June 2015

Glorious Sports Day! 

The sun shone! The grass sparkled. Our teacher committee for Sports Day created ten different stations for our 20 Family Groups to attend. The Blue team and the Red team competed to become the winning team. RCS Elementary was so happy to have 25 Grade 12 students help us out with the stations. Even Mr. Grose came by to play!

The students ran, shot foam nerf darts, hopped on the bouncy balls, had a blanket ride and drew pictures. It was hard work so the pizza and freezie snack was a great treat part way through the morning. At the end, the Red Team won by 44 points. We cheered and then we had a great surprise for our parents and grandparents – the Flash Mob!  (Below)


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Flash Mob Video

Our “Dance Week”, turned into a “Dance Month.” For the month of May, all of our K to 5 classes learned the dance moves to the song “Rise Up” from “Dance Your Shoes Off 2011” featuring Lauren Camey – a single by Second Baptist Church. It was to be big surprise to our parents and grandparents to be presented at the end of Sports Day. Students practiced daily in their classrooms. Each grade practiced in the Large Gym once a week. A few days before Sports Day, the whole school practiced. Imagine having 400 students run to find their places without bumping into each other. The best part was when the children started to sing along and both dance and voice praise our Risen King, Jesus Christ. It’s PRICELESS!

Track and Field

What excitement! In early May, 150 grade four and five students crowded onto buses and headed to Bear Creek Park with parents in cars trailing behind. It was the first experience for these grade fours; what a chance to grow in their skills. Seven Christian schools were competing. Each student at the Christian Elementary School Sports (CESS) track meet competes in five different events to achieve their personal best.

The top 4 runners (two boys and two girls from each grade) represented RCS in a relay race at the the end of the day. The Grade 4 team consisting of Nathan Y., Wesley C., Tina J. and Elisha M. came in first out of all seven schools, each earning a medal. The grade 5 relay team had a strong second place finish. There were many personal successes, cheers and good will among all of the competitors.

Two weeks later, our grade four and five students were able to attend the Minoru Track Meet. RCS had fantastic results in both the running and field events. The Grade Fours and Fives had numerous top 8 finishes, earning ribbons in nearly all events. The relays were a huge success, with many first place finishes; it wasn’t uncommon for RCS’s A, B, and C teams to all have a top 8 finish out of 24 teams. The students trained so hard and it paid off. Well done!

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Big Fish Video Ordering:   

An email was sent home with ordering information for the primary musical.  If you missed it, here is the ordering information:  Big Fish Order Form.