November 2017

Farewell …

It is with sadness that we want to let the school community know that Mme Sheena Falconer will be leaving our school as of Nov. 30th. Sheena has served the middle campus from 2009 until this year. Sheena has served as our French teacher, basketball coach and special events coordinator extraordinaire. In all of these roles Sheena has been a woman of integrity and has demonstrated a godly character in all things. Sheena has left her mark on this campus and she will be remembered fondly in our hearts! Sheena will be leaving RCS to pursue an opportunity in the public system. We will be praying that she will be a light in the public system and impact student lives for God.

… and Welcome

We are thankful for God’s provision in sending us Mme Chloe Cousens who has joined us as our new French teacher as of Nov. 20th. Chloe has spent a considerable amount of time living in France putting into practice her French degree. We feel very confident that Chloe is going to fit in nicely with the RCS community and we have the utmost confidence that she will do a spectacular job teaching our French program, continuing the good work that Sheena has established at the Middle Campus. Please feel free to drop by the middle campus to welcome Chloe to our school community!

Grade 6 Update

This term in Science, the grade 6 students spent some time exploring the systems in the human body.  At Science World, students were able to apply what they learned and put their own body systems to the test. In the “Brain Power” movie, students witnessed 4 scenarios in which the human brain helped the body make split-second decisions in a life threatening situation! The Science World trip didn’t just teach us more about the body, but we were able to get some hands on experience with Ratios and Proportions in the “Math Moves” gallery. Students learned how ratios can be used to speed up or slow down time and how it can be used to change the sizes of objects. Lastly, we got to build marble machines to help us understand gravity and other forces of motion in the “Tinkering Lab”.

Grade 7 Update

The grade 7s have had an exciting start to the school year including inviting two “new to the middle school” teachers, Ms. Peters and Mr. Tan, to the team. The students are creative and eager to learn and participate in all aspects of student life.

This term in Social Studies, each class had the opportunity to become an “expert” in an area of one of the pillars of building a civilization. Using the development of Mesopotamia as a guide, students used their new- found expertise to build their own civilization with a group of their peers. The variety of presentations proved the depth of creativity this grade 7 class has!

Another highlight of the term was our visit to the elementary school to meet our grade 2 buddies. Helping the buddies decorate a bottle to create a firefly was the task and the community building and conversations were rich and adorable. Several times afterward, we have given and received little encouragements and cards through the inter-school mail and we look forward to hosting our buddies before Christmas.

Grade 8 Update

The Grade 8s have enjoyed a busy but exciting start to their school year! This term, they have experienced many fun learning opportunities, both inside and outside of the classroom. We greatly enjoyed our first Buddies experience, as we helped the Grade 3s carve pumpkins. Students went on a math field trip (yes, they exit) to Loblaw’s City Market, to put their ability to calculate percentages and find the best deal into practice. Students from 8K and 8FC braved a surprise early snowfall to get their hands dirty and show the love of Jesus in a practical way by raking leaves at the Buddhist temple next door. In Social Studies, an epic battle between Romans and barbarians made the atrium a noisy (but very entertaining) place. In Science, students had to put on their detective hats to determine the disease that afflicted the “famous” male model, Francois Suave, and present their findings to the class. A highlight of Term 1 was the Short Story Red Carpet awards show. Students received prestigious awards to acknowledge their hard work in creating humourous and powerful movie trailers for the short stories they read. Once again, the event was hosted by the eccentric and melodramatic film critic, Christophe Suave (brother of Francois). The students have really dug deeper into their learning and growth as disciples of Christ!


This term we had many athletic opportunities for the middle school students. We were back at Bear Creek and it was a windy, rainy day…again! However, we had many students in grade 6 and 7 who bested their previous finishes at the run. We trained in PE classes with interval running and even the “Beep” test the second half of the term.

As for Volleyball and Triple Ball, we had 5 teams going this fall! The grade 6’s each had a tournament day in November and the boys finished 5th out of 12 teams. The girls had an enjoyable day and improved with every game. The grade 7’s improved in their standings from the year before by quite a bit. The girls finished 4 placements ahead of 2016 and this year the boy’s team moved up from 3rd to win the tournament! It was a great day for all. Many thanks to Mrs. Crowe, Ms. Burkholder and Mr. Man for giving of their time in coaching the teams.

The Grade 8 girls played volleyball in the Richmond league and had some great matches with the local public high schools. We finished 4th in the regular season and 4th in the playoffs, after an emotional win over Steveston-London to get to the Bronze medal match. The girls grew in their skills and abilities and were challenged to persevere through adversity. Thank you to Ms. Kyra Penner for coaching with me this year!

Looking forward to basketball in term 2, the grade 8 teams are practicing and playing league games before Christmas. Stay tuned for future updates…

Mrs. Kay Harbridge
RCS Middle Campus AD