March 2016

“Here We Grow” Fundraising Gala 2016

“Many hands make light work” is a saying that was clearly in effect during our two night Gala events. On Monday February 29th and Tuesday March 1st, we had dinner and a presentation from our RCS students as well as an update on our ALR (Agricultural Land Reserve) lands at the back of our Secondary Campus. Our Middle Campus students performed on Monday with selections from all the bands and choirs. It was a wonderful evening filled with more 220 students performing. On Tuesday we heard from our Elementary Campus students with handbells, choirs and a special presentation from one of our students who is a hip hop dancer with multiple awards. The choir’s songs were uplifting and resounded through the gym! Many individual grade 4 and 5 students played piano pieces for us as we had dinner which provided lovely music as parents were served dinner. Over the two nights, more than 350 tickets were sold!

Families were challenged at the Fundraiser Gala to join with us as we raise the necessary funds to prepare hydroponic farming, raised bed gardens, a bee apiary and an informal play field behind the Secondary Campus, following local and provincial requirements. God has blessed us with incredibly generous contributions of just over $50,000 from those that were in attendance. It’s not too late to help us reach our goal of $60,000. Please follow this link for a donation form in case you weren’t able to join us for the Fundraising Galas. We appreciate everyone’s support!  Gala Pledge Form.

These two evenings would not have been possible without the dedication of so many committed parents who volunteered their time to make centerpieces, set tables, clear tables, seat people, greet people and clean up. More than 60 volunteers contributed in some way to making these events a success and we are very grateful to these caring, committed families.

Mrs. Ann-Michele Ewert
Development Director

RCS Students to Visit the ICC Hengyang Orphanage in China

This story began in 2011 when the Middle Campus participated in the first Walk the Wall fundraiser for International China Concern. When the staff and students learned of the plight of abandoned children with special needs, they decided to partner with ICC and do something that would change the world – one child at a time. The elementary and secondary campuses came alongside as well and to date more than $300,000 has been raised by the students and families of RCS and with corporate pledge matches for this very important and worthwhile cause. The funds raised have directly benefited the children of these Welfare Centres. I know this to be true because Mrs. Walker, the Middle Campus Principal, and I were able to visit the Welfare Centres in Hangyeng and Sanmenxia in October of 2014 and see the work that was being accomplished by ICC.

Now, five years later, students from that very first Walk the Wall project will travel to Hangyeng, China to meet the children they have supported throughout these last years. Our students will be assisting in the Welfare Centre and supporting these children during the course of their visit. They will make friends with these children and also with the national and international childcare workers. Their hearts will be moved and it will be a life changing event for them. The children from the Welfare Centre will also benefit as they have one-to-one contact with our students.

I would ask that you pray for this team and their leaders as they travel to and from China. The team leaves today, Friday, March 11 and will return on Sunday, March 20th.

Pray for this team each day as they interact with the children living in the Welfare Centre. There will be many tender and tough moments as our students come face to face with some of the life’s very harsh realities.
Pray for the leaders and chaperones as they take on the responsibility of caring and watching over our students.
Pray for the children of the Welfare Centre as they require so much love and attention each day.
Pray for the national workers that they would not grow weary in doing good.

Mr. Roger Grose

Graeme B.
Daniel C.
Emma C.
Stella F.
Noah H.
Darren S.
Tiffany Y.

Team Leaders and Chaperones
Miss Wilson
Miss Gan
Mrs. Dychinco
Mr. Nicholas Lee

School Holidays in 2016-2017

Christmas Vacation 2016
Question: Have the dates been set for Christmas Vacation in 2016?
Answer: Yes! The dates have been confirmed.
Question: What is the last day of school in December 2016?
Answer: The last day of school is Wednesday, December 21.
Question: Will there an early dismissal on December 21?
Answer: Yes. School will be dismissed at 12:30 pm for all campuses.
Question: When does school open after the Christmas Vacation?
Answer: School opens on Monday, January 9, 2017.
Question: That seems like a long break. Is it longer than usual?
Answer: The Christmas Vacation is usually ten school days. This year it will be 11 school days.
Merry Christmas! Everyone!

Spring Break 2017
Question: Does the later return after Christmas impact the dates for Spring Break?
Answer: Yes it does. Spring Break will be the last two full weeks of March. Spring Break will run from March 20 to March 31.
Question: When does school open after Spring Break?
Answer: School will open after the Spring Break on Monday, April 3, 2017.

Easter 2017
Good Friday     April 14
Easter Monday   April 17