January 2015

Grandparents Day!  

It felt like it was raining cats and dogs on January 23rd, but that did not stop our wonderful grandparents from coming to visit us at the Middle Campus.  Grandparents enjoyed conversation and goodies as they gathered together in the school atrium.  Afterwards they lined up to have a special photo taken with their precious grandchildren and enjoyed visiting classrooms together.  Lastly our grandparents joined us for our weekly Chapel where we worshipped together.

What a blessing it was to have our grandparents join us!

Mrs. Walker

(Above)  Mrs. Walker and our Superintendent Mr. Grose are grandparents, too!

Please click on the above image to enjoy photos from Grandparents Day.

Spotlight Debates

​For the first time, the Grade 8 students presented two debates in front of all their peers and a few parents and Grade 7 students as well!  It was a wonderful opportunity to showcase all the hard work and critical thinking skill development taking place during our debate unit this term.  Our spotlight debaters did not disappoint us, proving that although we may not always agree, we can still discuss things with an informed and respectful approach. 

Our first debate featured a convincing offence from Samuel and Lauren, arguing how homework is essential for learning.  Ethan and Wesley were set to prove them wrong and seemed to have the favour of the audience.  

Next, Connor and Caleb eloquently debated how violent video games lead to violent behaviour, providing fantastic evidence to support their viewpoint.  Nonetheless, the tenacious defence of Michelle and Phoebe seemed too hard to overcome, and ultimately, the audience swayed towards the negative side of the proposition.

At the beginning of this unit we looked at why opinions matter. By the end of this unit, our hope was to equip students to discuss their opinions in a way that is seasoned with salt. Words are powerful. Learning how to use them can not only sway opinions, but also change the world! The future is looking bright from our view.

The Grade 8 English Team


Grade 6 Studies

This term the Grade Six students explored the theme of Identity in their “Someone Named Eva” novel study. In response to Eva’s loss of identity in the novel, students reflected on who they are and what characteristics define them. Nameless descriptions were posted around the atrium while students tried to identify their friends.

Students have also been learning about Alternative Energy Sources, creating public service announcements that informed others about clean sources of energy that meet the Biblical mandate to steward the earth.

Grade 6 Snow Tubing

​The Grade 6 students ventured out to Cypress Mountain for their first winter exploratory of the season.  They thoroughly enjoyed tubing down the mountain, as they raced down with their friends or braved the challenge of going down as a large group.

For many students it was their first time snow tubing and they are looking forward to going again in Grade 8!


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Basketball Update

Basketball season for the Grade 8 students is nearing its end at the Middle Campus.  Both the Boys and Girls teams have had a full season of league games as well as tournaments.  Although the Boys team had a tough time in our local league, they had a great showing at the Christian school’s tournament finishing 3rd overall! (Pictured right).

The highlight for the boys was winning their last home game in our Secondary Campus gymnasium, coming from behind and beating Burnett by 5 points.  Well done!

The Girls team has been steadily building up steam and has made the Richmond play-offs finishing 3rd of 9 teams with a record of 6-2!   Play-offs for the girls start Monday, February 2nd and run until February 4th, at High Boyd Secondary in Richmond.

Mrs. Harbridge
Athletic Director


Grade 8 Winter Activities

This year our Grade 8 students were able to enjoy a variety of winter exploratories that included snow tubing, curling and skating. Despite a warmer winter season, the slopes had just enough snow for our snow tubing trip, and the students were able to enjoy a fun day out in the sun.

Skating and curling were new experiences for some students, but everyone had a great time learning and laughing during these excursions.

Please click on the image for a winter activities photo gallery.

Bon Appetit!

Bonjour from Grade 7!  Students have been discussing what kind of cultural and familial memories food brings while taste-testing Mme. Falconer’s Ratatouille. Ratatouille is known as a French soup consisting of vegetables that are available or in season in the garden. It is commonly eaten with a slice of baguette for dipping. Bon appetit!

“Et voila, le ratatouille est mon “third breakfast” en classe!”  Mme. Falconer



Recently some Grade 8 students may have actually had a little bit of fun… learning math!  Using Reese’s Pieces and a highly sophisticated bungee apparatus (consisting of a paper cup an a slinky), students learned more about linear relations by graphing the relationship between the amount of Reese’s Pieces in their cup and the distance between their cup and the floor.

Mr. Finch denies responsibility for any hyperactive behaviour that may have resulted from this activity. 🙂