June 2018

Socials Showcase

The Grade 6 students took us all around the world with their Socials Showcase this year, “Students Without Borders”. The Grade 6s have been learning about human rights this term, and after exploring different countries’ quality of life, culture, and human rights issues, they shared their discoveries with creative displays (including giant flags they painted)! They also created video diaries about human rights at RCS, which they shared with parents and staff, showing their efforts to respond to human rights issues at home with empathy and action. Students reminded us of God’s love for all people; whether it’s someone at the next desk or someone halfway across the world, we are all created in the image of God.
submitted by Mrs. Melissa Chan, Middle Campus Teacher

Ultimate Tournament

Our Grade 6 Ultimate team went to Pacific Academy for the Ultimate Tournament on June 5th. They won half of their games against some tough and tall opposition, taking back 6th place. The games they lost, they lost by only 1 point, although they sometimes won a game 11-3 points. Most importantly, they played with class, energy, and good sportsmanship. Way to go!!

submitted by Mr. Clarence Tan, Middle Campus Teacher

The Grade 7 Ultimate team headed out to Pacific Academy to participate in the CESS (Christian Elementary School Sports) Ultimate Tournament 2018.  After finishing third in the morning Round Robin preliminaries, the team went undefeated in the afternoon playoffs, taking this year’s 2018 Championship Title.  Well done team!!

submitted by Mr. Darrell Reimer, Middle Campus Teacher

Grade 7 Ultimate Team

Challenge Math

The Grade 6 challenge math class designed a 3D object or structure for their final project. After calculating surface area, perimeter and volume, student made their idea come to life with paper cubes. Check out the result!
submitted by Mrs. Priscilla Lim, Middle Campus Teacher

A Rocha BC Field Study

Grade 7 students headed out to the Broocksdale farm in South Surrey.  This is the location of A Rocha’s BC Field Study site. A  Rocha is Christian Conservation society with locations worldwide. Through international field study sites, educational programs, and habitat restoration projects, they strive to show how ‘Creation Care’ is also a way for Christians to express God’s love to all.  By helping restore and rehabilitate environmentally damaged areas, many people groups are given another chance to farm and rebuild their native communities. Students  participated in habitat restoration activities, as well as environmental educational research and species adaptation investigations. Students then headed downstream from the A Rocha site and spend time at the Semiahmoo Fish Hatchery learning about the local Salmon enhancement program and stream rehabilitation project.
submitted by Mr. Darrell Reimer, Middle Campus Teacher

Survivor Exploratory

For the sixth consecutive year, a group of Grade 8 students had the chance to participate in the Survivor Exploratory. This Exploratory has two primary focuses: to teach students basic camping skills in order to experience God’s Creation, and to unplug from digital technology in order to hear God’s voice through the practice of spiritual disciplines. We spent several Exploratory sessions learning about wilderness safety, how to properly pack a bag, and practicing times of solitude and silence with God.

The Exploratory culminated in an overnight trip to Joffre Lakes provincial park. Students overcame the challenge of hauling a heavy backpack on a steep hike, while snowflakes and hail fell! It was a wonderful chance to experience the beauty of God’s Creation and to take time to express gratitude for all he has given us. It is our hope that our students will apply what they have learned at home, and make more space for God in their lives.

submitted by Mr. Chris Finch, Middle Campus VP and Teacher