January 2016


Late Slips are Back!

The road construction is mostly complete. With careful planning, parents and students should be able to make it to school by the first bell that rings at 8:20am.

Here are some reminders: The school doors are open from 7:50am to 8:10am Monday to Wednesday and Fridays. This allows entrance to school for the library or for students enrolled in a morning club. The Library is open from 7:50am to 8:20am Monday to Wednesday and Fridays. Come early to read a book.

Arriving at 8:20am allows students to get to class, unpack and store items, say hello to friends and settle into the class. Classes start at 8:30am – so arriving right at 8:30am means that a student is catching up to what their classmates are doing.

(Even Mrs. Schneck needs a late slip once in a while.)

In the “old days,” after Christmas pictures were developed and picked up to bring back memories of the wonderful events. Now it’s all “digital.” Please enjoy these photo galleries that remind us of the exciting, happy Christmas season:

Caroling We Will Go!

In December the students at the Elementary school took the Christmas message outside the walls of RCS to spread some joy within our community. All the Grade 2-5 students and the Gr.5 Handbell Club had an opportunity to perform either at a Seniors Residence or local mall.

Every year RCS students are invited to perform at Aberdeen Center as part of their “Merry Musical Christmas” performances. The rotunda is transformed into a winter wonderland, and the Intermediate students have an opportunity to present a Christmas program of choral music, Handbells and individual piano/string performers. It is a joy to share the music and message of Christmas with a supportive RCS community, as well as the general public at Aberdeen Center.

The children are always given a very warm welcome at Seniors Residences, where it is a delight to share the message of Christmas in song, and have the residents join in some familiar carols. It’s fun to see the smiles on faces when the kids enthusiastically sing “The Canadian 12 Days of Christmas,” complete with 5 Stanley Cups and a porcupine in a pine tree! The students spend time at school making Christmas cards or crafts for the seniors, and enjoy connecting with them after a performance. It is wonderful to observe the students hearts for this ministry, and the seniors appreciation. One resident stood at the window waving fondly until the last student had boarded the bus!

Mrs. Koepke
Music Teacher

Christmas Concert 2015

One hundred and thirty-five students in Kindergarten and Grade One were gathered into the chapel of the South Delta Baptist Church. Quietly waiting in their lines, the students were ready to share their Bible verses and songs. In the gym down the hall, 300 students in Grades 2 to 5 were watching a movie or quietly colouring and waiting their turn to perform. The staff members were so pleased with how cooperative the students were while waiting in the lobby for their entrance. The students were so excited to sing for their parents, grandparents and RCS friends. Take a look! You can see it on the faces! What a wonderful way to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.

A Grand Tradition

Since 1998, the grade ones in Mrs. Watson’s class have been sharing the true message of Christmas by telling the simple, poignant story of the Nativity. At first, it was a gift to the parents. However, for the past 6 years, it has been shared to the whole school. It feels like Christmas truly begins as the play unfolds. Thank you to the students in 1W for working diligently to learn their parts to tell us this story. Thank you to the parents and support staff who help prepare costumes and students. Finally, thank you, Mrs. Watson for sharing the best message ever- Jesus loves us and wants to have a relationship with us.

Cookie Decorating

 ‘Twas the morning on Friday, when all through the school,
Children brought candy, ‘cause that was the rule.
After the bell, they walked through the hall
To their Family Group classroom – no one would fall.
There, to the students’ wondering eyes,
Lay on the desks, a lovely surprise.
Parents had placed cookies on a plate,
Icing and labels – students found a mate
Quietly students settled into the task;
Their cooperation was easy to ask.
A snip of the icing bag, students with care
Added eyes, nose and mouth, and even some hair.
Houses were decorated – windows and door
Some needed icing and asked for some more.
Finally, when icing and candy was done,
The students could choose to eat only one.
The other was carefully placed in a sack
At lunch, they received the other cookie back.
The Cookie Decorating was done with such cheer
Mrs. Neufeld will plan it again for next year!

Ice Skating

As part of the physical education program, students are given the opportunity to experience a variety of forms of physical activity throughout the school year. In the winter, Kindergarten to Grade 2 students enjoy participating in ice skating. For some students, skating with their classmates is the first time they get to be on the ice. For others, they are building on and practicing existing skills. And for some advanced skaters, this is a time they get to play ice hockey with their RCS classmates. Going skating promotes healthy living and an active lifestyle for our students.

Student Reflections on Caroling

It all began on the bus. All at once, I began to feel nervous and excited at the same time. I looked out the window and here we were – Rosewood Manor. As I stepped out of the bus with Gladys, I felt confident. While getting set up in our rows, holding my breath, I looked at the audience. Taking a deep breath, I turned to Mrs. Koepke, waiting for instructions. 1, 2, 3, 4…music started to play by Mrs. Germain. “Sing a song from the mountain top…”. I smiled weakly. It’s hard when lots of older people are staring right at you. After the song, “Tell the News”, I had a good feeling. To me, the song finished pretty fast. “Maybe this wouldn’t be so bad after all!” I thought. Suddenly, I was carried from my thoughts. The second song was coming. Right at that second, I stood straight. All the songs went by really fast from my point of view. When it was all over, Miss Ching told us all to wish some of the seniors a “Merry Christmas”. “There’s also some water prepared for you”, she announced. I was almost getting the last cup of water when someone else took it! Gladys came beside me and shrugged. Looking at her and smiling, I shrugged also. We walked off, looking for someone we could say Merry Christmas to. Then, in the corner of my eye, there was an old woman talking to Matthan. I went over and that was when they were done talking. The woman got sight of me and I wished her a very Merry Christmas. After, I lined up and so did everybody else. While walking to the bus, everyone got a peek back in. All our hand-made Christmas trees that we gave as a present for the seniors shimmered. But looking closer, you could see the seniors leaving the room and some seniors were crying tears of joy. Well, at least we made them feel a little more joyful.

Casey I.


This is how it all began. I walked off the bus. This was my second trip to sing for the seniors! I walked on the floor made of wood and then I began to feel nervous. What if the seniors don’t like my voice? But once the piano began to play, I felt confident. Our first song was “Go Tell it On the Mountain”. After we went through all the songs, our teacher, Miss Ching told us to shake hands with the seniors. First, I shook hands with a white-haired senior. She asked me what my name was and I said, “My name is Sophie”. She told me her name was Penelope, then she began to sob. I comforted her with a Merry Christmas and have a happy new year and she smiled when I walked away. Hopefully, that’s just the beginning.

Sophie G.


Today we went to Rosewood to go caroling and we had a wonderful time there. We sang lots of songs and it was a real pleasure to be there. We could see smiles and looks of joy on the audience. I was feeling nervous at first but when I started to get used to it, it was no big deal. I was perfectly relaxed and happy at the end. When I went in, I felt really excited and when we started the songs, I felt even more excited! My favourite song was “Children Go Where I Send You”. It’s my favourite because it sounds really joyful and I had a really fun time singing it. When I entered, the room looked really festive with all the Christmas decorations and nice (even if it was raining outside). When we were singing, our voices filled the whole room! I can’t wait until we go caroling again!

Susannah L.


Dance Week – Jan. 11-15

It is dance week at RCS elementary! As part of the BC Ministry of Education dance curriculum, students from kindergarten to grade 5 will receive folk dance instruction every day for a week from our guest instructor, Heidi Newcombe, from World Dance Project. Students will be assessed on their participation and skill as they learn various folk dances. They will demonstrate what they have learned in a large “barn dance” style showcase on Friday afternoon, Jan. 15, at 1:10-2:45pm. Parents are invited to come and watch!