April 2016

Lights, Camera, Action!!

On possibly the warmest evening of the year to date, the Elementary Campus gym was filled with an appreciative audience who had come to support the Gr.4/5 musical production of “Elijah: God’s Faithful Prophet.” Throughout the last few weeks of auditions and memorization, lunch hour rehearsals, dance choreography, choral and instrumental practice, students have become more familiar with the prophet Elijah. We have all come to appreciate his faithfulness and courage during difficult times. Moreover, we have been impacted by the power, faithfulness and mercy of our mighty God!

Through the 25 cast members, 40 dancers, soloists, choir and instrumentalists, the talent, energy and enthusiasm of the Intermediate students was evident. Kudos to an amazing team of staff members who pitched in to make it happen!

When students were asked what message impacted them, they responded:
“God will help us through tough times and will always provide what we need.”
“God will provide anytime and anywhere, when you need Him the most.”
“Even in our deepest troubles, God will help and provide for you.”
“God can do everything and anything, even if the situation seems hopeless.”
“Our Lord is the one true God.”
“God is really powerful and can do great things!”
“Elijah had a very strong connection with God, and he has a lot of faith in Him.”
“God is always with me.”

May these truths continue to resonate deeply in our lives!

Mrs. Koepke
Music Teacher

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Kindie Car Parade!

On February 29th, the Kindergarten children had the opportunity to showcase their community vehicle for the annual Kindie Car Parade! The Kindies were asked to create a community vehicle with their parents’ help to encourage them learn more about our community and the people who work in it. This event was a celebration at the end of a unit of study. A wonderful variety of vehicles arrived at school from rocket ships and fire trucks to flower trucks and ice cream trucks. The Kindies were very excited to share their projects with the school as they safely drove through the hallways. Perhaps one day some of them might actually be driving a real fire truck, ambulance, police car, flower truck, or rocket ship…

Ms. K. Campbell (K1)

(Please see photo gallery).

Free Play Brings Joy!

Research has found that free play is a protective benefit against the effects of the highly scheduled life style – stress and anxiety. In our students’ busy world, there is an added sprinkling of joy that comes from recess at RCS. Our students have 45 minutes of free play opportunities each school day. Notice the faces in the pictures of our students! They are having FUN!

Free play is not adult-directed. It allows children to direct and create the play for themselves. Adults may be nearby or even enter into the play, but they are not making rules, being a referee or guiding the playtime.

What do our children learn during free play?
Our children are learning to work in groups, share, negotiate, resolve conflicts, learn to self-advocate and discover without assessment from an adult. If a problem arises and the first solution doesn’t work, children must rethink and negotiate another solution. Studies show that free play is as valuable as learning math, learning to read, and learning to write.

Why do children need MORE free play?
The limited time at school is not enough for our children to develop into joyful learners growing into joyful God-followers. Play dates with peers, daily family play times and weekend activities such as hiking, playing at the park, board games and joining your children in their play is vital to help your child become the young man or woman God has designed them to be.

Add some more joy to your family routine! Sprinkle in some free play as a family and feel the joy seep in!

Mrs. C. Schneck
Vice Principal

Grade 4 Robots

Recently, 4S students completed a major 3D construction project–Robot Homework Helpers! After diving into their blue recycling boxes at home, the students skillfully transformed cardboard boxes, plastic containers, tin cans and paper rolls into mini-bots and mega-bots with animal or human characteristics. Our resourceful young engineers combined secret compartments, holding tanks, light and sound effects, and helpful gadgets to create an elaborate educational assistant. With engaging oral presentations worthy of Steve Jobs, our inventors introduced their robots’ features and capabilities to an eager, attentive audience of their technological peers. Bill Gates, you may wish to hire these innovative designers when they graduate from Grade 12!

Ms. C. Semke
Grade 4 Teacher

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May 11 – Grandparents Day

We love GRANDPARENTS! It is special to have so many grandparents visit the Elementary Campus to see the classrooms their grandchildren are in. In past years, we have had over 200 Grandparents come for a visit to the classroom, light refreshments and a short program to celebrate them! This year, classroom visits are from 8:45am to 9:45am. Refreshments and the program happen from 9:45am to 10:30am. Remember, parking is minimal – please allow time to walk in or hopefully be driven to the front.

May 25 – “Welcome to Kindergarten” and “Welcome to Preschool” Day!

For our students entering Preschool 3 or Kindergarten in September 2016, May 25 will be a special day.  Families of preschool children will enjoy visiting together in the preschool room, getting to know new friends and learning what preschool might be like.  Kindergarten children will enjoy a one hour program on their own while their moms and dads hear more about how to support their child as they enter a formal school setting.   Everyone has a fun time meeting their new teachers.  See you there!

May 29 - Childcare Fundraiser

Can we bless you with another evening of affordable childcare? Do you need some time off to relax without kids? Drop your kids off from 4pm-8pm on Sunday, May 29th and enjoy an evening without children! Students and Staff from our Secondary Campus will supervise your children, and all proceeds raised will go towards the Guatemala 2016 Missions Trip. Activities include gym games, colouring, painting, crafts and Disney Movies. PLEASE ENSURE YOUR CHILD HAS EATEN DINNER PRIOR TO, AND/OR PACK A BAG MEAL FOR THEM TO EAT (PEANUT FREE) Sunday, May 29th 4pm-8pm Richmond Christian School Secondary Campus 10260 No. 5 Road (Drop off & check in at Secondary Campus entrance) Donation/Cost: $25 per family (for up to 4 hours of babysitting) PAYABLE AT DROP OFF!

Please follow this link to sign up:  Guatemala Fundraising Childcare

Call for Board Nominees

Richmond Christian School is governed by a Board of Trustees elected by the society of RCS. The Board is the keeper of the vision of the school and is responsible for ensuring the mission and vision of the school is followed and reflected in the various policies, activities and endeavors of the school.

On June 14, three nominees will be elected to the 2016-2017 Board of Trustees at the June General Meeting. Nominees for the Board should have previous experience on a school committee or have related experience in another organization. Do you know someone who needs a tap on the shoulder to consider serving? Do you know someone with leadership abilities and a heart for the school to serve the community of RCS over the next 3 years? Please encourage that person to consider a term of service and pass their name to the Board Chair at stang@myrcs.ca.

Nomination forms are available at the elementary campus office. This is a great service opportunity for the community of RCS. It is a wonderful way to utilize the gifts, talents and abilities of our community members.

Mr. Simon Tang
Chair of the RCS Board of Trustees