June 2015

Around the World with the Grade 6 Students

In May, family and friends were invited to “take a trip around the world” with our grade six students to experience a variety of different cultures, music, and food! During the Grade 6 Socials Showcase evening, students presented a number of human rights issues from their country of study, in addition to a quality of life statistical comparison, a historical timeline, and a list of ways we support those who are suffering. Parents and guests were invited to vote on the country they felt had best informed the UN Peacekeepers Forum (the audience) during their oral presentations about their country’s human rights issues and the winning country from each class was awarded “RCMS dollars” to aid their country!


 Grade 8 Kiwanis Music Festival

The Grade 8 Band traveled to Kwantlen University Langley Campus and performed at the Kiwanis International Fraser Valley Music Festival. Their song list included music from Halo 3 and Kingdom Hearts, as well as the African Spiritual ‘Wade in the Water.’ Soloists Patrick C. on the trumpet and Darren W. on the trombone added to the powerful and energetic presentation, earning the Grade 8’s a Silver Award from the adjudicators. Well done!


Grade 7 Band at Kiwanis Festival

The Grade 7 Band also paid a visit to the Kiwanis Band Festival, performing the Japanese folk trilogy ‘Land of the Rising Sun,’ the church hymn ‘Amazing Grace,’ and Adele’s ‘Rolling in the Deep.’ Adjudicators were encouraged by the energetic and passionate performance, presenting the Grade 7’s with a Silver Award. Bravo!

Athletics@The Middle Campus

The year is wrapping up and the middle school had a very good Spring sport season. Our Track meets in May for grades 6-8 saw some amazing results, both at Minoru and in Abbotsford at the Christian schools meet. Some highlights included winning several relays at the elementary meet in Richmond, and several first place finishes for our athletes. Those firsts include: Jacob L. in Grade 7 200m, Anson L. and Katrina W. for Grade 6 Long Jump, Jon McG. for Grade 7 Long and High Jump, Katrina W. for Grade 6 High Jump, Kyra P. for Grade 7 High Jump, Kristy L. for Grade 6 Softball, Jacob L. for Grade 7 Softball, Elise W. and Jacob L. for Grade 7 Shot Put, and Rachel Z. for Grade 7 Discus!  Whew, that’s a lot of wins!

In Abbotsford, schools accumulate a team score for races, throws and jumps, earning points for their school. Traditionally, RCS has placed 4th out of the 6 big Christian schools, but this year, due to some excellent results, we were able to jump to 2nd place overall, a huge accomplishment!

On to Ultimate: the Grade 6 and 7 teams travelled to Pacific Academy again this year to play other Christian schools. We had loads of students join this year and made 2 Grade 7 teams, one of which earned a trophy for 2nd place, a first for RCS! Thank you Mr. Reimer and Mrs. Wong and Victoria for coaching the teams.

The biggest success story this season has to be our Grade 8 Boys Volleyball team. I mentioned last issue that we were in the playoffs, undefeated at that point, and we remained undefeated in both the Richmond finals and the V & D’s!!! This was a truly remarkable season for the boys and we can only believe and hope for more great stories as they move on to the Grade 9 league next year. Thank you, Mr. Man for spending hours coaching the boys, and thank you to Mr. Sean Kim, who videotaped each match! If you didn’t see the article in the Richmond Review, you should look it up on line, it’s worth a read. The photos show the boys after the league finals and the 2 banners they earned, which will be hung in the gym during the summer.  Excellent work gentlemen!

We enjoyed a terrific year of success in athletics this past school year and I would again like to say thank you to the teachers and parents who volunteered their time to coach our students. Thank to our parents who made the trips to the school in the mornings, late afternoons and even weekends to get our athletes to practices, games and tournaments. It truly is a “team” effort to raise up young students in sports. Enjoy your summer!

Mrs. Kay Harbridge
Athletic Director

Grade 8 Survivor Exploratory

This year, a group of fifteen Grade 8s had the opportunity to be part of the Survivor Exploratory. Each Wednesday, students have been learning essential camping skills and have also had the chance to reflect on what it means to unplug from electronics and plug in to a deeper relationship with God by sending time outside. This learning culminated in an overnight camping trip to Joffre Lakes Provincial Park on June 7 and 8. Students had to work hard to overcome the challenge of a three-hour hike, a heavy backpack full of gear, and very warm temperatures. However, everyone demonstrated a great attitude and the breathtaking natural beauty we saw blessed us. It was an incredible way to dig deeper with God, with each other, and with Creation. Special thanks to “Ranger Cheung” for looking after all the details of the trip and to Mrs. Jenden for coming along as our female chaperone. God showed us how to thrive (not just survive) in our discipleship.


6CW Takes Action with Bake Sale

This year, 6CW learned a lot about human rights and the quality of life in different countries. We’ve also been discussing current events and studying extreme environments, such as Mt. Everest. When the students learned about the devastation and struggles the Nepalese people faced following the April earthquakes, they were inspired to take action. Several climbers died during an avalanche on Everest caused by the earthquake, and over 8000 deaths were reported in Nepal’s major cities with more deaths and injuries in the remote villages.

In May, 6CW hosted a bake sale to help the earthquake victims. Thanks to many generous donations, the students raised $260, which they voted to donate through a Christian charity, Samaritan’s Purse, and the donation was doubled by the Canadian government.

Grade 8 Socials Showcase

On May 13 we had the privilege of hosting our Grade 8 parent community at our Social Studies Showcase. Students had been exploring extraordinary artists, scientists, and philosophers who changed history during the European Renaissance. Using a variety of formats (including live presentations, videos, blogs, posters and models), students demonstrated what they had learned about humanism, the dominant philosophy of the Renaissance. They reflected on how this philosophy influenced their chosen Renaissance thinker and how that person in turn influenced their culture. Parents and students were also invited to offer their answers to the following question on a graffiti wall: “Does humanism fit into a Christian worldview?” It was an exciting evening and we thank all of our Grade 8 parents for coming to join us!

Grade 6 Students Caring for God’s Creatures

During our Exploratories, grade 6 students had the opportunity to sign up to be a volunteer at the Richmond SPCA Education and Adoption Centre. We’ve enjoyed learning about how to care for the animals and the reasons why animals need support from organizations like the SPCA.

Modern Calligraphy

The Modern Calligraphy workshop was a success! We turned back the clock to a time of dipping nibs into ink and learned to make an old art form modern. Students practiced writing the copperplate alphabet, learned how to add flourishes and left the class with a meaningful quote creation that was laminated and ready to hang. It was both a relaxing and creative time together!

Grade 8 Amusement Park Science at Playland

On May 12, our Grade 8 students enjoyed a chance to experience the power of forces through Playland’s Amusement Park Science program. Playland has designed activities for its attractions that are based on the BC Science curriculum. Students also created a short Forces Film, which described how the rides at Playland use forces to move themselves and impact riders. This year, we had the privilege of teaming up with Physics 11 and 12 students from our secondary campus. The older students were able to help guide and support the Grade 8s as they explored important scientific concepts. It was a great day for learning, fun and community building!