September 2016

Welcome Back!

We have opportunity to work and learn together for another school year. We have opportunity to practice our Mission of “equipping all students to joyfully serve Christ in all aspects of life.” This is a great mandate to follow and one that should guide all of our decisions and actions in the coming year at RCS. Let’s have a great year together. It’s a new start and a fresh beginning.

This is our brand new logo for the coming years. It is an update of the previous logo and looks forward to the future while still holding fast to the foundational values held dear by RCS. Richmond Christian School is built on the premise that the home, school and church must work together in order to build disciples for the Lord Jesus Christ. We aim to reflect that in our brand identity through these key brand design elements. The horizontal logo is our Main Logo and the vertical one is the Alternate Logo, giving us flexibility for different applications.  The three campuses also have their own version of the Alternate Logo.

The shield icon represents the strength of the home with Christ as the centre. We care about the families that make RCS such a strong community.

The eagle is a powerful symbol, one that communicates more than its natural beauty and splendour. The Eagle icon in our brand reflects the school-spirit of RCS. Already having a place within our school as the symbol of our athletic department, we’re introducing the Eagle as a permanent icon to the RCS brand.

The flame represents the Holy Spirit, given to the body of Christ. We believe in salvation through Jesus Christ, the holy Trinity of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, and that the church is the bride of Christ (as outlined in scripture). We value the local Church and the key role that it plays in education.

In the new brand design, we have retained the existing colours of red, black and white. Grey has been added to provide a greater variety of design. You will find these colours in the main logo adopted by RCS and in the various authorized adaptations of the logo. Our stationery, forms, report cards, athletic clothing and emails will reflect the new logo. This is a big project and will be introduced over the course of the next year. This means we are in a year of transition and our previous logo may pop up here and there throughout the year. By the end of school year, however, it is our intention to have the new logo firmly established and in place.

Roger Grose


I am learning that a school community is always in a state of change and flux. Each school year has its own flavour and each year has its own set of joys and sorrows. Each school year is different from the year that just passed and from the year that is on the horizon. This school year is no exception to that premise.

Our Middle Campus Administrative Assistant, Ms. Rowena Jao, resigned from her position in July for a new job in downtown Vancouver. Ms. Jao began working at RCS the year the Middle Campus opened (2008) and has been a most valuable and adored employee. We miss her calm demeanor and expertise. Please join me in praying all the best for Ms. Jao in her new job. I know she will be greatly valued and respected as she moves ahead in a new workplace.

Our Admissions Coordinator, Mrs. Judy Sawatsky, will be relocating to the Middle Campus when she returns from her medical leave later this fall. Mrs. Sawatsky will be the ‘new face at the window.’ She brings many years of expertise to the job and is experienced at juggling all the demands of a school office. Please pray for Mrs. Sawatsky as she heals and recovers from cancer surgery.
We look forward to welcoming her to the Middle Campus office.

Please welcome Mrs. Rowena Teodoro (pictured) as the new Administrative Assistant of the Elementary Campus. Mrs. Teodoro has already proven to be a bright and very capable addition to the Elementary Campus office. Mrs. Teodoro has a big learning curve ahead of her so I would ask that you graciously provide her with every bit of love and support as she learns what it is like to work at an elementary campus.

And also, thank you to Mrs. Alisa Krampitz. our Communications Coordinator, who has so graciously and expertly stepped into the role of Administrative Assistant at the Middle Campus until Mrs. Sawatsky returns. Mrs. Walker and I greatly appreciate how Mrs. Krampitz has given heart, soul and mind to manage the Middle Campus office during this interim period.

Roger Grose

Mrs. Rowena Teodoro, Elementary Campus Administrative Assistant


The driving and parking rules introduced at the Elementary Campus apply to everyone. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in following the one-way-traffic-pattern around the Elementary Campus. If you don’t know what is meant by the ‘one-way-traffic-pattern,’ then check with another parent from the school. They will know. At the elementary Meet the Teacher evening, 450 parents were informed of the traffic guidelines and agreed to follow them. Don’t be the fish swimming against the current.  Thank you.

REMEMBER – Christmas Break Dates

Students will be dismissed on Wednesday, December 21, at 12:30 pm for Christmas Vacation and will return on Monday, January 9. Please mark these dates on your calendar.

Back to School BBQ

The weather prediction was 90% rain on the Wednesday before school started, but we prayed and waited and then prayed more! God is so faithful to RCS! We were incredibly blessed that the clouds parted and we were able to serve just under 1,700 burgers to our RCS families. Bouncy castles provided hours of fun for our students while face painters help create beautiful designs.

Teachers were able to meet with students after a summer filled with holidays and time away. Each year we are grateful to begin our school year with this honoured tradition that is a favourite for parents, students, alumni and staff. Special thanks to more than 40 parent volunteers who set up, served, cleaned tables, supervised activities and dismantled our tables and chairs. We couldn’t do events like this without you!

Mrs. Ann-Michele Ewert
Development Director



Each year families are required to volunteer their time for 10 hours to assist and help in serving the RCS community. There are many different tasks available to parents and you will be notified through emails. Those parents who aren’t able to complete their volunteer hours have their cheques cashed and monies are given to our Benevolent Fund that assists families in crisis or need. Please consider serving when you see a “Sign Up Genius” form emailed. We appreciate your dedication to making RCS a community of people who serve and give back to those around them.

Save the Date…RCS 101

Wednesday, October 12th from 6pm-9pm in the Secondary Campus Multi-purpose room

If you are a family new to our school this is a required evening that one parent must attend. We highlight and feature LOTS of valuable information about our school, its programs, academics and the philosophy of Christian education. Mark the date on your calendars….invitations will be sent via email to those families who must attend.