May 2015

The Big Fish!

Something fishy and mysterious was going on Tuesday, April 21 and Wednesday, April 22 at the Elementary School! It was the Primary Musical. Our grade 1, 2, and 3 classes were performing “The Big Fish” – the story of Jonah. It was a SPLASH! Two child detectives (played by Verik and Tiffany) interviewed other children about the Mystery. They actually were able to interview Jonah and the Big Fish! The music was spectacular as the students sang with enthusiasm and joy. Everyone had fun!

Fifteen staff members gave up lunch breaks and time after school to work on costumes, sets and drama. We are so thankful for our amazing team and their willingness to make it work! Thank you students for sharing TRUTH from God’s Word: God is with us – especially in hard times. We can’t run away from God. God does miracles and He has a plan for our lives.

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This past month in Kindergarten, we have been learning about Spring, living things, and how things grow. Our focus is on the life cycle and parts of plants. Students have had hands-on experience to plant seeds and grow their own “Hairy Harry!” They learned about caring for their plants and were excited to see the eventual growth occur under their care. We observed and recorded the plant growth in our science journals and ended the experience by cutting the grass “hair” on our Hairy Harry plants.

Exploring Africa’s Culture 

As God’s creation, we each have value and are created uniquely with God-given gifts and talents. We are called to build and strengthen the Body of Christ and the greater community. The Grade One students are learning about the cultures and communities in Africa. Even though their lives may be different from children living in different places, the students are discovering similarities and celebrating the uniqueness of each culture. As part of the Grade One Africa unit, the students looked at several forms of African art and recreated images from various cultures. They were also encouraged to research their own information using books and technologies such as websites, videos and iPads.


Oil Pastel Abstract Art

The grade 5 students in Ms. Fedoruk’s class listened to and studied the lyrics to inspire them in creating an abstract reflection piece based on the song, “The Lord of the Dance.” “The Lord of the Dance” describes the “dance” of Jesus including creation, birth, his ministry, death, resurrection, and a challenge to join him in the “dance.”

When choosing colours, students were encouraged to consider the effects of tone and value. Tone represents the quality of the colour (warm/cool, bright/dull, light/dim). Value represents the lightness or darkness of a colour. This can be seen in shades or tints by adding white or black. Students were also asked to create a sense of movement in their art piece by thinking of the types of shapes they were using.

For many students, the concept of representing a portion of the poem as an abstract piece was challenging at first. However, as the students worked with the lyrics and began to experiment with shapes and colours, they were able to understand the concept that shapes, colours, and designs can and do evoke feelings. Each student created their artwork based on a few lines of the poem. As you view each piece of art, observe how each student captured their specific line in the lyrics.

Special thanks to C. Lim for his creation of the video.

5K Easter Cross Art activity

We watched a series of videos about the story of Easter to remind us of Jesus and how he died on the cross for us.  Then, we began an art activity that required us to weave yarn on a template of a cross. This activity took a lot of patience and perseverance because the yarn would get tangled very easily and it required a lot of repetitive motions.

When we completed the weaving, we wrote inside the template and we wrote a personal prayer to confess our sins and to praise God for all He has given to us. We sealed the prayer within the cross and mounted it into a shadow box. Once we were done, we were allowed to take it home to remind us of the importance of Easter.

Ella C.
Grade 5





This spring, we are in awe of God’s creation and are discovering how He is the sustainer of life. In Grade 3, we have been growing bean seeds to see how plants change over time and are beginning to learn what plants need by asking questions, predicting, and observing. Through classroom experiments, the students are seeing the results of what happens to plants when they do not receive sunlight, water and air.

In May, we will be taking a field trip to the UBC Botanical Gardens to get an up close look at the diversity of nature.


Grade 4 Social Studies

The Grade Fours have studied three Aboriginal groups (Northwest Coast, Inuit, Buffalo Hunters). The students’ culminating task is to create a diorama, which is a three-dimensional scene.  Over the past three weeks, students have been enjoying the creative process of using paint, plasticene, cardboard, and other media to illustrate key elements of Aboriginal culture (i.e. environment, shelter, food, clothing, transportation, human activity). Another significant component of the diorama is to show how contact with European explorers and settlers changed the traditional Aboriginal way of life.  If you ever visit our classrooms while this project is underway, please ask the children: “What good gifts did the Lord give to these cultures in order for them to survive and thrive in the land now known as Canada?