February 2018

Middle Campus: Scholastic Book Fair

A Real Page Turner

Thank you to all families who attended our book fair and empowered their children to purchase books of their own choice. Student choice in book selection is proven to be a factor that helps improve student literacy- no matter what they read (yes, that even includes comics and graphic novels)!  We surpassed our goal of $2,000 with Scholastic and made $600 for Pilgrim Book and Bible. We were able to purchase many new books for our library and had enough left over to complete teacher wish lists. Your purchases truly did help our school! Additionally, our teachers were overwhelmed with the generosity of parents who granted so many items on teacher wish lists.

Thank you all who contributed!

Mrs. Osborne

Middle Campus Winter Recital

A Gift of Music

This year’s Middle Campus Winter Recital Evening featured 20 amazing performances, ranging from vocal trios, to a harp solo, to a drum and guitar duo.  ‘Bravo’ to all of this year’s performers – thank you for all your hard work preparing for this event, and making it a super enjoyable evening!

Darrell Reimer
Middle Campus Teacher

Grade 6: Cosmic Courtyard

Exploring God’s Creation

We have been exploring the universe this term in Science 6. Our big question was: how does the vastness of the universe give our relationship with God a new perspective? One of the things we discovered was that the largest known star, Canis Majoris is 2000 times the size of our sun! This has helped us see that though we are a mere speck in the universe, our powerful creator God loves and values us dearly. In their inquiry projects, students were able to research and delve more deeply in a topic of their interest. Students showcased their space projects in a Cosmic Courtyard format where they were able to engage with each other and share what they’ve learned.

Priscilla Lim
Middle Campus Teacher

Grade 7s Hit the Slopes!

“The mountains are calling and I must go.” John Muir

There is no better way to spend a day than in the presence of God’s beauty in creation. The Grade 7’s have enjoyed just that with amazing ski conditions over the last four Tuesday’s at Mount Seymour. Students start the day with group lessons from the Mount Seymour staff and then get to practice their skills on the mountain after lunch with their friends. A few Mount Seymour staff members have commented that they LOVE our school because the kids listen and follow their instruction during the lessons which makes it more fun for everyone involved. It has been wonderful to watch the beginners improve from their first day on the “bunny hill” to now riding the chair lifts and working on their turns. The more experienced skiers are finding some fun trails while trying to keep up with Ms. Peters! Learning to ski or snowboard is such a valuable life-skill and it’s been great watching the students interact with each other on the chair lift and look out for each other on the slopes. A big thank you to the parent supervisors and teachers for their help and, especially to Mr. Reimer, for organizing such a fabulous opportunity of community building and outreach.

Rachel Peters
Middle Campus Teacher

Grade 7 and Grade 12: Holocaust History

Experience Through Shared Learning

The Grade 7’s had the special privilege of having Ms. Contant’s Grade 12 History class come present key events of the Holocaust through presentations and recreations. The Grade 7’s have been reading and studying The Boy in the Striped Pajamas for Language Arts and have been discussing themes pertaining to God’s presence and finding hope during dark times. This was a great opportunity to bridge the gap between the two campuses by making connections through shared learning.

Eric Man
Middle Campus Teacher

Grade 7: Ancient Egypt

What would it take to survive in Ancient Egypt?

Grade 7 Students worked hard to show off their creativity in the Egypt Survival Fair by selecting 9 items critical to their survival in this difficult setting. These choices were the result of research and critical thinking and the atrium was abuzz with lifelike models of weapons, statues, and carefully inscribed hieroglyphs on tablets.

Clarence Tan
Middle Campus Teacher