February 1, 2016


s4004Please join me in extending heartfelt love and thanks to Mrs. Aza Nakagawa, who is retiring from Richmond Christian School at the end of 2016. Mrs. Nakagawa has served as our Business Manager since August 1, 2001, and before that she was an active parent volunteer in the school. Mrs. Nakagawa has been faithful and diligent in her work and an astute manager of the school’s finances and resources. She will be greatly missed by our school community. Thank you, Mrs. Nakagawa, for your exceptional work!

Mrs. Nakagawa joined the school in 1991 when her daughter, Trisha, was enrolled in Kindergarten. Three years later, in 1994, Mrs. Nakagawa was elected to the board and served as Treasurer for a two year term. From 1994 to 1998, Mrs. Nakagawa volunteered in many fundraising events. There was the annual plant sale, the walkathon, the grade seven garage sale and the year-end appeal. Mrs. Nakagawa also organized the biggest Silent Auction for the building of the Secondary Campus on the Richmond Bethel Property, raising over $100,000. Well done, Mrs. Nakagawa!

Mrs. Nakagawa acknowledges the many fine friends that she made in the school community over the last 25 years and is grateful for the wonderful work experience in this Christian School community. When Mrs. Nakagawa was asked what she considered to be the best part of working at RCS, she replied, “Having the freedom and the privilege to worship and pray for our staff, parents and students of RCS at our weekly devotional time with the business office staff.” Mrs. Nakagawa was also quick to add, “Thanking God for blessing RCS in growing from 588 students in 2001 to over 1000 students today.”

Mrs. Nakagawa has served RCS for the past 25 years and knows our community well. With a glint in her eye, she also recalls many humorous stories and events. Here are a couple of her favourite questions and her replies:

Question: So what is the ‘textbook line’ in the budget? What is it comprised of?
Response: Ahhh… books!!

Question: Is it possible to find out when staff will be eligible for maternity leave?
Response: Probably 9 months!!

Please take an opportunity throughout this year to thank Mrs. Nakagawa for her faithful service to our school community. A special time will be offered in the fall to celebrate and honour her years at RCS.

God bless you, Mrs. Nakagawa, as you continue at RCS in the remaining year.

Mr. Roger Grose

Hydroponic Farming

At the January Board meeting, the RCS Trustees embarked on a field trip to a Richmond hydroponic farm. The Board learned that hydroponic gardening is a viable alternative to traditional methods of farming. Hydroponic technology uses 90% less water than traditional farming methods and generates far higher yields of certified organic crops by utilizing “rafts” in above-ground troughs filled with nutrient-enhanced re-circulating water. Hydroponic technologies produce crops very efficiently, sometimes up to twice as fast as in soil. By placing a greenhouse over the troughs, farming can take place on a year round basis. Aquaponics is the combination of aqua-culture (fish farming) and hydroponics. In aquaponics, the fish provide the nutrients necessary for growing plants in a soil-less medium.

So what was the purpose of this visit? As the school has not yet received a response concerning our application of “Non-Farm Use” for our ALR land, the Board of Trustees seeks to investigate the feasibility and possibility of establishing a hydroponic farm on our Agriculture Land Reserve. The Board anticipates that by establishing a hydroponic garden on our land, RCS would be fulfilling its obligations to farm the land according to the requirements of the Back Lands Policy on No. 5 Road.

The Board of Trustees hopes to partner with two other organizations to farm the land and distribute the produce in such a way that would benefit both the school and the greater community of Richmond. Such a venture could also enhance the educational and extra-curricular opportunities of RCS. Consider the learning experience of an “earth to table” Food Studies program.

Last summer, the ALR property behind the school was scraped in the first step of returning the land to its pre-2008 condition. Some debris still needs to be removed and a healthy layer of topsoil needs to be placed on the land. Currently, there are several raised garden beds on the ALR land tended by the students and teachers in the Food Studies program. A functioning bee apiary is also located on the property. We are blessed to have such space available to us and plan to make the best use of that space for the students and community of RCS. Please continue to pray for the Board of Trustees as they plan for the best use of this land.




We are excited to present two Gala Fundraising Dinners!

Monday, February 29th featuring entertainment from our Middle Campus Students

Tuesday, March 1st featuring our Grade 4 and 5 students as well as selections from our Secondary Campus students.

6:30pm – 8:30pm
Secondary Gym
Tickets $25.00
Purchase here!   www.rcsgala2016.brownpapertickets.com

We are raising funds for our “Here We Grow” campaign and parents, grandparents, family and friends are welcome to attend. We will be serving a lovely catered dinner, amazing student musical features as well as learning more about our future plans. Students will be dropped off at the Middle Campus for a pizza dinner while they are waiting to perform. (Pizza dinner is provided by RCS…no need to purchase any tickets for pizza!) Only performing students will be supervised at the Middle School. If you child is not performing you must arrange other childcare.

As this is a Fundraising Dinner, parents must purchase a ticket in order to see the performances. The only exception to this rule is if your children are featured both nights. In this case you may purchase a ticket for one evening and then email us for a Standing Ticket for the other evening. We have very limited space for standing and we need to keep close track of those wishing to stand.

Our Gala evenings are designed for adults. If you have children who aren’t performing we encourage you to find childcare arrangements for them. If they must accompany you, you will need to purchase a Gala ticket for them. We do not have children’s meals or a child rate.

We have lots of opportunities to volunteer and help us with these evenings. A Sign Up Genius link will be forwarded to all parents this week. Thank you so much for considering our request for help!

Please let us know if you have any questions! Email Ann-Michele at amewert@myrcs.ca for more information.

We received this touching thank you from The Crisis Pregnancy Centre of Vancouver in recognition of our support during the Christmas season.

Thank You for Your Cooperation!

A special thank you is extended to all our drivers for cooperating with the traffic flow plan around the elementary campus. As drivers cooperate with the plan and again with the people directing the traffic, congestion and wait times have been significantly reduced. The objective of these plans is to create a safe environment for our families and students arriving at school in the morning. No one wants to have an accident or hurt a student as they cross the street into the school.