February 2015

Continuing the Caring Tradition

Mrs. Darlene Neufeld
Elementary Campus Principal

neufeldiCare for the World  is a theme week for our Elementary Campus (K-5) students to take the time to focus on a project outside of our country.  All three campuses of Richmond Christian School have decided to partner with International China Concern (ICC) and support their ministry by having our students raise funds.

13 school years of ICC?  That is a long time!

Every campus approaches their support of ICC in a different way that is appropriate to the students they teach.  The Middle Campus “walks the wall” and the Secondary Campus is hoping to send students and staff to the ICC orphanages.

For the first 6 years, the iCARE team of teachers approached various concepts such as “What is poverty,” “What is a missionary,” and “What is a disability?” The photos show responses from childrglove editen after last year’s iCare for the World Week.  It is inspiring to see how much the children learn and understand.

For iCare 2015, we are asking the question, “How do we come alongside ICC?”  It goes with our school theme for this term.  Christ is our Counselor and comes alongside us; therefore, we can come alongside others and help. Our students will make cards, create video books, make a music video and play a game to reinforce this teaching.

We hope that after 13 years, our students will have a sense of loyalty to ICC and that, individually, they will choose to support ICC as adults.

Is it all about the money?

We certainly hope not!  Although, to be honest, our children sure get excited when we do the big REVEAL and show how much money we have earned.  We know that children learn to save their own money to give, learn to ask on behalf of others, and, in the process, learn about sacrifice and generosity.

We appreciate the partnership with our parents – your investment of time and teaching helps your child grow in this understanding.  Thank you!


Special Chapel Schedule

Friday, February 20 – Ms. Ching’s Grade 3 class presented the ICC Challenge!

Monday, March 2 – 2:00pmMr. Grose shares his experiences in China from his October 2014 trip to see the ICC orphanages.  Don’t miss this very special chapel.

Thursday, March 5 – 2:00pm – Our children will close the week with a time of reflection in their family groups.  But we will start as a whole group in the gym as a chapel time.  Parents attending will be able to see the video about ICC’s beginnings between 2:15 and 2:45pm.

Friday, April 10, 8:30am  – At this Chapel, we hope to present the cheque for funds raised to ICC staff.  Founder, Mr. David Gotts, will be coming to speak to the students and staff.


Learning and Playing

Mrs. Cathie Schneck
Elementary Vice Principal


The elementary campus provides 45 minutes of unstructured, free play time each day.  One might see children playing as a cherished luxury, but it is truly a necessary part of development and learning.  Research has shown that playing is vital to a child’s development. Some of the many areas that are developed in children while they play are:

–  Social and emotional development
– Language development
– Communication skills between peers and adults
– Building confidence
– Learning to be resilient
– Making connections and refining pathways in the brain
– Self-regulation; able to control his or her own body and feelings in an appropriate manner
– Testing his/her physical limits and take small risks

While the amount of playtime at school is minimal, I would encourage families to make time for their child to play, as well as to play together as a family. Playing together allows children to feel loved, happy and safe.

Unstructured, free play is the best type of play for young children.  This kind of play (indoor and outdoor) includes: artistic or musical games, imaginative games like making houses with boxes and blankets, exploring the backyard, parks, or playgrounds, or playing dress up or pretending to be a fire-fighter.  Structured play, although important, should be limited as it is restrictive and often adult led or takes place in a set time and space.  Things like music lessons, sports teams, board games and other classes are structured and good for children in limited doses.

So, join us and get out there and play!