November 2014


Mr. Roger Grose

The weatherman said it would rain! We hoped the sun would shine! And yes, the sun shone! On October 1, RCS had the opportunity to celebrate the opening of the Phase 2 building at the secondary campus.

Buses brought the Kindergarten – Grade Five students from the elementary campus, and the Middle campus students made the long trek across the parking lot to the new Phase 2 building. And then students, staff and parents from Kindergarten through Grade 12 joined together offering their praise and thanksgiving for the completion of the Secondary Campus Phase 2.

“Lord, I Lift Your Name on High” and “Bless the Lord, O my Soul,” were two of the songs we sang together. Students from each campus led in prayer and we were able to dedicate this new building to the glory of God! Wristbands with “Praise2God4Phase2” were given to all the students and 1500 cupcakes were distributed to the students and guests. It was a great day!

Phase 2 houses seven classrooms, a reception area and two offices. These bright, new classrooms ensure that there will be room for all of our students moving through the RCS school system. It has also eliminated the dual start time for the secondary campus. The new building opened in time for the 2014-2015 school year and on budget. Praise God from whom all blessings flow!

Our prayer continues to be that we will be able to eliminate the debt on the new building by the end of 2014. At the time of the opening celebration, just over $1 million was collected. Several more donations were received in October and have helped us move closer to this goal. There is still opportunity to give toward this project until the end of December. Please prayerfully consider your participation in this building project.



Roger Grose has been with RCS since 2002 and Superintendent since 2008.  He is enjoying his new office space in Phase 2.



“Our prayer continues to be that we will be able to eliminate the debt on the new building by the end of 2014.”


Roger Grose, Superintendent

Left to Right:  Mr. Grose’s view from stage.  A bird’s eye view from Phase 1.  Companion Construction’s Dave Wootton passes ceremonial key to Board Chair Lisa Zastre (right), with Ann-Michele Ewert, Development Director (left) and Mr. Grose.  Secondary Principal Jason Paul enthusiastically addresses the audience. Enthusiastic participants.  Students involved in dedication.  Secondary students welcome Middle and Elementary students.  Elementary students enjoying the Dedication.  Cupcakes for everyone!  Photo credits to the Secondary Journalism Class.


Roger Grose

Expansive! A Land of great contrasts! Fashion! Fast trains! Hot Pot! Creative driving! These are words and phrases which sum up my recent trip to China. From October 17 to 25, Mrs. Walker and I traveled with International China Concern on the 2014 Pastor’s Vision Trip. There were 9 travelers in our group and we had the great opportunity of seeing ICC in action and their orphanages for children with special needs in Hangyeng and Sanmenxia.

While the middle campus students were “Walking the Wall” in Richmond in order to raise funds for I.C.C., Mrs. Walker and I were boarding a flight to Beijing. Upon arriving in China, we attended an orientation meeting and had our first dinner together. In our group were two pastors each from California, Alberta and the Lower Mainland, 2 Development Directors from ICC and Gideon Leoganda, whose children have attended RCS. It was wonderful to be a part of this tender-hearted group and to share so many memorable experiences with them. Later I ventured out with some of the team members to the Beijing outdoor food market. It was the first time I encountered such culinary delicacies as tarantula and scorpion on a stick. I decided that this was not for me – maybe I will sample such delights the next time I visit Beijing.

On Sunday morning we traveled by fast train to Hangyeng. The Hangyeng project is a partnership with the Chinese government and is home to approximately 180 children. Here we met a very excited group of staff and children who were preparing to move into a new building.

The government has constructed a beautiful five story building and the task of ICC is to furnish and equip each of the rooms and to provide the care program and the staff. The building is arranged in pods where the children will live in family groups of six to eight people. Each pod has its own kitchen area and will be staffed with twenty-four hour caregivers. Yuan, one of the little boys I met, was so thrilled to be moving into a new room. He took me up to his room on the fifth floor to show me his new living space. Although Yuan was confined to a wheelchair, his joy and delight was absolutely unbounded.

