February 2015

From the Development Director

Mrs. Ann-Michele Ewert


Grandparents Days: A Growing Tradition at Richmond Christian School

Celebrating grandparents and ‘grandfriends’ has become an honoured tradition at RCS.  After listening to comments from our grandparents over the past few years we decided to host our Middle School Grandparents Day earlier in the year so that grandparents who had grandchildren in both the Elementary and Middle School, didn’t have to drive to two events in the same week.

We were thrilled to see almost 100 grandparents fill the Middle School atrium for coffee, goodies and comments from Mrs. Walker and Mr. Grose.  Visiting among the tables was animated and when the students came down to join us, it truly was a celebration.  Mark your calendars for the Elementary Grandparents Day on Wednesday May 13th.

Growing with God….our Phase 2 Capital Campaign

Donations continue to come it towards the building of Phase 2 of the Secondary Campus.  Thank you so much to every COMPASS 5 finalfamily that has participated with us.  We are feeling blessed to have received over $90,000 in our End of Year Appeal in December which brings our total to $1,491,000 towards the Phase 2 construction costs. It’s not too late to be involved and help our total grow.  Please prayerfully consider your donation…we appreciate all amounts. Questions?  Please email Ann-Michele at amewert@myrcs.ca for more information.


Did you know RCS has a Facebook Page and a Twitter account?  It’s true! Click on one of the icons below.

From our Superintendent

Mr. Roger Grose

SuperintendentAlice the Camel Had…Big Teeth!

I never thought very much about camels until I went to Israel and Jordan during the 2014 spring break.  Before that, I thought of camels only as a beast of burden able to cross long hot deserts with barely a cupful of water.

It was meant to be a fun and educational outing.  I was travelling with forty-five other students, staff and parents on the 2014 RCS Discipleship trip to Israel and Jordan.  We were visiting a Bedouin camp and part of the excursion involved riding a camel.  I was up for this activity.  I was ready.  I thought it would be fun.  And it was fun until the camel behind me in the tethered train decided my arm looked like a tasty morsel on which to chew.   Ouch!  Those animals can bite.  Of course no one else had a problem.  It was only me that had a camel encounter. Everyone else had a great time. But I ended up with a great story.

And “a great story” pretty much describes the RCS Discipleship Trip to Israel and Jordan last spring break.  The trip lived up to its expectations and a year later I recall many highlights of our time together.  Walking on Mount Nebo where Moses died, visiting Galilee, hearing the Beatitudes at the place where Jesus preached the great “Sermon on the Mount” are now memories which I fondly remember and cherish. It was a valuable and rewarding trip!

I would encourage students and their families to take part in the 2017 Discipleship Trip to Israel.  It is open to students in Grades 10-12 in 2017 and their families.  There is an Informational Evening on Tuesday, March 3rd at the Secondary Campus at 7:00pm.  It is a trip chock full of learning and enriching experiences. A lot of experiential learning occurs.  Whether seeing the wonders of Petra, sailing on the Sea of Galilee or visiting the various holy sites along the way, I returned home with a deeper understanding of Christianity, my faith,  and the saving grace of Jesus Christ. It truly was a worthwhile trip and adventure.


Top:   A moment before the camel encounter, Mr. Grose’s face tells the story. Above: the RCS group ready for their next adventure.

What is Shrek?

Ms. Sharon Johnsey

Shrek, the Musical is RCS’s biannual musical at Gateway Theatre on April 30 (7 pm), May 1 (7 pm) and May 2 (6 pm).  Set aside sophistication: this musical will prickle your immature funny bone!  Do you hate musicals?—you’ll love to hate this one.

Based on the Dreamworks first movie, the musical brings all of the sarcasm and swampy humour larger-than-green-life on stage.  Instead of replicating the polished animation, RCS will shove the story forward as an earthy, boggy production.

