October 7, 2016

CAMP STILLWOOD 2016 – Unpacking the Mystery: Christ in Us

What a wonderful time we had playing, worshiping and learning in God’s Creation! Our days were filled with fun and challenging activities and our nights were filled with inspirational Chapel messages from our guest speaker: Pastor Catlin Allen from Tenth Church in Vancouver. We also shared quite a few laughs during our Air-Band Performance evening where students had the chance to let loose and bond with their classmates in the performance of their interpretation of a Christian pop, rap or rock song. We are definitely so blessed to have this opportunity that truly would not have been possible with the countless parent volunteers and dedication, imagination and patience from our staff. Thank you!

Mrs. Kay Harbridge and Ms. Julia Toteda
RCS Camp Stillwood Directors

Grade Six Science Unit

To kick off our Human Body Systems unit in Science, the Grade 6 students spent a day at Telus World of Science. We spent it exploring the center solving puzzles in the Illusions gallery, testing our jumping abilities in Body Works, and making music with our feet in the Eureka! Gallery.

In the OMNIMax theatre, students were amazed to experience the inside of the human body with 360 degree screens. We learned everything from how the human body swallows using peristalsis to what the inside of a heart looks like. One of the best highlights from out trip was the live “Grossology” show. Students were called on stage to participate in hands-on activities exploring the excretory, nervous and circulatory systems. The field trip was both hilarious and educational (which sums up grade 6 in a nutshell).

Ms. Priscilla Lim
Grade 6 Teacher

International China Concern

It’s that time of year again when the Middle Campus is gearing up to receive donations for International China Concern. This is an organization that was started by David Gotts of Vancouver (pictured). When visiting China and their welfare centres, he saw children in orphanages that did not receive the assistance or hope they deserved. The Lord laid it on his heart to begin an organization that would bring love, hope and opportunity to these precious children and allow them to live a full life, as much as possible.

Since then, ICC has begun to work with the government in China and they have been willing to assist ICC with this endeavor. New orphanages, run by ICC, are sprouting up across China, and lives are being changed. We are so blessed with the opportunity to partner with ICC again this year!

Last year, our Middle Campus was able to raise $47,200 for ICC. Our goal this year is $50,000! Can we do it? We think so! Each class has been given a child to learn about and pray for during the course of this year. Last week, David Gotts visited us and encouraged us to support ICC again. We will be raising funds for the month of October, and we are “Walking the Wall” on the west Richmond dyke on the morning of October 14. Come out and walk with us!

3351_001There is a rumour that if the Middle Campus raises more than we did last year, Mrs. Walker will colour her hair purple! Can you imagine? Now that will be scary!

Grade 7 ADST

The grade 7 students have thoroughly enjoyed our new ADST program this fall. Using their Applied Design Skills and Technologies principles, they have taken part in a series of engineering-related challenges ranging, each with its unique set of parameters and requirements. From building a straw tower, to protecting an egg dropped from the roof of the school, to designing and making a Rube Goldberg machine, our grade 7 students have shown tremendous creativity and ingenuity with their builds. Next up, our ADST modules of photography, visual design and entrepreneurship!! How exciting!!

Mr. Jackson Cheung
Grade 7 Teacher


Volleyball has started at the middle campus and we have five teams all sharing the gym space. The younger grades are working on Tripleball rules and play; the Grade 8 girls team is competing within the Richmond league. The girls have played 3 matches and have a record of 2-1. Mr. Man and I are encouraged by the girls’ willingness to improve and arrive on time for our early morning practices!

Cross Country Running Club has been meeting on Mondays and Thursdays at lunch in preparation for the upcoming Bear Creek Run on October 19. The Grade 6’s have been enthusiastic and faithful; however, our Grade 7 group is quite small this year, despite having many good and capable runners who chose not to join the run club.

Stay tuned for more updates as events unfold…

Mrs. Kay Harbridge
Athletic Director, MC

Welcome, New Staff!






We are happy to welcome new Educational Assistant, Ms. Amanda Reid, to the Middle Campus.  As well, we have a new Teacher Librarian whom we share with the Secondary Campus, Mrs. Jamie Osborne.  Welcome, Ladies!