April 2018

Dance Week

Dance week was a blast!

The children had a chance to express themselves through dance for a whole week in February. It was very obvious to anyone watching which kids were the movers and which kids were the shakers.



Kindie Car Parade

On February 28th, the Kindergarteners proudly donned their wonderful cardboard creations to show the whole school what a little bit of imagination and some cardboard and leftover materials can do. It was a treat to see all the kindergarteners beaming in their cardboard creations as they paraded around school.

Thanks for the treat Kindies!

A Bit of a Career Change

Since school started in September, Mrs. Ansley has been a familiar face in 2Y as part-time teacher for the class. Beginning April 16th, she has become even more familiar as she fully took over teaching the 2Y class as Ms. Yen left to go on maternity leave.

Congratulations Ms. Yen, and welcome (fully) aboard Mrs. Ansley!