February 2016

Dance Week!

It is difficult to quantify how much can be learned in one week of intensive instruction. However, during our Dance Week celebration on Friday, January 15, the students from Kindergarten to Grade 5 were able to demonstrate their learning in the afternoon. It was a lot! Each grade level learned similar dances and could join each other for the various dances. Grade 4 and 5 students were so cooperative and in-step, they could learn a few more challenging dances.

The biggest challenge was that our gym was not big enough to hold all of the adults that came to watch! So sorry it was a bit squishy! Enjoy the photos and a short video from a parent to see just a glimpse of that fun afternoon.

Mrs. Neufeld

Car Seat Check!

SURPRISE! That was what most parents felt as they drove towards the Woodwards Road entrance of the elementary campus on January 27th. It was a Car Seat Check! Believe it or not, we had lots of parents thank us for the opportunity to learn from this experience. No one got a ticket but many were informed about the care for their child’s safety in the car. We are grateful for the Richmond RCMP and their invitation to hold this event. If you chose to drive to the back, you might want to check out https://www.bcaa.com/road-safety/child-passenger-safety/overview/car-seat-clinics-workshops. Safety first!

Mrs. Neufeld

Teaching about FRIENDSHIP at the Elementary Campus

You may know that Wednesday, February 24th is “Pink Shirt” day across the province of British Columbia. This is a day that the province has set aside to focus on how harassment and bullying behaviours affect people of all ages, races, and genders.  Children and staff are welcome to wear pink on Wednesday – however no special events are planned because…

At Richmond Christian Elementary Campus, we focus on friendship all year long!

Throughout the school year, lessons are taught about friendship, respect for self and others, how God lavishes us with His unconditional love. Some of our classrooms have specific programs that aid them in teaching about emotions and feelings, respect, friendships, empathy, and finding our voice to make our needs known to others.

  • Kindergarten uses the “Fun Friends” program and many playtime activities that teach about friendships and respect of others and using our voice to make our needs and concerns known.
  • Grade 1 builds community through devotions, prayer and group activities.
  • Grade 2 kicks off their learning in September with their unit about Communities which addresses friendship, outside play, inclusion and cooperation. Teaching continues throughout the school year.
  • Grade 3 uses videos, devotions and the “Let’s Be Friends” program and curriculum integration.
  • Grade 4 teach from the “Friends for Life” curriculum to equip students with self and peer awareness, problem-solving, coping skills, emotional self-regulation, empathy skills and choosing healthy long term friendships.
  • Grade 5 students receive a program called “DARE” from our local RCMP teaching Constable which focusses on support networks, making good friendship choices, decision making, and peer pressure. They teach the “FRIENDS” program and Mrs. Schneck visits on a regular basis to address specific issues within the school or classroom.
  • Our school-wide theme and chapel program develops skills in relationships throughout the year.

These programs offer needed skills to enable our students to become good citizens, good friends and joyful members of God’s family.

Mrs. Schneck
Vice Principal

It started off with Pajama Day on January 29th – it was so comfy and cozy on that day, Mrs. Neufeld felt that it was difficult to get any work done! She just wanted to curl up with a good book and a blanket on the black couch in the Lobby. The students participated fully – their favourite part is always the stuffie toss that happens in Chapel.

The following Friday, students and staff dressed in PLAID or STRIPES or BOTH… it was a mish-mash of colours – a little fun for the eyesight.

Friday, February 12, in honour of Valentine’s Day on the weekend, the students dressed up in Red and/or Pink. Mr. Przybylski, Mr. Lai and Mr. Chan looked great in PINK and RED! It was perfect for classroom celebrations of friendship that happened during the day.

Please enjoy the photos in the Gallery.

Canucks Day February 26

To Infinity and Back by 2:30pm!

Grade Three students launched into space with a field trip to the Macmillan Space Centre in Vancouver. Students experienced “A Day in Space” as if they were an astronaut on the International Space Station. The multi-media show featured the sun and planets as well as highlighting new discoveries in space. In our classrooms, we have been studying the physical characteristics of our solar system and experimenting to understand how each component works together within our galaxy. An important aspect is wondering how God in His infinite wisdom created our galaxy and how earth has been placed with the perfect conditions for our survival. Students are getting a deeper understanding of one planet by researching and reporting what they learn.



Student Led Conferences February 25

Students will bring their mom and dad to school on February 25th for a 30 minute presentation of the progress they have made this year. Teachers and students are busy preparing for this exciting, special day. It means so much for a child to have their efforts and work appreciated. Parents are encouraged to provide a warm, supportive presence during the conference. Parents can ask questions, participate when asked and share encouraging comments. Parents should ensure that they have signed up according to the instructions emailed to them.

• There will be childcare for students in Kindergarten to Grade 5 while a sibling is having their conference.
• We are sorry but we cannot accommodate students who just want to hang out and play.
• Please find childcare for children under 5 so that the student conference goes smoothly with no interruptions.
• Remember, classes are cancelled that day for Kindergarten to Grade 5; Preschool 3 is still in session.

i Care for the World April 4-8

The Elementary Campus is preparing for a special week once student return from Spring Break! From April 4 to 8, the school will be learning about International China Concern and the work that is being done with children with special needs in China. There will be special activities to stretch our thinking and develop understanding and empathy. Please be on the look out for information when school is back in session.