April 2016

Thank You to Our Volunteers!

How do you thank a team of parents who have done so much for RCS and expected nothing in return? Words seem so inadequate! Yesterday we were able to celebrate more than 40 parent volunteers who contributed thousands of hours to our community. Volunteers help make everything happen and it is important for us to recognize those individuals who go above and beyond our expectations. Members of our Board, Committees and those nominated from teachers gathered together in the Secondary Library for lunch, fellowship and to hear from our Administration about how much they mean to us. In our strive for excellence, it is imperative for us to have committed, caring parents along side us to help us share the burden. We thank each and every one of you who take the time to be present at RCS and serve in some capacity. Your hard work and dedication to our school is appreciated and we are grateful.

Do remember what life was like in 1994? That was the year that the Goertzen family began attending RCS. Throughout the last 22 years, Roswitha Goertzen (pictured with Mr. Paul receiving flowers) has volunteered faithfully and served our community in many different ways. Baking for our staff, being the nurse at Camp Stillwood, helping with sports and in the classroom, these are just a few of the ways that she has blessed us. Many of the past years Roswitha has worked full time as an OR nurse at Richmond General Hospital. Her passion for volunteering and helping us in so ways took time away from other activities but she always honoured her commitments. We wanted to take time out to recognize her and her contributions to our school and say a huge “Thank You” for being so willing to serve. We wish Roswitha and Albert well, as their last child Mark, graduates this June.

Mrs. Ann-Michele Ewert
Development Director

BC Education Plan Information Evening

Wednesday, April 20 at 7pm – Elementary Campus

The BC Education Plan represents a significant change in the history of our education system. This is not the first time we have experienced change in the educational field and we know that change can be conceived as frightening, unnerving, and seemingly illogical.

Join us for an evening where we will look at the BC Ed Plan and why the changes are necessary. We will examine the new focus on developing students’ ways of thinking, and their cognitive and social abilities. We will explore the answers to questions such as:

• What does educating for, and helping students develop Core Competencies look like?
• What is the role of content in the new education plan?

Moms and Dads! Please mark Wednesday, April 20 at 7pm (Elementary Campus) on your calendar. Mr. Greg Gerber, one of the Learning Leaders from the Society of Christian Schools in BC, will be leading a very crucial workshop on the new BC Education Plan. Come and learn how this new education plan will affect the curriculum, assessment and reporting requirements of RCS.

As you are already so invested in the education of your children, you will not want to miss this very important information session. There will be time for questions and answers during the presentation. In the paragraph above, the ‘soon to be Dr.’ Greg Gerber has included an overview of the evening and invites you to attend this very important meeting.

Thank you for attending this significant information evening on the new BC Education Plan. I’m looking forward to seeing you next Wednesday at 7pm.

Mr. Roger Grose

School Holidays in 2016-2017

Christmas Vacation 2016
Question: Have the dates been set for Christmas Vacation in 2016?
Answer: Yes! The dates have been confirmed.
Question: What is the last day of school in December 2016?
Answer: The last day of school is Wednesday, December 21.
Question: Will there an early dismissal on December 21?
Answer: Yes. School will be dismissed at 12:30 pm for all campuses.
Question: When does school open after the Christmas Vacation?
Answer: School opens on Monday, January 9, 2017.
Question: That seems like a long break. Is it longer than usual?
Answer: The Christmas Vacation is usually ten school days. This year it will be 11 school days.
Merry Christmas! Everyone!

Spring Break 2017
Question: Does the later return after Christmas impact the dates for Spring Break?
Answer: Yes it does. Spring Break will be the last two full weeks of March. Spring Break will run from March 20 to March 31.
Question: When does school open after Spring Break?
Answer: School will open after the Spring Break on Monday, April 3, 2017.

Easter 2017
Good Friday     April 14
Easter Monday   April 17