April 2017

Grade 4 Robotics

Recently, 4S students completed a major structural design project–Robot Homework Helpers! After diving into their blue recycling boxes at home, the students skillfully transformed cardboard boxes, plastic containers, tin cans and paper rolls into mini-bots and mega-bots with animal or human characteristics. Our resourceful young engineers combined secret compartments, holding tanks, light and sound effects, and helpful gadgets to create cyber assistants. Each student introduced his/her invention to the class with a presentation worthy of Steve Jobs.

Microsoft and Apple, advise your technology head-hunters to be on the alert–you will want to hire these innovative designers when they graduate in 2025!

Ms. Semke
Gr. 4 Teacher

Kindie Car Parade

Last month, the Kindergarten classes learned about our community and those who serve us in our communities. We learned about places in our community where we learn, play, shop and more! We learned about people who help and assist us in our daily lives. We also considered what we want to be when we grow up! Students went on a community walk in Steveston Village to explore the places in our neighbourhood. The home project for the month had Kindergarten families creating a cardboard box community helper vehicle. We celebrated with a cardboard vehicle parade for the school audience!

Mrs. Snider
Kindergarten Teacher

Happy Children!

Studies continue to demonstrate that the best way to learn is to have fun while doing so! The information sticks. They also show that feeling safe and being happy in your environment contributes to success! Finally, new studies demonstrate what my mom knew when I was a child – that playing outdoors every day for more than an hour provides tremendous benefits to health, mental health and learning! (http://www.ctvnews.ca/health/kids-who-play-outdoors-are-more-spiritual-and-creative-study-1.1805162 ) These pictures show happy RCS children learning, playing, eating, and being successful!

Mrs. Neufeld

Freak out your Dad, confuse your Mom…..listen to opera!!

The Grade 5 students did more than just listen; they composed their own operas!  As part of a unique program sponsored by Vancouver Opera and supported financially by a number of Foundations, the Grade 5 students had an opportunity to be involved in this highly interactive program over the course of 13 weeks. Students and teachers worked in collaboration with two Teaching Artists from Vancouver Opera to write, stage and perform their own operas.

Classroom teachers chose picture books on relevant themes (immigration, refugees, slavery), which provided the source material for the operas. From group tableaus, to creating rhyming poems, to improvising melodies and movement, each class created two arias to highlight the emotions in their opera. Students were cast as characters and improvised solo vocal lines (recitative) to communicate the story. Classroom teachers took on the responsibility of set design and props, enabling each opera to be performed simply, but effectively on stage. The Grade 3 and 4 students, along with parents, were an appreciative audience for the performance of our first original operas! Well done, Grade 5’s!!

Mrs. Koepke
Music Teacher

Blanket Experience

On February 28, the Grade 5’s gathered in the large gym. They surrounded 30 blankets, laid out to represent Canada. For the next hour, They moved over the blankets, representing with their bodies the First People’s of Canada, following a script that would include the coming of European settlers, treaties, disease, residential schools and finally government apology. It was a powerful exercise, and students and parents responded to the stories of the First People’s of Canada with empathy and respect. One student wrote, ” Canada needs to have a yearly day to remember what happened to the First Nations peoples of Canada. Like Remembrance Day.” Christ’s compassion is alive and well among us!

Mrs. Jenny Sanders
Grade 5 Teacher

UPCOMING EVENTS:  Zeros into Heroes Musical April 26 and 27

On April 26 and April 27, the students from Grade 1 to 3 will be presenting a Primary Musical called “Zeroes into Heroes”. This musical celebrates how God uses Gideon and helps him to “keep on” serving God even through situations that seem impossible.
You are invited to attend:
Wednesday – Matinee Performance – April 26 starting at 1:30pm.
• Students in K, 4 and 5 will be watching this performance
• Parent and Grandparents are welcome
Thursday – Evening Performance – April 27 starting at 7:00pm (students arrive for 6:30pm)
Note: The evening performance is often “standing room only”. Everyone is welcome to attend the Matinee as an alternative.

Upcoming Events: Grandparents Day May 3

On Wednesday, May 3, the Elementary Campus is inviting GRANDPARENTS of students in Kindergarten to Grade Five to come for a special morning. We love GRANDPARENTS! It is special to have so many grandparents visit the Elementary School to see the classrooms their grandchildren are in. In past years, we have had over 200 Grandparents come for a visit to the classroom, light refreshments and a short program to celebrate them! This year, classroom visits are from 8:45am to 9:45am. Refreshments and the program happen from 9:45am to 10:30am. Remember, parking is minimal – please allow time to walk in or hopefully be driven to the front.