December 2016

6th Annual Christmas Cookie Decorating Extravaganza

During this exciting tradition, the children were able to bring a small bag of candy to decorate two cookies with the friends they have made in their Family Groups. We appreciated the 40+ parent volunteers who came to help the teachers with preparation, supervision and clean up! It was amazing and fun. At the end, we gathered to remind ourselves that Jesus is our “mold” – we need to become like Him. When that happens, God will remove the unnecessary parts and that through trials (like a hot oven) we become strong. Children learned that, even though we are to all be like Christ, God decorates us with unique talents and His special gifts. It was a delightful – and yummy – time for everyone.

Gifts for the Manger

Thank you to all of the moms and dads who helped their children bring gifts to the manger. The collection of gifts will be going to the Crisis Pregnancy Center for the Lower Mainland. The gifts are placed into packages for needy single moms or families. It’s a blessing to bless others. At our Christmas Concert, on December 20, 2016, there will be a free will offering towards this charity.

The Secondary Campus has been doing Maker Mondays at the Library, giving students a chance to learn new things from crochet to 3D Printing. One of the projects was led by Ms. Bryant. She taught the students how to crochet, and together with students made blankets to contribute to the Elementary Gifts for the Manger collection. Thank you for this show of support!

TENNIS at RCS Elementary

Students from Grade 1 to 5 had the opportunity to have two weeks of tennis instruction during PE at the elementary campus. They learned and practiced basic skills, tennis strokes and the students in grade 2 and up were able to play mini matches by the end two weeks. Students demonstrated a great deal of growth and improvement.

As a goal of equipping RCS students with the tools they will need to lead healthy and active lifestyles, we offer tennis each year. Many sports that we do in school are not as easily accessible in adulthood. With the potential challenges to playing some team sports later in life, activities like tennis are great. There are courts all over Richmond that are free to use, many of which are even lit up at night. Cost for equipment is minimal and you only need one other person or a wall and it is free to play. I hope your student enjoyed tennis at RCS this year.

Mr. Przybylski

Grade 1 Vancouver Aquarium Trip

God has created animals with adaptations to stay alive and to thrive in their environment. Our students learned that they not only have physical adaptations but behaviourial ones as well. During our Vancouver Aquarium visit, they were able to experience some of the animals in their natural habitats and observe some of those adaptations. The students explored the different exhibits and took note of the various adaptations that they saw. They also went on a guided tour and took a closer look at the different species. Most of them marvelled at the amazing features that God gave to these animals to help them meet their basic needs.

Grade 2 Salmon Unit

God is the source of beauty, creativity, and design. The Grade Two Science curriculum provides opportunities for students to appreciate, wonder at, and admire all that He has created. The Grade Two students will be learning about animal life cycles, focusing on salmon. By raising salmon in our classroom, the students examined the stages of salmon development from egg to fry, salmon adaptation and habitat, as well as the role of human impact on their ecosystem. Field experiences included a trip to the A Rocha. A Rocha is a Christian conservation organization that is located in South Surrey. The students were able to observe salmon coming upstream to spawn and spent some time exploring the pond environment and catching creatures from the pond. Our salmon eggs have arrive at the school for our classroom aquarium.

B.Chan, M. Yen, T. Hesmert, and J. Ng

NEW this year! Performance Shirts

Students in grade 2 to 5 will be given a Performance Shirt to wear during Christmas Caroling and the Christmas Concert. The shirt will be given before the performance to wear and returned right after the performance. These will be laundered by volunteers and kept at school for performances in the years to come. Looking Good!

Students in grades 2 to 5 should wear a simple black, grey, or white T-shirt (no collar – either short or long sleeves) on the day their class is caroling or for the Christmas Concert. The performance shirt will go over top. It is very warm when performing, so the two shirts will be enough layers.