In Sanmenxia we visited another Welfare Centre. This Centre is also a joint venture with the government. It was apparent that the partnership between the two agencies has provided much needed care, compassion and support for some China’s most needy children. The short and long term volunteers, as well as the national workers, do a wonderful job of loving and caring for the children. It was a joy to see the work of the Lord in such a tangible way. I was thrilled to see the programs and care for the children that I knew contributions from RCS families have helped to make possible.

Now that I am home and have had time to reflect on all that I witnessed, I am more convinced than ever of the good work of International China Concern. The care and support provided to the children is life changing. It not only impacts the individual child, but is also teaching a nation how to compassionately care for their most vulnerable and needy citizens.

I am so grateful for the generosity of our RCS families and their support of this very worthwhile mission. I believe this is what is meant when Scripture teaches us to “lay up treasures in heaven where moth and rust does not destroy and where thieves cannot break in and steal.”




 “Now that I am home and have had time to reflect on all that I witnessed, I am more convinced than ever of the good work of International China Concern.”


Roger Grose, Superintendent

Top to Bottom:  Mr. Grose makes a new friend.  Mrs. Walker enjoys a pleasant walk.  Mrs. Walker and Mr. Grose possibly losing in a game. Mrs. Walker poses with one of the residences. Mr. Grose and friend enjoying the sun. Bright and well-equipped nursery.  The newly built orphanage.  Group posing inside the newly built orphanage.  


agm3Richmond Christian School’s Annual General Meeting will be held on Tuesday, November 18th at 7:30pm at the Secondary Campus. Although voting privileges are limited to Society Members, this meeting is open to all families of Richmond Christian School.

You may ask, “Why should I attend?” If you are interested in the education of your children,
you will want to know what has been happening in the life of the school.

• You will learn about the financial state of the school.
• You will be able to hear directly from the Board of Trustees about their work at RCS.
• You will receive information about the closing of the Phase 2 Project.
• The Superintendent of RCS will talk about the cool things going on at RCS.
• Mrs. Walker will provide insight on the “Walk the Wall” project with International China Concern
• You will learn about the enrolment projections for the 2015 school year.
• You will become more informed about RCS.
• There will be opportunity to pray for the students, staff, and community of RCS.

Society Meetings are an opportunity to become involved and engaged in the life of the school. Truthfully, it is a responsibility and an honour to attend these important school meetings.



Ann-Michele Ewert
Development Director

COMPASS 5 finalBuilding community is one of our key focuses and we have worked very hard on a variety of events including Open Houses, Dinner Galas, a Back to School Barbeque, Carnival, Grandparents Day and our Grand Opening Multi-Campus celebration. Our goal in development is to see the families of RCS connected and part of a greater community and we work hard to include parents as part of all of our events through their participation as well as through volunteering.

Our Phase 2 Capital Campaign “Moving with God” has been an ongoing fundraising effort for the past two years. We are very blessed to have had almost half of our families financially supporting this construction. As 2014 draws to a close we are preparing for our Annual End of Year Appeal and we are hoping to have all RCS families donate to this very special cause. This will be your last opportunity to help us finish paying for the Phase 2 expansion of the Secondary Campus before this campaign ends. We are grateful for each and every contribution!

To date we have raised over $1.2M dollars towards our budget of $2.1M. Funds have been raised through the generosity of our families. We have had bake sales from our Middle School students as well as some of our elementary students deciding not to have birthday presents but to collect much needed funds for Phase 2. Our families have been so generous with their donations, committing funds throughout the campaign. The secondary students participated in the first ever school carnival and then donated more than half of the proceeds back to Phase 2 to leave a legacy behind. Our community is faithful!

Other exciting events to look forward to include our Pastors Luncheon on Thursday, November 27th as well as a Benefit Concert featuring professional symphony musicians on Tuesday, December 2nd. One of our secondary campus parents is helping us coordinate the Benefit and is volunteering her time as well as that of her fellow musicians from the symphony, to put on an incredible evening. A few students from each of our campuses will also be featured in this professional event. Mark your calendars to join us at the Bethel Sanctuary….you don’t want to miss it!