January 2018

Happy New Year 2018!

Although it is somewhat late, please accept my Happy New Year greeting for 2018.  I pray that we would all experience the love of Christ in a greater portion and measure this year.

After a lovely 3 week Christmas Vacation, the students and staff returned in January very relaxed and rested. What a treat!  It seems that we often return to school in January tired and spent from all the activities of the Christmas vacation.  That was not the case this year.  I heard many comments expressing gratitude for the extended Christmas Break.

submitted by Mr. Grose, Superintendent

RCS 101

Tuesday, January 30 at 6pm

RCS 101 is a mandatory orientation session for all RCS parents and attendance is required during the first year of enrolment. If you were unable to attend in October 2017, a second opportunity will be provided Tuesday, January 30 at 6:00pm. Parents who have not attended in previous years are also required to attend. Attendance at RCS 101 is an understanding of your continued enrolment at RCS from your family interview. This orientation session provides a valuable understanding of Christian Education and how this is implemented at Richmond Christian School. Come join the presentation and discussion this Tuesday evening at 6pm.

submitted by Mr. Grose, Superintendent

Extra Long Weekend in February

Make sure to mark February 9 on your calendars as a Professional Day. Although classes are not in session that Friday, the staff will meet at their respective campuses for a day of in-house professional development. Topics at the various campuses will include an in-service on the BC Education Plan; integration of a First Nations Perspective into the curriculum; and Mental Health in Education.

Then on Monday, February 12, BC Family Day will be celebrated.  This creates an extra-long weekend for students as regular classes are cancelled.

Friday, February 9        Professional Day
Monday, February 12   BC Family Day
Tuesday, February 13  Classes resume

submitted by Mr. Grose, Superintendent