Shrek_Shrek_V3Shrek the Musical

The show is just a few weeks away– at the end of this month. Tickets are selling fast! 40 actors, 13 singer-dancers, 21 musicians, 22 artists… and this just in…. 11 surprise staff cameo appearances!

Thursday, April 30th at 7:00pm

Friday, May 1st at 7:00pm

Saturday, May 2nd at 6:00pm


Gateway Theatre in Richmond
6500 Gilbert Rd, Richmond, BC V7C 3V4
Phone:(604) 270-1812

All tickets are $15.

Tickets can be purchased at the Gateway Theatre Box Office or at  Groups of ten or more for the same show are $13 (in person or on the phone).  Tickets cannot be purchased at Richmond Christian School.


What is the story of Shrek?

An ogre, Shrek, is ostracized by humans because of the way he looks. A princess, Fiona, is put in a tower because of the way she looks at night. They meet, but their prejudices keep them from becoming friends– at first. But as they learn about loyalty and friendship from a sarcastic talking Donkey, they realize they have a lot in common.  Meanwhile, they are pursued by the villainous Farquaad who desires to control and conform the fairytale world.  Will the Fairy Tale Creatures be able to stand up for who they were made to be?  Will Shrek and Fiona overcome their insecurities and accept each other– and themselves– for who they are?  Will Donkey ever shut up?  We hope not!