June 2017

Zeroes into Heroes

Ready! Set!  Action!   On April 26 and 27, the spectacular performances of our primary musical “Zeroes into Heroes” was presented to students, staff, parents and friends.  The children in grades 1, 2, and 3 sang delightfully under the direction of Mrs. Koepke and Mrs. Chong, reminding us of the story of Gideon.  The message that God can take our weaknesses and use us mightily came through loud and clear.   The actors, under the direction of Ms. Campbell, Ms. Peters and Ms. Epp, performed their roles with confidence. It was a wonderful night.  It was bittersweet to honour Mrs. Koepke since it was her final musical at RCS.  She will be retiring at the end of June.  RCS has been blessed to have her expertise guiding our students in developing their musical talents.  Enjoy the pictures!

Mrs. Neufeld

Grandparents Day

On Wednesday, May 3, the grandparents and grand-friends came pouring through the doors.  We were able to bless over 300 people with music and refreshments.  Grandparents spent the first hour visiting and helping their grandchildren in the classroom.  It was a much anticipated event.  Then, our grandparents came to the large gym.  Musical selections from our Kindergarten, Primary Choir, and Intermediate Choir delighted them.  As well, the Hand bell Choir performed and individual musicians provided some background music.  It was declared the “best Grandparents Day ever” by one guest.  We are grateful for the work of Mrs. Ewert, Mrs. Koepke and Mrs. Chong in all of the preparation.

iCare for the World

The students and families of the Elementary Campus went above and beyond expectations. Due to the timing of the iCare week, there was a wondering if our amount would be less than last year because we had fewer days to collect funds.  On Friday, May 19th, there was the BIG REVEAL – as a box representing a digit in the final total was unwrapped by a Kindergarten or Grade 1 student.  The total?  $34,765.25!

Grade 4 Marble Engineering Challenge

The grade 4’s are exploring the transference of energy in science this term. The students’ engineering skills and knowledge of potential and kinetic energy were put to the test in a challenge to create a marble roller coaster. Marbles dipped, looped and flew through the classroom as students built tracks and refined their designs. At the end of the day, each group demonstrated how their roller coasters worked. Everyone had a great time displaying their knowledge of potential and kinetic energy.

Ms. Keila Lammertsen on behalf of 4LH and 4E

Coming up!

Carnival – June 3, 10am – 2pm
Our annual carnival is Saturday, June 3rd at our Secondary Campus.  Don’t miss this amazing event!  See poster.

Sports Day – June 9
Parents are welcome to attend!  If the weather stops us, there will be an alternate program for the students (parents cannot stay). Students will receive a piece of cheese pizza and a freezie for a snack.  Students with food allergies should bring their own snack.  School is dismissed at 12:30pm

Year End Chapel – June 21, 11:00am
Please join us for the Elementary Campus Year End Chapel.  We will have a special time of recognizing those leaving the school.  There will be a Year End Presentation of all of the events throughout the year.
School is dismissed at 12:30pm.