May 2015

Another Successful Rocket Mission by Our Grade 8 Scientists


In the last couple of weeks our Science 8 students have been hard at work putting their critical thinking, creativity, and collaboration skills into practice as they designed and built their own water bottle rockets!  Working in groups of three, students tried to create a rocket design that would yield the best flight time and landing accuracy.  This was the culminating activity of our Fluids and Dynamics unit, in which students have been learning about how forces, pressure, and other factors impact the behaviour of fluids.  Congratulations to the groups from each class who were able to create the best-performing rocket!  Mr. Finch and Mrs. Jenden were very impressed by the creativity and perseverance shown by our Grade 8 scientists.  Also, there are rumors that the students may have actually had fun as well…


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Planetarium Field Trip

Everyone had a blast using Newton’s laws of motion to build bottle rockets and launch them into the sky. Our space center guides taught us how to apply trigonometry to measure the height of each launch. The highest launch was an astronomical 25m! The rest of the day was spent exploring extreme environments in the 360-degree Planetarium star theatre, and learning about the future of space travel at the “Power the Future” show. Overall, a very exciting day!

Human Transformations!

This month we learned about geometry in motion. Students explored the math concept by using their bodies to represent the vertices of a shape.  A piece of sting joined them together and their shapes came to life! The lines on our atrium floor were the perfect surface to practice moving shapes on a gridded plane. Students practiced translations (slides), reflections (flips), and rotations (turns) in life size, learning that each move affects the location of the shape but does not change the dimensions.

Grade 8 Café Days

Last week the Grade 8 students served the Grade 6 students authentic French Food from around the world during their café days. Everyone enjoyed some tasty treats while practicing their conversational French in a café setting.

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It has been busy, busy, busy here at the middle campus.  Badminton has come and gone, Track is still ongoing and our Grade 8 Boys Volleyball team is in first place!
   Our Grade 7’s had a Badminton tournament in April and we did very well there, collecting quite a few medals! The Grade 8 Badminton team traveled to Surrey in late April and recaptured the coveted team trophy for yet another year!  The photo shows them with the first place and perpetual trophy! The Grade 8 Badminton team also attended the Cambie Invitational tournament last week and again, we had a strong showing. Our best finish was in Girls Doubles with Sanmi S. and Caris T. winning second place out of 14 teams.  Excellent work!
   As for Track and Field, we are still going strong in PE classes and the 8’s have competed in the Richmond preliminary and final meets, with many of our students finishing in the top 3 for their grade level/event.  We still have the Grade 6/7 Richmond track meet next week on May 21, and also the Christian schools track meet for all 3 grades on Monday, May 25.  Stay tuned for more photos and results.  Some highlights from Richmond include Charity F. winning the 8 Girls High Jump, Long Jump and 100m, Sanmi S. winning the 8 Girls Triple Jump, and all 3 Grade 8 Boys Discus throwers were 1-2-3:  Isaac F., Jason Z., and Andrew C.  More finishes include Anthony DN placing 1st in 8 Boys Triple Jump, Tiffany P. was 2nd overall in the 200m, Wesley C. 2nd in the 800m, Phoebe C. 2nd in Triple Jump and our 3 Grade  8 Girls Javelin throwers were 2-3-5: Alex H., Katherine S., and Emma W.  Some very good individual results this year!
     The Grade 8 Boys Volleyball team has been cleaning up in Richmond, staying undefeated this season and also winning an invitational tournament at McRoberts last weekend.  The boys are coached by one of our Grade 7 teachers, Mr. Eric Man, who also coaches with the local volleyball club, Air Attack.  Playoffs for finals are being held this week and the final match for a banner is next Wednesday, May 20th.  Hopefully we will be playing in that match!  Photo is from the weekend tourney at McRoberts.  If we win the banner or even place 2nd overall, we will go to Vancouver and Districts, hosted in Richmond on May 28th.  Go Eagles!
Mrs. Harbridge
Athletic Director

Grade 7 Science


Gr 7 Science students paid a visit to the Little Campbell River watershed in South Surrey.  Frist stop was the Semiahmoo Fish hatchery, where students learnt about the local Salmon enhancement programs and stream conservation-habitat restoration undertaken by the hatchery volunteers.

Second stop was the A Rocha field study site just upstream.  A Rocha is a Christian Conservation society, operating in counties all over the world, focusing on creation care, habitat restoration, sustainable land use and environment education programs. Their Brooksdale Farm field study site allows Ecology students to investigate invasive plant and animal species, as well as energy transfer in food chains and predator/prey relationships in food webs.


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“Team Jayden” @ 2015 ChildRun

Jayden Pun is a Grade 8 student at our Middle Campus. He was diagnosed with leukemia in June 2008. Thanks to the excellent care of BC Children’s Hospital, it has now been almost 3½ years since Jayden has completed his 3½ years of chemotherapy treatment.

This year is the 7th year that “Team Jayden” participates at this fun-filled and meaningful event. Please join “Team Jayden” in the fight against childhood cancer! Thank you!