But layered like an onion are deep ideas. “Beautiful isn’t always pretty” urges Shrek the Ogre because beauty isn’t just (green) skin deep.  Celebrate your uniqueness with Pinocchio.  Adore the irrepressible loyalty of Donkey.  Cheer with Gingy, “Not the gumdrop buttons!”

Why go?

– At $15 per ticket, it’s cheaper than most things on Craig’s List.
– Create RCS Community memories—or just sit in your seat and be a grump.
– Groups of ten or more on the same night receive $2 off per ticket.
– Over 108 students participating—and surprise staff cameo appearances.

This is the first year that RCS has used two directors and a good thing, too: this musical is harder, bigger and more complex than what we have tackled to date. Without a competent and creative team, it would make an ogre out of anyone. Musical directors have been involved more than ever before: Shingo Kawamura, Brian Kinniston, Michelle Shepherd, Choreographer Stephanie Jenden, and Costume Coordinator Melissa Flores, and Backstage Managers Riley Merrell and Louise McConaghy, just to name a few of the key trailblazers.

What’s happening now?

Sewing teams are attacking fabric stores for the perfect “fit.”
Lumber is being sliced for castle and swamp sets.
Paint and gorilla glue are drying on ridiculous props.
Choreography is being synchronized.
Orchestra and choir are perfecting tones.
Actors are getting in and out of character.

Tickets will be on sale soon: ogle this spot for details!

Love the hats? YOU CAN OWN YOUR OWN! Watch for details on when and where to buy these unique hand-made hats!


Top:  The core cast expresses their talent in unique forms.  Here, rare documentation of an unrelated interpretive dance, which won’t be seen in the show.

Middle:  Directors Jamie Osborne and Sharon Johnsey always share identical reactions to the cast’s interpretations.  “Two brains are better than one,” insists Sharon Johnsey.  “If I had a brain then we would have two but together we still have one.  Thank goodness for Mrs. Osborne!”

Bottom: Princess Fiona at different ages… racial differences prove that “it’s what’s inside that counts.”  Vivian Q, Maddy O, Olivia J.​ learn that one day the prince who comes may not be what you bargain for.


RCS 101

k12847375Each year parent orientation sessions are held to inform our parents about Christian education and how Richmond Christian School is governed. On January 20, about 80 parents gathered at the secondary school for two information sessions.  At 6 pm, we discussed our philosophy of Christian Education.  We reviewed the fact that Christian Education seeks to equip students to joyfully serve Jesus Christ throughout their lives. In short, we are called to make disciples of Jesus Christ.  We learned in Preschool and Kindergarten that “play” is the work of children and that all children learn at different rates and at different times.  Being the first to learn to read does not indicate greater intelligence or that a child is ahead of everyone else.  It just means they learned to read earlier than their peers.  By grade four, the children have pretty much caught up with each other.

In the second half of the evening, we learned how the school is governed and how the school is funded.  RCS receives funding at 50% of the local school district and is not allowed to spend more per student than students in the public school system. It was also reviewed that after a year of enrolment at RCS and after attending the two sessions of RCS 101, parents are eligible to become members of the Richmond Christian School Society. Membership has its privileges and society members have the great honour of helping to shape the direction and future of RCS.  Your active involvement in RCS helps make our school a better place and community.

Running the Race

I discovered this past week that there is a group of moms who run together each Friday after the elementary chapel. They are training for the half marathon (and other races) and have joined together to encourage one another in achieving these goals. It is so great to see how the community at RCS continues to thrive and grow. The group meets every Monday at 9:00 am and Friday mornings after chapel. All levels are welcome!

There are other significant community groups at RCS. A most dynamic group of parents gather each week to pray for the students, staff and parents of RCS. I believe the prayers of these parents sustain our school and carry us in a manner that we cannot know or imagine. If you have some free time on Tuesday mornings, why not come and join these parents in such a vital ministry?  Tuesdays from 8:40-9:40am in the Elementary Small Gym.

Mr. Grose

(Right). The ladies are ready for their run!  (Rumour has it there were cupcakes afterwards but there is no evidence remaining to support such a claim.)