March 2018

Have a wonderful Spring Break and blessed Easter.

See you back at school on Tuesday, April 3rd.

Times of Change

This has been an outstanding year at the elementary campus with Mr. Paul Turkin as our interim elementary principal. Mr. Turkin, on loan from Langley Christian School, has done a stellar job of shepherding the Elementary Campus these past months. I can’t think of one person who hasn’t been blessed by this man of God, and for this we are truly thankful. Mr. Turkin will continue with us until the end of June. I am so grateful for Mr. Turkin’s leadership and accomplishments at RCS.

To this I would like to add that Mr. Jason Paul will be picking up the torch as the elementary campus principal in September 2018. We have witnessed his gifts of visionary leadership and Christ-centered relationship building in his role as the secondary campus principal. Mr. Paul brings energy and insight to the elementary campus as he will continue building on the work the Lord has been doing. During this time of change we put ourselves in the hands of God, knowing that He is the One who guides our steps and directs our path. Join me in honouring God by honouring each one of these men.

submitted by Mr. Roger Grose

Call for Nominations

The healthy and strong operation of Richmond Christian School is dependent upon the active participation of the parent community. Parents at RCS spend many hours volunteering at the school. Some people are active in the various food concessions, others give of their time serving in classrooms and still other parents serve as members of the Board of Directors.

As the June General Meeting approaches, I would request that willing and able parents consider being part of the future success of RCS. We are looking for parents with a variety of skill sets to serve on the Board of Directors and the various committees. Do you have a heart and desire for Christian Education? Are you able to provide leadership in a board setting? Do you have an understanding of working with people? We are looking for parents to provide the leadership necessary to secure the future growth and development of Richmond Christian School.

Please contact Mr. Simon Tang, board member, if you are interested in serving the school in any of these capacities or if you have other questions about how you can serve. Mr. Tang can be contacted at: Nomination forms will be available at each campus office. The Governance Committee will interview all candidates prior to the Board of Directors Meeting in May.

submitted by Mr. Roger Grose

Conference at Cedar Springs

Richmond Christian School is a long standing member of the Society of Christian Schools in BC (SCSBC) and each year we have multiple opportunities for professional development through their conferences and events.  This year Mr. Grose our Superintendent, Mrs. Chiu our Director of Finance and myself had the opportunity to attend the SCSBC Business and Development Conference at Cedar Springs Christian Retreat Centre.  We were offered two different tracks of sessions and heard from industry professionals regarding finance including pensions, CRA benchmarks, taxes and insurance as well as a separate Development track that including workshops on branding, fundraising and donors.  Attendance at these conferences links us to other professionals at Christian Schools throughout Canada and gives us a unique opportunity to brainstorm, visit and discuss pertinent issues surrounding our unique place in the education environment.  Through our school’s membership in SCSBC, we believe that our community gains incredible insight into topics affecting us.  It was an incredible time of learning, equipping and igniting new initiatives.

submitted by Mrs. Ann-Michele Ewert

Grandparent’s Day

Middle Campus, Feb. 2, 2018

When our grandparents were students the “whiteboard” was a “blackboard,” the “printer” was a “Ditto Machine,” “YouTube” was a “Reel-to-Reel film projector,” and “Google” was “Encyclopedia Britannica.” The world is changing and while students need to be equipped for the future, they also need the living legacy of a grandparent.

That’s why we celebrated and honoured the 100 grandparents who came to our annual Grandparent’s Day. It was evident that our grandparents are treasured! After all, nobody loves you like a grandparent.

“Grandparents’ Day was wonderful. The hospitality was warm – we felt so welcomed. The refreshments were much appreciated.  Enjoyed the choirs and the recited poetry.” Susie Yen, RCS Grandmother

submitted by Dixie Daggett