May 2017

Welcome to the New Administration Team for the Middle Campus!

It is with great pleasure that I introduce you to the new Administration Team for the Middle Campus, beginning in August. As many of you already know, Ms. Bonnie Burton will assume the position of Principal, and it has recently been decided that Mr.Chris Finch will serve as Vice Principal.  Mr. Finch will be  working in this position 2 days each week while continuing to teach grade 8 for the other 3 days.

Ms. Burton has many years of experience as a teacher, curriculum coordinator, and my vice principal for the past 8 years. She has been by my side as an administrator and is ready to take on her position with expertise. Mr. Finch has been with us for 7 years, teaching grade 7 his first year and has been teaching grade 8 ever since. He served as curriculum coordinator this past year, so is now ready to assume more responsibility.

I look forward to their leadership and know that I leave the school in good hands.  May God continue to bless our school and both Ms. Burton and Mr. Finch as they bring new leadership to the Middle campus in the upcoming school year!

Ms. Edith Walker

Ms. Bonnie Burton

Mr. Chris Finch

Floor Hockey Tournament

On Tuesday, March 7th our Middle Campus gym hosted a one-day Grade Seven Floor Hockey Tournament for our fellow Christian schools in the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley. This year there was a nice perk to hosting! Unexpectedly, our Grade Six boys (usually just on the practice squad) were invited to submit a team into the draw. This fast-paced tournament allows our boys to develop team skills and exhibit sportsmanship in a very competitive environment. After many exciting defensive and offensive opportunities our teams finished well, placing 4th and 6th.

I am so proud of all our strong efforts and Christ-like attitudes in each game of the tournament.

Mr. Colin Schmidt
Grade 6 Teacher

Imagine Theme Week

“Imagine” was the focus for our annual theme week. The students had an opportunity to immerse themselves in the arts, as a reflection of our status as sub-creators who are made in the image of the great Creator. Theme week gave our students a chance to put the regular curriculum on pause and to spend 3 full days applying their creative and critical thinking skills as they collaborated with students across the grades in a variety of creative endeavours!

The workshops included:
Just Go with the Flow – a day of percussion, improv and performance!
Make You Move – Animation and coding
Mad Hatter Tea Party – A Whimsical Mad Hatter themed afternoon tea party
Trailer RE-Mix – Skills involved in re-mixing a creative, memorable and engaging movie trailer
Lego My Legacy – Building and creating legacy games for the playground
Artography– Re-imagine and re-create photo images in watercolour or 3-D sculpture

Ms. Burton
V.P & Grade 7 Teacher

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang is May 18-20!

With only 2 weeks before showtime, our Middle Campus ensemble is rehearsing madly to prepare for their two scenes in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. They are enthusiastic, expressive and are sure to steal the show! Come out and support the Middle and Secondary cast Thursday, May 18th, 7pm; Friday, May 19th, 7pm; or Saturday, May 20th, 6pm.

Get your tickets online today at

Mrs. Jamie Osborne
Middle Campus Director/Stage Manager

RCS Dominates in Badminton

April 12 was another day in RCS history where our middle school students dominated the CESS Grade 7 Badminton tournament! We had over 25 students participate this year, with some categories having 4 RCS teams representing the school. We had really great results in the Co-ed doubles, winning all of the top 4 placements, including several medals!

We had some controversy in the boys doubles semi-final match against Surrey, but our team prevailed and won the right to play the best team of the day, another RCS pair of boys! We also took top honours in boys singles, with our top competitor never losing a match all day! Thank you to Mr. Agon who coached the team this year and held practices prior to the tournament date. I believe everyone improved in their individual and partner play, largely due to their love of Badminton, extra practicing and Mr. Agon’s patient expertise. See you next year when we hope to bring back more medals!

Mrs. Kay Harbridge
Athletic Director

Track and Field

It was a gloriously sunny day at our Track Meet in Abbotsford. With the other Christian Schools in the lower mainland, the grade 8 Track Team competed in races, jumps and throws. Many students achieved personal bests in their events and received numerous ribbons for their efforts! Our athletes worked really hard all day, and were rewarded with 6th place overall.

Everyone enjoyed the opportunity to be active in the sunshine! In between events and it was a great to spend time getting to know each other better and bond as a team. As a coach, it was a pleasure to see athletes encouraging each other and cheering on their teammates. We are looking forward to the Richmond District meets in the upcoming weeks.

Mrs. Lim
Track Coach
Grade 6 Teacher

Grade 6 Skating Winter Exploratory

The Grade 6 students had a blast at the skating rink, taking part in their final winter exploratory of the year. While some students enjoyed skating for the first time in a couple of years, others skated circles around the rest of us. This was another exciting field trip for all of the Grade 6’s to spend time as a group, laughing and playing outside of the classroom!

Mrs. Sharpe
Grade 6 Teacher

“Spuds’n’tubs” – It’s Potato Time!

Gr 7 students planted their early season Warba potatoes in various soil types to test which soil produces the best spud! Seed potatoes were planted just before spring break, and growing tubs have now been moved outdoors. Full plant growth will be achieved by late May/early June. Students will then harvest and analyze the crop, and then it’s time for a ‘Potato Party’ feast-o-rama!

Mr. Darrell Reimer
Gr. 7 Teacher

It’s Time for Exploratories at the Middle Campus!

This is a reminder that we will need to finalize our Exploratories that we can offer our students by May 5. Thank you for the response thus far, but ideally we would like our parents to lead a few more if possible. Please consider leading an Exploratory on May 24, 31, June 7 and 14 from 1-2:45 pm.

If you have an idea, please email Mrs. Walker at, or phone us at the school (604-274-1122). We would need you to write a little description of your Exploratory that we would include in the student choices, which will be written up soon. Thank you for your support and willingness to serve in this way.

Mrs. Edith Walker