December 2014

The first term has seen a lot of activities and celebrations at the Secondary Campus with the completion of Phase 2, the students astonishing academic achievements, improved educational opportunities and exciting community events that make RCS an amazing place to be!  Please enjoy the highlights below.  Mr. Paul, Secondary Campus Principal

Camp RCS

Relationships are everything. Healthy relationships among students, parents, teachers and God are foundational in creating a quality education. As such we start our school year with Camp RCS and its different elements.  We try to challenge and foster respectful relationships where students may live out their faith on a daily basis.

It is the people at RCS who create what RCS is today and what it will be tomorrow. Camp RCS was designed to have reflection, community experiences and a variety of activities that set the relational atmosphere for the year. The Secondary investment in relationship is not an afterthought but an intentional seeding to produce growth, resulting in benefits academically, socially, and spiritually creating the opportunity for a vibrant and healthy school.


Physics 11 Rube Goldberg Project

The Rube Goldberg project was a great experience that challenged us beyond our comfort zone. It not only helped us understand the laws of physics more, but it taught us that nothing goes as expected.

Although this project was frustrating and challenging at times, the lessons we learned through this experience will be cherished and remembered. More than anything, we learned to never give up on our imagination and creativity.

Casey T. and Rebekah P.
(Pictured right.  Also pictured is Gabriel K.)

Grade 1 and 12 Prayer Buddies

The growing tradition of having our graduating students and the Grade One students in a prayer buddy relationship has continued this year. The Grade One children are starting on their long RCS journey and the Grade 12 students are closing the RCS chapter of their education.

In this prayer relationship, the students exchange their fears and worries as both are unsure of how the year and beyond will go. The prayers of the Grade 1 students inspire our secondary graduates with their honesty and innocence. We look forward to the relationship growing each term that will end with the Grade 1 students singing at the opening of the Graduates Convocation in June.

Honour Roll

We have amazing students and families that take time to be academically dedicated and achieve a high level of excellence. This term students at RCS demonstrated their high academic success with their inspiring results on our Honour Rolls.

The Grade Information Graph (right) shows our students’ academic successes. Please click on the links below for the individual list of recipients for RCS High Honour Roll [Grade Point Average between 100% – 88.5%] and Honour Roll [88.4 – 81.5] per grade.​


Grade 12 High Honour Roll

Grade 12 Honour Roll

Grade 11 High Honour Roll

Grade 11 Honour Roll

Grade 10 High Honour Roll

Grade 10 Honour Roll

Grade 9 High Honour Roll

Grade 9 Honour Roll

Grad Retreat

Graduation year is such an important year in the lives of our grads. It is a year to plan for the future, set new goals, and to leave a lasting legacy at RCS. Our grads are an integral part of molding and shaping the school culture. They set the tone and are an example to other students. When our grads come together as a united group, amazing things happen.

Back in September, our grads had the chance to come together for a river rafting adventure, a purposeful retreat that united the grad class of 2015. It was during this time that they shared, dreamed and prepared for the upcoming school year. They reflected on their mission and purpose in life and how they felt God was guiding them. This time together was a perfect start to the school year.

Grad Legacy

On November 28, Grad Legacy organized and hosted an All-Nighter Event in support of Ratanak International, a non-profit organization that is committed to addressing the needs of the poor, abused and exploited in Cambodia. Through the students attending this event, Grad Legacy was able to exceed their goal and raise $1803.  As well as contributing to an organization that is doing God’s work, the students bonded outside of their grade groups while talking, eating meals together, playing games and watching their favourite movies. This event was a great success and Grad Legacy will be hosting more events in the school year in support of Ratanak International. Stay tuned!

Senior Girls Volleyball

The goals the RCS Senior Girls Volleyball team set for themselves at the beginning of this season had nothing to do with winning banners or competing in provincial tournaments. As a group of grade 10s and 11s playing together for the first time, they felt that it was more important to learn to work together as a unit that would be together for the next 2 years.

Their performance goals were to serve strategically, communicate well, and make good decisions.  Through the season, the team developed to the point where they finished 1st in the Carver School tournament, 3rd in the Richmond Championships, and 1st in the Lower Mainland A Championships. This meant they qualified to travel to Kelowna to represent RCS at the A provincials, where they achieved a very respectable 7th place.

During this season the girls learned the importance of teamwork, of each player taking care of their own areas of responsibility and trusting their teammates to do the same. They also learned the importance of playing with patience and control — doing the best that they could, given the circumstances they found themselves in.  The future looks bright for this young team.


Senior Boys Volleyball

This is the first year that the Senior Boys Volleyball team competed in AA Volleyball. As the team prioritized fundamental skills, we were able to win the AA Lower Mainland Championships and move onto the AA Provincials to achieve 13th in the Province. On and off the court, communication, teamwork and trust helped us achieve our team goals. It was a great year where our commitment to hard work and and our desire to glorify God in our playing contributed to the Sr Boys making RCS sports history.

Tim Sayson, Captain

Senior Drama Entertains with Purpose

Mrs. Sharon Johnsey, Drama Teacher

Senior Drama classes welcomed audiences to the sixth annual RCS Christmas Children’s Shows. Doubling audience expectations, chairs were added beyond the maximum and still audience members packed standing-room to enjoy the two shows: A Charlie Brown Christmas and The Toy That Saved Christmas. The former is becoming an RCS Drama tradition and the latter was a new staging challenge.

In the audience were Charlie Brown ​cast alumni and younger aspiring Charlie Brownies, sandwiched with high schoolers, parents and grandparents. In addition to heart-warming acting, the evening celebrated the talents of student musicians, directors and technical directors, not to mention mouth-watering treats prepared by the Foods 11 and Foods 12 students.​