November 4, 2016

International China Concern – Walk the Wall

On a rainy and windy morning on October 14th, all the students from the Middle Campus were dropped at the north end of the Richmond dyke, at Terra Nova, and walked the west side of the dyke to Gary Point, a total of nearly 6 kms.

It was a day to remember our sponsor children and all they go through, even with the assistance of ICC, as they struggle to find hope, love, and opportunity in their lives. It’s just the least that we could do for these dear and precious children that we have agreed to support. We are over half way through our campaign and we are still going strong. The students were told that for every $300 they raise, their name will be placed in a box for their grade, and 5 prizes will be chosen from each of these boxes on December 2nd. The student who raises the most money will also be honoured with a prize as well.

The class that raises the most will be able to choose a field trip of their choice. And ICC has generously offered to donate an apple watch, which will also be drawn from the box with all the students who raised $300 or more! We are excited to see the bottom line go up every week and are hopeful that we will raise more than we did last year, which was over $46,000! There could be Principals and teachers with weird coloured hair and shaved hair if that occurs! Stay tuned for the big results in 2 weeks! There’s still time to donate, if you haven’t had an opportunity yet.

Ms. E. Walker

Fall Concert

All the Middle Campus students gathered in the Secondary Campus gym to perform in our annual Fall Evening of Music. A full house of family and friends filled the bleachers and floor seats, taking in performances by the Gr 6, 7 and 8 choirs and bands. Highlights included vocal solos by Olivia J. and Fion L., and a solo performance on the Chinese flute by Eric L.  Choir presentations, ‘It’s Not Over Yet,’ ‘Everything Comes Alive’ and ‘How Great Thou Art’ celebrated God’s goodness to our entire school family.

Mr. Darrell Reimer
Gr. 7 & Band Teacher

Grade 8 Service Projects

Every year, we challenge our Grade 8 students to consider what it means to serve as Jesus did. Jesus’ teaching makes it clear that our call is to love our neighbours, and so last week all of our students engaged in meaningful opportunities to serve the people of Richmond. Some prepared hampers for Pregnancy Crisis Center. Students were responsible for collecting items that could be used to support mothers in need, and also were given an opportunity to do some research on the organization. Through this service, students were able to embody the message of Micah 6:8, to ‘act justly, to love mercy, and to walk humbly’ with our God.

Others filled Blessing Bags, which are a convenient collection of snacks and hygiene products that can be given whenever we see a person in need on the street. At least one student expressed a desire to continue making Blessing Bags on her own! A final group of students served our geographical neighbours by raking leaves at the Buddhist temple next to the middle campus. It was encouraging to see students work hard even in rainy conditions. If we aspire to be like Jesus, we must continue to seek out opportunities to serve, just as Jesus became the ultimate servant to rescue us (Philippians 2:6-8).

Mr. Chris Finch
Gr. 8 Teacher

Grade 3/8 Buddies

Last week, our Grade 8 students had the opportunity to meet their new Grade 3 Buddies for the first time! We traveled to the elementary campus to help our Buddies carve pumpkins in the small gym. As usual, the Grade 3 teachers did an excellent job preparing a very well-organized and meaningful lesson on how Jesus is the light of the world. It was wonderful to see the nurturing side of our Grade 8 students as they connected with their Buddies and discussed their common interests.

The Buddies program is an excellent way to help older students learn about patience, gentleness, and servant leadership. We look forward to hosting the Grade 3 students at Christmas and continuing these new relationships!

Mr. Chris Finch
Gr. 8 Teacher

Bear Creek Run

October 19 marked the annual Bear Creek Run and it turned out to be a rain free day after all. We had over 40 Grade 6 students run the 1.9 kilometer race and had some very excellent results! The Grade 7 students this year were less enthusiastic in joining running club, but our 8 runners had respectable finishes, too.

Endurance running has been part of term one in PE so all of our students have shown dramatic improvement in their overall abilities.

Mrs. Kay Harbridge
Athletic Director

Freaky Friday

Something Freaky Happened…a reversal! On Friday October 28th students and teachers at the Middle Campus participated in a “Freaky Friday.” The reversal idea comes from a 2003 movie where a Mom and her daughter switch roles. Our students came dressed as teachers (and consumed copious amounts of coffee), while teachers wore comfy jeans and athletic clothing to imitate their students. All in all, good fun was had and school spirit was lifted for a day at the Middle Campus.

Mr. Colin Schmidt
Gr. 6 Teacher

Grade 7 and 2 Buddies

This month, our Grade 7 students had a wonderful visit to the Elementary Campus to spend time with their little Grade 2 buddies. After a couple awkward high fives and casual chit chat, our buddies bonded together through sharing of our passions and through creating a wonderful Firebug craft, planned by the Grade 2 teachers. A big thanks to our Grade 2s for being such wonderful hosts and opening up their classrooms to us. We look forward to our next activity together!

Mr. Jackson Cheung
Gr.7 Teacher