February 2015

A Sea of Pink!

Middle school students wore their PINK SHIRTS in support of Anti-Bullying Day in the Province. By wearing pink, our school community is saying that we STAND UP for people who are being victimized by others and we don’t STAND BY when we can do something to help. All the students at the Middle Campus have had some Anchor times learning more about the effects of bullying on the person being victimized and on the person engaged in the bullying. Students have learned that when someone intervenes in a bullying episode, it usually ends within 10 seconds! We have the power to create change and to show love and respect to one another!

Mrs. Burton
Vice Principal

Book Fair


Students eagerly browsed the Book Fair to see what treasures awaited them there. Thank you to all who supported the Fair.  Through your purchases, we raised $900 which will be used to purchase books for our library and also support a First Nations community in Northern British Columbia.

Thank you!

Mrs. Loeve
Teacher Librarian

Winter Recital


This year’s Winter Recital Café featured a variety of solo and group performances by Middle Campus Students: Ryan N., Naomi N., Ashley L., Patrick C., Darren W., Sherry S., Phoebe C., Audrey L., Janis Y., Elzi Z., Rachel Z., Annette W., Tristen W., Aubrey A., Emily Q., Kristy K., Kathryn W., Ryan W., Faith F., Vivian P., and Priscilla N.  Thank you for all your wonderful performances – Bravo!

Mr. Reimer
Music Teacher



Athletics never rests at the Middle Campus! Our Basketball teams have all had tournaments, and after school games are happening this week, too. The Grade 8 Girls team made the Richmond playoffs and despite not making the Vancouver & Districts playoffs, the season was still a huge success with a record of 6-2 in the league.

Our younger teams all had tournaments the week of Feb. 10-13 and our Grade 7 teams did very well. The Grade 7 Boys’ Basketball team was defending their win from last year, but lost in the final to MEI. The Grade 7 Girls team made it to the semi-finals at the Christian School’s tournament, earning a great 4th place finish. They have also successfully faced St. Paul’s and St. Joseph’s teams, preparing them for a confident start for next week’s end of season tournament. Both Grade 6 teams had fun playing several games in one day.  Well done, everyone!

The Grade 7 Boys Floor Hockey team is practicing regularly now and will face off with 4 other teams on March 4th in the Middle Campus gym. Stay tuned for results in a future newsletter.

Badminton is next on the horizon, with try-outs being held next week for the Grade 7 and 8 teams. Both grade levels will have a Christian school’s tournament in April and the 8’s will play in a Richmond tournament in April, too. There are usually 24 students from each grade who will make one of the 3 teams.

Go Eagles!

Mrs. Harbridge
Athletic Director



Top:  Grade 6 Girls Basketball Team
Right: Grade 7 Girls Basketball Team

Grade 8 Top Chefs!


The Term 2 Foods 8 students put on a delicious showing at the Foods Exposition Final. All eight restaurants provided two appetizers for the staff to sample. Teachers raved about the quality of the food and flavours they tasted amongst the competitors.

From a steak restaurant to French, Japanese, Thai and even some old school comfort food to sample, there was sure to be something to satisfy everyone’s taste buds. When the votes were all counted, Noah and Graham’s tasty West-Coast cooking stole the stomachs of the voters with their delicious BLT Bites and Cumin-Seared Scallop Tacos. YUM!

Ms. Toteda
Grade 8/Foods Teacher

French is Sweet!


This week the Grade 6 students enjoyed a taste of Quebec’s Carnaval with authentic Maple Syrup taffy during the “Tire sur la neige” activity.

While the Grade 8 students were learning about the French-speaking world, they enjoyed real Belgian Waffles from Steveston’s very own Damien’s Waffles.

Ms. Falconer
French Teacher

No Snow? No Problem!


The Grade 7 students and teachers are making the best of their situation (cancelled ski/snow board sessions due to lack of snow) and are finding alternate activities and having a blast.

This week they enjoyed an action-packed morning at Extreme Air Trampoline Park followed by a refreshing afternoon skate.

Coming Soon!  Theme Week!


From March 10-12, the Middle Campus will be spending time “Dashing through the Decades” as part of Theme Week. Centering on the essential question of “How does God use the events of the decades to reveal Himself,” the days will include workshops in the morning and experiential learning through media and dance in the afternoons. Students will have the chance to experience and reflect on some of the key features of the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s, including the art, daily life habits, fashion, and historical events that set each decade apart.