr. 8 Teacher

Red and Green School Spirit Day

On Friday December 9th, our Middle Campus students and staff brought out the Green and Red Christmas Spirit colours in anticipation of our Saviour’s birth! Many laughs and cordial compliments were shared as funky sweaters, unique hats and bright scarves were being compared. With the snow falling from the skies, doors all decorated with Christmas trees and carols being sung in Chapel this December will surely be one to remember!

Mr. Colin Schmidt
Gr. 6 Teacher

Formal Day

Students came dressed in their swag for Formal Day this year! Middle school students transformed into young men and women, as they came dressed up in dresses and heels, and shirts and ties! Our atrium was also transformed, as parent volunteers decorated the tables for a delicious catered lunch that the students enjoyed.

We ended the afternoon with a snowman building competition. Each class chose a representative to be wrapped in toilet paper, and made to look like a snowman. We saw snowmen of all shapes and sizes, and the rest of us had a good laugh, as each class paraded their snowman across the atrium. It was another successful Formal Day!

Mrs. Chantelle Sharpe
Gr. 6 Teacher

Merry Christmas!

From Mrs. Walker and the Middle Campus Teachers and Educational Assistants.

Door Decorating Contest

We hope you enjoy these pictures of various doors throughout the Middle Campus designed by classes (and a few offices).  The pictures are named according to their classroom teacher or room in the school.  Can you guess our theme this year?